How much is a fireplace

If you set out to purchase a fireplace in the house or apartment, then a reasonable question that arises immediately - how much will it cost? We will help you to understand and understand what makes up the cost of the fireplace, and how you can reduce this price.

For a private house

Speaking about the cost of a brick fireplace for your house or cottage turnkey tune in that the final price for it will be formed during the construction process. At your first meeting, the master-stove can only approximate the value of your idea, based on the experience of his previous work. There is no specific price for such fireplaces, but there is a price range. It can vary from 120-150 thousand rubles to infinity, depending on your flight of thought. Here are the factors that influence the cost of the fireplace:

  • the size. The consumption of building materials (cement, brick, finishing materials) directly depends on the size;
  • type of. Depending on the option chosen (wall, corner, built-in or main), the price of the chimney, the most important structural part of the fireplace, will vary;
  • quality of raw materials. When choosing materials for construction (first of all bricks), you should entrust the choice to a master who knows the thermophysical features of different brands and correctly combines conventional and refractory bricks;
  • facing. This item of costs is taken out separately, since depending on your desires and possibilities, the cost of facing can differ tenfold. Tile, cast iron cladding or natural stone - all this is more or less budget options for cladding;
  • master qualification. Perhaps this factor should be first on our list, because it is most important when building a fireplace. A good master will tell you how to save on materials, do his work quickly and efficiently. But it is the stoker’s services that form the final cost of the fireplace.

Now, having decided on the main cost items, let's see what can be saved.

Facing and external decoration of the fireplace - of course, the most reasonable option to save. If you have minimal tile laying skills, you can lay the cladding yourself. The market for tiles is now replete with offers, and you can pick up a product of good quality and suitable colors at an affordable price.Another option to save on veneer - the replacement of natural stone artificial. By making the veneer yourself, in addition to saving money, you will also get the satisfaction of investing a part of your work in creating the fireplace.

In an effort to minimize the cost of your future fireplace, do not forget about the saying "miser pays twice."

What can not be saved

A good master stove-maker is the key to a good home! First, it will help you choose high-quality and modern materials, and often will offer them yourself. Sometimes it will be even more profitable than buying materials yourself. Secondly, a qualified master has less consumption of materials for all sorts of unforeseen circumstances and marriage. And thirdly, a professional cherishes his reputation and surely lays out a real fireplace for you, which will delight you and your family for many years.

Consumables - the most expensive part in the construction of the fireplace. To evaluate them in monetary terms, we give the most common list of necessary building materials:

  1. for the base - sand, crushed stone, cement for mortar, bitumen, roofing felt, for large structures - additional reinforcement;
  2. for laying a fireplace - ordinary and refractory bricks, clay mixture for laying out fireplaces (you can buy ready-made in stores or prepare the solution yourself), grate;
  3. for chimney - ceramic or steel pipe, fireclay brick;
  4. for facing the fireplace - the desired coating (tile, stone, decorative brick), a mixture for plaster body;
  5. fireplace accessories (woodpile, fireplace grate, stand, spatula, tongs, etc.).

Departure of the master in the house during the construction of a brick fireplace - a prerequisite.

He will listen to your wishes and evaluate the possibility of installing a fireplace in the house, as well as calculate the required amount of materials for construction.

For apartment

In our time, not only the owners of their own houses, but also the residents of apartments can warm themselves by the fireplace. The variety of apartment fireplaces is amazing: electric, oil, gas ... Finishing is also presented in many ways - from economical drywall and MDF to natural marble and wood.

The price of apartment fireplaces consists of the following components:

  • firebox cost. Typically, the market presents models of furnaces from Belgium, Germany, USA, and their cost is not much different from each other.But lately, Russian companies are making them worthy of competition, offering products at a lower price. As a good example, we can mention the electric heater "Senator Light" of the Glenrich electric fire factory;
  • cost of finishing. The most budget option is to buy a firebox, install it along the wall, install the plasterboard portal yourself and trim it. Classic win-win option - wood trim and various stones (for example, onyx). The newest models on the market are replete with special effects - the sound of a burning fire and smells. If you want to enjoy these innovations - be prepared to seriously invest in them;
  • cost of fuel for the furnace. Analyze which type of fuel is most suitable for you. When choosing a heater, electricity consumption will increase. The gas fireplace will require additional coordination with the gas services and the installation of a gas cylinder in the apartment. Biofuel fireplaces cope with a direct task worse than electric ones, that is, they heat the room a little compared to other types of fireplaces.In addition, for such an installation will need reserves of alcohol (it is a fuel for biofireplaces).
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Fireplaces for an apartment, unlike brick fireplaces, often have their final cost.

The price range is very large, and, as is the case with the fireplace in the cottage, the finish can be comparable to the cost of the furnace or even exceed it. Therefore, it is necessary to decide what is more important to you - the type of fireplace in the interior or its direct function of heating the room. Prices for fireplaces in general start from 20-25 thousand rubles, and can reach several hundred thousand. At the end of the winter season, many online stores are selling fireplaces, and you can save a significant amount of money.

You can also reduce the cost of the fireplace by buying individual items and installing it yourself. The price in this case will be lower than the installation of the same fireplace turnkey. On the market are various options for furnaces, portals and finishing materials. It is worth mentioning such a useful device as a niche for a fireplace (for example, the Capsule model). It greatly facilitates the installation of an apartment fireplace of any type and will allow you to create a reliable and beautiful fireplace.

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As an option for flat fireplace at a low price, you can consider the oil hearth.

This room heater, it, unlike the fireplace, can be moved around the apartment. However, this element can also be made stationary and turned into a fireplace by laying out a portal on both sides and on top of the heater. You will get a cozy chimney corner at a low price in the apartment.

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