Fireplace in combination with a TV

There are things you can enjoy for a very long time. For example, a view of a burning fireplace. Although the modern person watching your favorite TV show or film in high quality will seem no less interesting idea. It is not surprising that many people want to combine in one interior both a fireplace and a TV. Is it possible to make it aesthetically pleasing?

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Designers against

Professionals are cautioning against this tempting idea: not every room, fireplace, or television will allow a venture. And those who embodied their dream, are not always satisfied with the result. Why it happens?

  • When we present a room with a fireplace, we imagine a large and wide hearth, lined with stone, with a massive shelf, on which there are goblets, figurines, on the wall above the mantelpiece hangs an impressive canvas or a complex decor in the form of stuffed. In modern interiors, much is simplified and a place above the fireplace is often occupied by a TV ... But a person can watch either the fire or the screen.When both are working, the sight gets very tired from the constant change of the “picture”, instead of relaxing, we get stress and fatigue, even a headache.
  • A decorative hearth (electric fireplace, let's say), where the heating of the room does not depend on the fireplace, can partially solve this problem. You want to admire the fire - you turned on the fire, watch the broadcast - you turned on the TV.
  • Another problem that confronts the owners of furnace heating is the safety of the room. It is extremely undesirable to have electrical appliances and sockets on the wall, behind which the chimney passes - they can get very hot. Burning fuel in the fireplace, as well as faulty wiring, can cause a fire. Both factors will only exacerbate the danger. How to hide the wires is a separate topic ...
  • Inconvenient screen placement. In the familiar interior, the TV is placed at eye level so that the person sitting is comfortable. In a room with a fireplace, one has to make a start from the size of the hearth, and the monitor is placed quite high. When viewing you have to bully your head or lean back.
  • There is one more superstitious explanation: the fire is living in silence.Therefore, no other forces or elements can be placed on its side. And electricity is also a kind of modern power, albeit akin, but it is also energetic. Both the burning fire and the working screen will “argue” on the wall, creating an unfavorable and heavy aura.
  • Experts and firefighters against such a placement also because of the products of combustion. When a bad thing happens (and over time this happens), carbon monoxide can accumulate in the room with a firebox, causing serious poisoning and choking. Therefore, it is dangerous to spend long evenings in front of a TV and a fireplace - you can get angry, and you shouldn’t doze in such a room.
  • Ethical side - do not save on space? The inept combination of fire and plasma makes the interior cheap, as if you were trying to wear the very best at once. They are encouraged to take different zones, balance, or immediately select one thing. Friendship fireplace and TV in different sizes and styles just can not.

However, this categorical response is met, and many decide to combine the fireplace and TV. How to do it safely and functionally?

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Where most often place the TV and the hearth? In the living room, dining room, study, bedroom. In children's rooms simultaneous placement is rare.Most often it uses the most secure designs, false fireplaces. The fire is either hidden or inaccessible to playful babies. But the TV in the room of older children is much more common, then the emphasis in the rooms do it.

The fireplace is the heart of the house. TV devices have become its modern replacement, so they are often put in common rooms where the whole family can gather. If there is a fireplace portal and a plasma in one big room, then there are several solutions on how to install both “windows” in order not to overload the space. The main rule - TV set on top of the fireplace or on one line, otherwise the magic of fire loses its charm.

On the contrary

If the room is large enough, then it is logical to separate TV and fireplace so that each has its own zone. For example, a dinner group is placed near the fireplace, and the screen is hung on another wall, orienting soft sofas and armchairs to it. Portal and TV on different walls do not argue and perform their functions.

On perpendicular walls

Modern TVs are quite expensive, so the desire to add comfort to the room with a plasma, naturally.One of the good options is to place a biofireplace near the next wall. This will allow not to make major adjustments to the design of the house, safely and very spectacularly. Better to put the portal on the recommendation of the master, observing the required distance.

