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Modern fireplaces have stepped forward in terms of functionality and design. A fireplace with a hob is the same stove, only with an attractive design that helps decorate the house. At the stove, he borrowed the ability to heat the room, cook food on it and admire the tongues of flame in the combustion chamber.

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Principle of operation

In the internal structure of the heating and cooking fireplace a conditional division into two sections is provided. Upper hidden behind a transparent door. Firewood is put into it. The lower section is an ashpit, i.e. a place where the ash falls from the top. For ease of ash removal, the ash pan is extended.

The cooking surface of metal or metal ceramics is on top. That and other material distinguishes reliability and durability. To regulate the force of burning, they experiment with a burden, i.e. opening or closing the blower.

The stove with a cooking panel made of cast iron increases heat transfer, heat-resistant and durable.Having bought it, they heat the house and periodically cook food, the quality of which is no worse than that of cooked food on an electric or gas stove.


Although the fireplace with a hob is simple, it has many advantages.

  1. Compact size;
  2. Fuel economy;
  3. High efficiency;
  4. Environmental friendliness;
  5. Security;
  6. The ability to cook food.


The construction is monumental and time and effort will be spent on construction;

Due to the regular laying of firewood every 3-4 days, the combustion chamber must be cleaned of ash and soot.


Since the heating-cooking fireplace and heats, and is used as a stove, and creates a mood on romantic evenings, the design is worked out comprehensively. In the model range, the companies Teplodar and Tulikivi have wall and corner models that will complement the design of the room. If desired, you can hide the hob from the guests behind a decorative cover. The oven compartment is hidden by a transparent door.

There are also models with openwork door - Termofor Selenga 1 and INGRID. Some of them decorate wrought iron items. In the lower compartment, decorated with a metal decorative grill, put firewood.By purchasing the Invicta Sologne model in the French style or Eurokom Tom WG, you can significantly change your interior.

Company Teplodar

For the first time, the company Teplodar introduced heating equipment to consumers in 1997. Initially, the success of their models did not have, but slowly and surely the leadership went to the goal. Three years later, the first results appeared confirming the correctness of the chosen strategy. The management did not overestimate prices for products, paid maximum attention to production processes. Today in the catalog there are 20 basic and 100 modifications of fireplaces, stoves, boilers and other heating equipment.


This model will make the rest in the country or in a country house comfortable. Due to the power of 12 kW in a cottage with an area of ​​120 cu. meters in two hours will be warm. A stove hidden under a decorative cover is useful for cooking or heating food.

Fireplace fireplace is equipped with deflectors. By increasing the thrust by deflecting the air flow, the air in the room heats up quickly, and the wood is used sparingly. Model OB-120 is made of heat-resistant steel for trouble-free operation.

Tulikivi Company

A Finnish company with a staff of 250 people processes stone and produces heat-accumulating fireplaces. Since 1979, they have created and introduced to the market 6 collections of stoves, fireplaces and a total of 1 thousand models.They also produce stoves for electric saunas and wood-heated saunas, tiles and mosaics with a unique design of talcomagnesite.

Tulikivi company produces patented fireplaces with oven. And the stove, and the fireplace, and the oven in one "person" work with the connection of one chimney. As the stove accumulates heat, the food languishes, preserving its juiciness. The stove was designed in such a way that the cooking was long. Melt, put in the oven pizza or bread for baking; leave the soup or roast overnight to enjoy a hot meal in the morning.

Less space will be taken by the KTLU2037 / 92 model with natural talcomagnesite finish. This gray stone is combined with yellow, red, brown, blue in the design of the room. The model of a fireplace with an oven from the Tulikivi company fits into the interior of avant-garde, classicism, gothic, minimalism and loft styles.

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