Fireclay for the fireplace and their features

Operation of the fireplace is almost impossible without the use of different refractory structures. There are several types of such materials, differing in composition and use environment. Today, increasingly, to solve such problems, substances based on chamotte clay are used that can withstand prolonged exposure to open fire.

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What it is

Chamotte plates are products made of special clay, which is subjected to roasting. During this process, the substance changes its plasticity, becomes dense and brittle. This leads to a significant increase in the fire resistance of the plate several times. Chamotte slabs are used not only for exterior decoration of fireplaces, but also with their help form a protective layer in various types of melting furnaces.

It should be noted that the composition of this product may include many different components, allowing to obtain the desired characteristics.The formation of fireclay plates is often performed by pressing on special machines.

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Distinctive characteristics

The peculiarity of fireclay plates is a different component composition, which leads to the formation of different thermal insulation characteristics. This leads to the fact that they are used to solve certain problems. It should be noted several distinctive features of such substances:

  1. Heat resistance. Fireclay plates of some types can perfectly tolerate prolonged exposure to high temperatures (about 1650 degrees).
  2. Low thermal conductivity. This contributes to the formation of a kind of insulating barrier that retains heat inside the chamber, giving off gradually over a long time.
  3. Heat resistance. Fireclay plates are able to carry a lot of cycles, which consist of rapid heating and cooling. At the same time, their strength characteristics remain at the same level.
  4. Resistance to chemical reagents. Many products of fireclay are used in places with high concentrations of acids and the presence of high temperatures.


Fireclay plates are made on the same principle, so they can differ only in size and appearance. There are quite a lot of similar materials on the market, which can be divided into the following subspecies:

  1. Standard fireclay plates. They are made in several sizes from 135 * 135 mm to 1 * 0.5 m, which allows them to be selected for various types of surfaces. The thickness of such a plate may vary depending on the purpose of the plate.
  2. Chamotte structures under the plaster. A distinctive feature of such products is the presence of special grooves in the form of "dovetail". This form allows the plaster much better to grab with the stove.
  3. Chamotte plates with grooves. Used in places where you need to get a surface with high density and durability (ceilings, etc.).

Application and installation

The main purpose of fireclay plates is heat insulation, both external and internal surfaces of stoves, fireplaces, etc. They prevent excessive heat flow and keep it in one place. Some types of fireclay plates are also used as protective structures,prevent fires. Fixing chamotte fireplaces on the surface of fireplaces is performed using special heat-resistant glue. This operation is very similar to pasting such frames with tiles, etc.

Beautiful decor solutions

Chamotte plates are a versatile material that allows you to retain heat. This feature is used by many manufacturers of such popular fireplaces:

  1. Yenisei. The fireplace of this type is made of a metal frame, inside which certain parts of the firebox are additionally insulated with chamotte. This makes it possible to retain heat for 8 hours. Fireplace Yenisei - is a universal solution that fits into any modern interior.
  2. Narva is an elegant stove. It has a small size that allows you to install in various places at home. Due to the internal finishing of chamotte tiles, it perfectly retains heat for up to 6 hours.

An alternative solution to modern furnaces is a fireplace with a stove and a stove bench. It is in many ways similar to a conventional stove, but much more compact. You can decorate it using special tiles from the fireclay, which will provide an opportunity to maintain heat on the stove bench.If you want to design the interior in the original style, then entrust it to experienced specialists from these areas.

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