On one horizontal line

Placing on one wall within the framework of modern styles takes place. The soft band is placed in a circle. And the screen and the fireplace are oriented on the same horizontal line, slightly raising the hearth window above the floor. It is advisable to use an ultramodern frame for the portal, so that it visually looks like your TV. This position of the fireplace and TV is made as symmetrical as possible, and if possible, they offer to soften the opposition by hanging an art canvas between the portal and the screen on a higher line on the same wall.


Uneven placement is more difficult in execution, it is loved by modern designs. At the same time, the scenery “plays” with space, placing both the TV and the fireplace next to it. It is easier to arrange in this way electronic and biofireplaces - portable options that do not require a lot of space. The fire window and the TV can be hung and placed on the wall and in the modules in the middle of the room, turning them into art objects and installations.

TV over the fireplace

That most dangerous combination will be practical if you approach the issue wisely: solve security issues. If the fireplace is more like a TV stand, then there are two options:

  1. This hearth is made safer by creating additional thermal insulation for the wall. It is useful to place a small thermometer to control the temperature near expensive equipment (heating over 45 ° C is undesirable), a wide mantel (about 36 cm) will help reduce heat transfer. Experts recommend leaving a distance of 30 cm above the fireplace for the same purpose, or monitoring the situation with special applications from the category of “smart home”. In the form of a stand, a stone and steel fireplace are practically not used, it greatly reduces the price of the interior.
  2. But modular portals in the form of cabinets are practical. False fireplaces with a "virtual" hearth can be made even out of the box with your own hands. They are safe for expensive equipment and will not spoil the view, if you seriously approach the issue of registration. This option is very much in the spirit of modern styles - pop art and minimalism. This solution is suitable for a child's room.


When home heating has several scenarios, or the fire has a decorative function, the designers offer to play with imagination: for example, hide the portal in unexpected places. In the styles of country and Provence, the hearth is hidden behind the shutters, exquisite grates that bring their own zest to the interior and soften it. The same can be done with the TV: it can be hidden behind the sliding doors, panels, automatic curtain. For the brutal and outrageous style close to high-tech, they often offer an imitation of an open hearth placed in unusual places or built into a furniture group - in a coffee table, side panels-shelves of furniture, sofas.

Accommodation nuances

To make the fireplace portal look noble, it is recommended to use niches correctly, creating the illusion of a symmetrical space. Cardboard designs will not be just a stand, if they are properly arranged and decorated, following the same rules as with a real fireplace. It is better to hang up the TV so that the distance between them is 30 cm. The distance from the viewer to the TV also plays a role: the further the soft angle to the fireplace is,the higher the screen should be and the larger. For example, with a distance of 1.5-1.6 m, the plasma height of 42 inches should be 1.5-1.7 m.

Interior Design

The overall style and purpose of the room greatly influences the placement of the TV and fireplace. The maximum of ideas is provided by the hall, the dining room and the living room, where the furniture is very functional and helps to create different zones - for work, leisure, communication. Bedrooms are more limited, and to make them cozy and intimate, experts advise to devote more attention to the bed and the fireplace, hiding the TV in the niches and behind the sliding curtains and designs. Ascetic castle halls from the old time are no longer in vogue, therefore the installation of a portal and a TV often depends on design ideas.

Putting together styles and modern technology is not easy, but possible. The smaller the decor and small details, the closer can be screens and portals for fire. When creating a style with attributes, figurines, cups, it is better to remove the technique from the fireplace. With close placement or position on one wall, the size of the screen and the niche of the hearth should visually coincide. In any case, try to avoid trifles on the mantel, this zone will always attract heightened attention and interest of guests.

Responses testify to a large number of opinions both among experts, and among inhabitants. Putting the same original fireplace and screen on the same wall without the help of a designer or architect is very difficult. Interesting and beautiful compositions are obtained by the masters when working with closets in the whole wall or hanging shelves. But, even choosing from the traditional and the old - hanging TV on the wall above the fireplace, you can approach the issue creatively and outside the box.

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