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Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of fireplaces: from classic heated models to stylish options. For example, fireplaces in the style of "modern" is made entirely of glass. They have a sophisticated look.

The glass model of the fireplace not only warms the room, but is also part of the design of the room. The design usually does not require any special conditions for quality work.

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Types of models

There are quite a few types of models of glass fireplaces. They are divided by the method of heating and the form of the structure. For example, there are:

  • biofireplaces. Stylized to a modern interior style. The main materials of manufacture are glass and metal. Environmentally friendly fuel is used for burning, which does not leave soot and soot on the walls. In the design there is no chimney. The fireplace itself is usually round. For kindling, bioethanol is often used - a special purpose alcohol, with natural additives.Its use is absolutely safe, does not leave marks on the glass itself;
  • fireplaces for wood heating. Type of glass models with the classical method of fire. Refractory glass is the main condition for the safety of such a structure. The glass in these models has the shape of a door, dome or sphere;
  • gas fireplaces are models where natural gas is used as fuel. Mounted on a table or mounted on the wall. In modern high-tech rooms, gas-type fireplaces play the role of a screen between the two rooms.

Before buying a fireplace for your home, you should pay attention to each type of construction in order to make the right choice based on your wishes.

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Bio-fireplaces have a design that can be easily embedded in the furniture or in the wall of the room with the use of an additional headset. They are light and safe, have a square or cylindrical shape, economical fuel consumption. With a volume of metal firebox in one liter, can burn up to six hours. Most often they are located in the living room.

Wood fireplaces have a cast-iron firebox. They occupy a place of honor, combining the two components - the team structure and the classic type of heating. This model has a chimney.The main advantage of such a fireplace is good heat dissipation (80% efficiency). Fireplaces made of brick or stone are significantly inferior in this indicator.

Cast iron models have either an open or closed type fuel chamber. If the main criterion is room heating, then it is necessary to choose a closed type, and if you want to contribute aesthetics, choose an open type of heating.

The one-sided fuel chamber by the fireplace on wood heating is surrounded on three sides by cast-iron walls, and the fourth side is a glass screen. Through such a system creates a constant exchange of heat. In the interior they are installed in the center of the room, and the base on the floor does not require additional preparatory work. Models can consist of a metal forged screen and glass partitions. The chimney in the form of a telescopic system is located in the ceiling ceiling.

There are fireboxes with three glass sides. These models look very stylish and decorative. But they are more expensive, since the production of heat-resistant glass is more expensive than the manufacture of cast-iron parts.

Gas fireplace is an automated work system. Some models even operate on batteries.This fireplace is connected to the gas wire trunk or balloon type. As a rule, they are completely glass.

The possibilities of a gas fireplace are incredible: it can be set on its own at the right time by a timer, turned off by the temperature sensor and have other features of work.

Screen Requirements

Glass doors protect furniture and flooring from random sparks. They are necessary for the safe use of the fireplace.

Since glass doors are in direct contact with fire, their heat resistance is the main condition for high-quality work of the fireplace.

Fireproof glass for the fireplace may vary in shape. Some models may be with a three-sided glass coating, while others may consist entirely of glass.

For example, there is:

  • flat form (glass blocks). It is a thermoglass for cast iron furnaces. Differs in the increased durability, and has a sheeting;
  • The rounded (panoramic) heat-resistant glass. Easy to install and does not require frequent cleaning. Is established in biofireplaces;
  • The spherical shape of the safety glass is the dome that covers the fire. Most often used for gas and wooden fireplaces.It has enhanced protective properties. The glass may be a glass ceramics compound;
  • multifaceted form is used for biofireplaces. If a fireplace is installed with this form - you can look at the fire from three sides;
  • The elongated (in the form of an arch) form of glass is installed on any fireplace. The design consists of several glass blocks. As a rule, in some places contains a ceramic coating. But this is a design decision.

The type of opening is also different. He might be:

  • lifting up;
  • moving apart;
  • folding inward;
  • and swinging open.

How to install

As soon as a decision is made to install a glass fireplace, immediately decide what type of construction it will be. If the fireplace is installed in a small room - the portable design of the fireplace is perfect.

Materials that will be needed:

  • cut heat-resistant glass or shutters (in order not to crack the glass, its resistance to fire is necessary). You can pick up any shade of glass or stop the choice on the tinted surface. Thickness can also be chosen independently;
  • glass cutting tool;
  • silicone-based heat-resistant adhesive;
  • metal net;
  • resistant metal box;
  • items for decoration, for example: sea flat stones. You can choose as artificial analogs, and make a composition of natural materials. The main thing is the hardness, not the porosity of the selected rocks. Otherwise they will be split;
  • blade or knife.


First you need to decide on the size of the glass fireplace. Under the selected parameters you need to purchase a metal box and cut the glass of the desired length. You can also pick up the finished door.

Important: the height of the glass must be greater than the box itself. The optimal size of the iron base - 0.5 meters. This will prevent sharp heat and minimize the risk of cracking.

You also need to consider the size of the glass shelf: the width must match the size of the metal grid.

The glass box is the four side panels that are joined in one shape with glue. It is necessary to apply glue to the edges of the glass panels, then sharply press together and let dry for fifteen minutes. Sealing must be complete so that the glass does not burst.

Remove stains with a knife or blade.

Next - you can put hot glass on a metal box. You need to glue carefully so that the lower part of the glass cube is easily connected to the mount.

After that, you can begin to make the basis for the fire. Inside the structure, place the fuel chamber and pour fuel onto it on a gel base or alcohol of a technical type. Liquids do not emit smoke, are safe to use and are used as a fuel base for decorative fireplaces.

Then it is necessary to place a ready-made metal-based lattice inside the glass construction. It can be placed directly on the box, before it smears the edges with glue. The grid must be glued to the edges of the box. If desired, it can be replaced with a more dense material - this part will not be visible behind the decor. The main thing is that she kept the stones.

The final stage is the decoration of a glass fireplace with natural materials. In our case - stones. It is better to place the stones not too close to each other, so that there is enough air to the burner.

How to clean up the soot

Glass fireplace, which works correctly, does not require special care.But if it is a fireplace on wood fuel, then the glass must be treated with special cleaners from soot. For cleaning it is better not to use coarse detergents.

Cleaning may take a little longer if the glass is heavily soiled. In this case, you can use home anti-scale method: you need to prepare a special liquid from water and vinegar. It will remain to mix in equal parts and process the glass with a paper napkin with the resulting solution.

You can protect the wall from burning by rubbing it with lemon water.

Glass gas fireplace must be cleaned from soot, if the burner is clogged. You can easily remove the blockage and clean the smoky place with a cotton cloth. In order not to smoke the glass in the future, it is necessary to check the operation of the fuel mechanism. Remember that it is impossible to clean the glass with plain water until it is clean - it does not work.

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