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Fireplace - the main source of comfort in the house. This element of the interior allows you to create a peaceful mood, bring the whole family together in one place and simply give the surrounding environment an unforgettable look. Unfortunately, it is not possible to install a full-fledged fireplace in every home.

For a real wood-burning fireplace, at least durable materials in the form of heat-resistant brick, marble or sandstone are needed. As a maximum, you need to equip the chimney, create the design of the fireplace itself, using all building skills and install metal elements.

But to create a decorative fireplace with candles is much easier. Even a person with no experience in the engineering and construction field will cope with this. And the time to create it takes much less, as well as financial resources. Don't you have a candle fireplace in your house? Then the information from this article will definitely interest you.

Special features

When creating a candle fireplace will have to equip a niche in the wall. Moreover, this niche will be decorative, that is, not created by the construction of a complex structure with access to the roof.With the help of further decoration, you can make the fireplace space as harmonious as possible for a certain interior.

The fastest mantel is made of drywall. To expand the space, a recess in the wall is trimmed with reflective material, as well as mosaic elements. Sea pebbles, laid around massive candles, gives the fireplace naturalness and as if personifies the reunion of two elements.

The chimney hole itself can have different shapes. Rectangular shelves of a fireplace ideally fit into laconic classical design, and semi-oval in free style of a modernist style.

But as close as a decorative fireplace to warming wood allow artificial firewood. They "work" from electricity, lighting up like torches or candles, but they do not emit any heat at all.

If you want to create a fireplace with a natural source of fire, use massive and resistant wax candles. They can be installed directly in the fireplace niche or special supports - candlesticks. They can be metal or glass and have different shapes and sizes.

How to choose a candlestick

The most competent decision - to choose a candlestick for the fireplace. focusing on the features of the interior. There are no strict selection rules, but here, as with clothes, either you have taste and you create an ideal picture from simple things, or you have no taste, and even the strongest parts do not help save the situation.

To fall in the first category, listen to the following tips:

  • If your interior has a lot of wooden furniture, as well as elements from other natural materials, buy decorative firewood. Putting small round candles on them will create a very peaceful atmosphere around.
  • If you like the antique design direction, then the best choice would be a metal candle stand. It can be quite large and have several niches for candles at once - it all depends on the size of the fireplace itself.
  • The interior of the classical direction does not tolerate excesses, so it is better to install the candles just on small stands. Such minimalism will not break the general harmony of the classics, but will give the environment a cosiness.
  • In the ethnic interior will be appropriate candlesticks, decorated in the style of a particular country.It can be metal figurines of any animal, religious idol or symbol. Such candlesticks will make the interior mysterious and make it complete.
  • The modern design direction will require you to be creative in the design of the fireplace shelf, so the unusual shapes of candlesticks will fit into the overall style as well as possible.

But if several stylistic trends are mixed in your interior at once, you can decorate the fireplace as you like. It is advisable not to forget that the more intelligent the color combinations in the interior are chosen, the more comfortable it will be.

How to put a burning candle, so as not to cause a fire?

The fireplace in which the real wax candles are installed automatically falls into the category of fire hazardous. That is why the fireplace space in advance of trying to make fire-resistant materials such as drywall, brick or marble.

It is not recommended to finish the chimney shelf with wood, since this material turns into a torch during any careless movement. Security measures will have to be observed when installing the candles themselves:

  1. Before lighting a candle, you need to make sure that it stands firmly in the candlestick.
  2. It is not recommended to install a candle directly on the fireplace space, since the candle melts quickly.
  3. It is better to put a burning candle even before the wax warms up, otherwise there is a high probability of getting a burn.

Remember that tall candlesticks that cover almost the entire wax surface are the safest and protect against unintentional falling of the candle.

How to choose a lighter for the fireplace

Few people know that special lighters for stoking a fire in a fireplace are of three types: gas, electric and piezo. The body of the first is made of aluminum and filled with compressed gas. Ignition occurs after pressing the power button - very convenient, and most importantly a safe option.

Electric lighters work on a different principle. They are powered by a battery, and a spark is formed as a result of cyclic circuit and opening of an electrical circuit under the influence of an electromagnetic field. Such lighters are more dangerous than previous ones, because they are tied to electricity and in fact are a common electrical appliance.

Piezo is a relatively new type of lighters that do not need additional power sources. A spark arises by pushing a button in one direction or the other. Such a lighter consists of a lever, wires, and the piezo element itself.

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