Fireplace stove with heat exchanger

The construction of individual houses and summer houses requires the solution of such an urgent task for Russian latitudes as the provision of housing with heat. Perhaps, when gasification covers all the most inaccessible corners, and the electricity becomes practically free, the solution to the problem of heat supply will no longer be so urgent.

Special features

And now individual houses have their own autonomous sources of heat supply. There are a number of stoves - "stove-stove", simple stone stoves, fireplaces of impressive size and beautiful fireplace stoves, which are able to heat large and small rooms. But in order to heat several rooms from one source of heat at once, it is necessary to carry this heat somehow.

This problem is solved by fireplaces with a heat exchanger. The main element in such a system is a heat unit, such as a heat generator, and pipes and batteries are heat carriers throughout the house. Fireplace stoves with a heat exchanger combine the elements of consistency and aesthetics with comfort, coziness and warmth throughout the house.

The working medium or coolant is water, which receives heat from the heating unit and transfers it through pipes to users. In winter conditions, in the case of rare visits to a country house, the coolant is antifreeze.

The circulation of the coolant is provided in two ways, natural due to the temperature difference between cold and hot water and forced with the inclusion in the scheme of the pump.

On heating systems with a heat exchanger, which are widely used in private homes and country houses, there are many reviews. They show positive qualities not only in the heat transfer system itself, but also in improving the design and overall appearance of the rooms in the house. A fireplace-stove with a stove and a heat exchanger help to solve simple everyday problems.

Residents of such houses like the autonomy of heating, simple solutions with the type of fuel, long-term guarantee of reliable operation of the entire heating system.

The reviews also note some difficulties associated with the installation, wiring and a fairly large number of necessary elements when installing the system, but it all pays off in the end by improving living conditions in houses at any time of the year.

The heating circuit can also be simplified by removing the electronic control of the valves and the pump. The pump accelerates the heating of the batteries, but ultimately it has little effect on the overall efficiency of the heating system. When using an open expansion tank, the pressure in the system of such heating will be determined by the height of its location. The rise of water in the system occurs due to the different density of hot and cold water.

Principle of operation and power

Depending on the capacity of the fireplace-furnace, the heat exchanger volumes are of different sizes. When the capacity of the furnace 11 kW heat exchanger - 5 liters. In this case, depending on the removal of the final elements of the heating system, the volume of coolant water will be 40-130 liters.

The final elements of the heating system, the battery, must fit into the general appearance of the room. Aesthetically look modern multi-pass batteries made from sheet aluminum, covered with white plastic. For their wiring apply flexible metal pipes, also coated with plastic. Such batteries quickly heat up, release heat and cool down quickly when the temperature of the coolant decreases. For the assembly of these elements does not require much experience, you can easily assemble yourself.

Traditional cast iron batteries warm up longer, but they keep warm longer. Their installation into the system is more labor intensive and requires more experience and effort.

Popular brands

Meta Group offers several options for fireplace stoves with a stove and a heat exchanger.

For example, stoves with stoves and heat exchangers META Angara AQUA and META Pechora AQUA, with a capacity of 8 + 5 kW. Heat the room to 250 cubic meters. M. Doors with glass screen. One bookmark of firewood lasts up to 5-6 hours.

The model of the fireplace-stove Angara Aqua Meta group with a stove and a heat exchanger can work in heating systems with closed and open schemes. Bold design decisions. In addition to the heat exchanger, air channels are also provided in the furnace body. The heat from the fuel unit not only heats the water in the heat exchanger, but also the air in the room.

Thermal power, dimensions, ease of installation make the fireplace-stove with a stove Angara Aqua very popular among consumers.

This oven does not need additional cladding after installation in the room. The design is quite modern and fashionable. The Angara Aqua fireplace stove not only pleases you with warmth and play of fire behind the screen of the door, but also can decorate any corner of the house with its peculiar beauty.

Add aesthetics to the general view of the room where the fireplace is installed with a heat exchanger, and accessories.Objects with boring names of a poker, a scoop, a drovnitsa, a brush, can decorate with a good decoration a corner of heat, a cosiness and comfort.


This Norwegian company produces a wide range of fuel equipment and components of heating systems. These include stoves "stoves", stoves, fireplaces and stoves with heat exchangers. Jotul has its offices in many cities of Russia, the CIS and neighboring countries.

Solid heat appliances made of cast iron, with highly artistic design, won the sympathy and interest of the owners of private houses and country houses. Of course, such products are not cheap, but the owners of the houses, who installed Jotul's heat sources, were satisfied with the economy, design, and long-term warranty during operation.

Very interesting fireplace insert with a heat exchanger. Its heat output is from 3 kW to 22.5 kW. Such an insert is mounted in the contour of the entire fireplace. Work is not easy and requires training and high qualification of workers. But in the end, the owners get a fireplace with a heat exchanger with an excellent design and a guarantee of excellent work for many years.

To solve the problem of providing heat to your home there are many ways and one of the most effective is to install a fireplace stove with a stove and a heat exchanger.

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