Modern fireplaces

Several centuries ago, fireplaces were almost the only source of heating in the house. Today they are set more often in order to create a peaceful atmosphere of comfort and luxury in a home. Even a simply decorated compact house looks more presentable thanks to the fireplace.

The main advantage of modern fireplaces is that they can be diverse. If in ancient times only stone was used for their construction, now they use brick, marble, drywall, granite, sandstone, concrete and other materials. To decorate fireplaces made in accordance with the overall style of the room.

Special features

In the understanding of the absolute majority of people, a fireplace is an overall structure that can be installed only if square meters allow it. The current state of affairs completely destroys the established stereotype.

Modern fireplaces harmoniously fit even into the limited space of a one-room apartment.They are mounted in the wall, used as bookshelves or coasters, and sometimes do not catch the eye, resembling a window or a niche for an aquarium.

In medium-sized homes, island fireplaces are usually installed. They do not adjoin the wall space and can be mounted in any convenient place, even if it is in the middle of the room. Sometimes such fireplaces do not even adjoin the floor space and are mounted to the ceiling - they are called suspended.

Corner fireplaces - the best solution for those who value every square meter of living space. Such structures do not require assignment of a special place for their installation, because in each room there are at least four corners.

For large houses are designed completely different designs. Fireplace shelves protruding beyond the wall occupy the central part of the interior and ideally repeat the stylistic design of the room. Such fireplaces ideally emphasize the majesty of the room and hide excess space.

Decorative design: classic and contemporary notes

Fireplaces of new generation amaze with a variety of forms, but design registration of chimney designs surprises no less.Due to the abundance of finishing materials, the fireplace today can be adapted to any stylistic direction in the interior.

Consider the most relevant solutions:

  • Classic. Houses decorated in this style are never cluttered with unnecessary details. Functional pieces of furniture, stylish interior elements, pastel colors and a maximum of free space. The old kind fireplace from a stone ideally fits into such atmosphere. It can be artificially aged, which will give the interior colorful.
  • Modern. In such an interior, unusual pieces of furniture and decorative elements are appropriate. Oval tables, stylish designer chandeliers, panoramic windows and lots of light. Ideal conditions for an island or suspended fireplace.
  • Country style. The abundance of wood and other natural materials is the main feature of modern country. In this setting, a full-fledged fireplace with a chimney made of marble or brick will look good.
  • English style. This is minimalism at its best. Ideal conditions for pragmatic people who love comfort and peace of mind.In this atmosphere will look good built-in fireplaces, as well as corner. There can be any decoration, but the main thing is not to get out of the general style.
  • Greek style. Intricate pieces of furniture, natural materials in the finishing elements, good lighting and discreet colors. In such an atmosphere, a fireplace decorated with plastic or natural stone looks acceptable.
  • Hi-tech style. This is the personification of modernity. The best in terms of functionality, furniture and appliances, innovative finishing materials in the form of steel and glass, and necessarily refractory. In this style, so-called smart homes are usually made. The fireplace in such a house is better to install a corner or built-in, so as not to disturb the overall flavor.

Despite the abundance of stylistic trends in the interior, modern people rarely adhere to any one of them. Most often, these styles are combined, for example, modern and high-tech, classic and English style and so on. In the case of mixed interiors, it is better to follow the call of the heart and install such fireplaces that seem to be the most harmonious.

Wall with mirror - the best place for a fireplace

Many interior design experts advise installing a fireplace in the living room. This advice is quite reasonable, because the living room - the most dimensional area of ​​the home. It is also intended for receiving guests, which means that not only residents of the house, but also its visitors can comfortably accommodate at the hearth.

And the most important design advice is the following: if the fireplace is installed against a wall, then on it (just above the fireplace structure) it is better to hang a large mirror. It will reflect the space of the room, making it more spacious and comfortable.

Such a stylistic decision is often used in the arrangement of homes in America. There, a fireplace against a wall with a mirror has already become a classic, and the fireplace inserts themselves are not perceived as an element of luxury, but as an ordinary detail of the interior, the same as our floor lamp or nightstand.

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