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At the end of the working day there is nothing more pleasant, like spending the evening by the fireplace. The cracking fire and warmth of the hearth in a special way give the living room coziness and romance. Since ancient times, people have considered fire to be the main symbol of life. For this, special stoves and fireplaces were installed in the houses. Today, the main purpose of these structures is not only in heating the rooms, they are the most popular element of the decor.

An old fireplace deserves special attention in modern housing design, it looks great both in apartments and country houses. Fireplaces in antique-style interiors harmonize well. For the decoration of old designs, in addition, they use such modern products as protective taps, grates, fireboxes, chimneys and mantels, on which, as a rule, vases and various sculptures are placed. In addition, now for the fireplaces in the fashion includes special tool kits.

Special features

Recently, most antique fireplaces have the appearance of a modern stove. Such fireplaces look very interesting, stylish, spectacular and every year acquire special value. To get old fireplaces-pleasure from not cheap. Often they are installed in homes by people who value and collect antiques. It is worth noting that the price of a genuine fireplace increases significantly every year.

Before you buy an old fireplace, you must carefully consider its practicality in the interior. This object of antiquity looked great in castles, but not always able to harmonize with modern decor and furniture. It is also important to consider the design and layout of the room. For example, an old fireplace is not suitable for small living rooms, because it has solid dimensions. The best place to accommodate such three-dimensional structures will be large rooms.

For housing, decorated in the old or classic style, it is recommended to purchase fireplaces made of marble. Their first models appeared in Germany and managed to successfully recommend themselves as original decorative elements.Such antique fireplaces are especially suitable for large rooms.

For housing decorated in a modern modern style or loft, a luxurious and massive fireplace will not work, but on the contrary, will indicate a lack of taste in the landlord. If in the house there are such antique items as books, paintings, furniture, then the hearth in the room will stylishly complement the design and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Regardless of what kind of fireplace is installed in the house, old-fashioned or hand-made, its main purpose is to create comfort and room heating. For many, the fireplace replaces the traditional stove and is considered a central place for a family holiday. Of course, he will not be able to fully replace the heating system in the house, but will serve as an original decoration of the interior.

What it consists of

With the help of an old fireplace you can easily turn a modern apartment into an antique corner. Since the structure is characterized by a large weight, then for its installation at the construction stage requires the construction of the foundation.

Antique fireplace consists of several main parts:

  • Burning chamber The place where the firing process directly takes place.
  • Chimney.Is established for the operating types of fireplaces.
  • Fireplace portal. The decorative part of the structure, further emphasizing the style.

In the event that the area of ​​the room does not allow the establishment of a foundation, the center is often constructed of stone or brick, after which the chimney is connected and a brick or wooden portal is formed.

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The most beautiful view of the old fireplace is a fireplace made of stone. Such a structure is expensive and weighs more than 200 kg. No less popular antique fireplaces made of marble. Marble portals are mainly decorated with gilt, carvings and bas-reliefs. Models of fireplaces from basalt and granite look elegant. They are great for classic style. Antique fireplaces can be complemented by a wrought-iron grill or various antique objects.

For country style, Provence, the right choice would be sandstone, limestone or limestone constructions. The surface of fireplaces can both specially process and preserve the texture. Modern models of fireplaces are also installed from various types of stones or decorative bricks. Beautifully look old fireplaces, laid out of chopped bricks of a dark color.


Depending on the interior of the room, various types of antique fireplaces can be installed, distinguishing each other in style. The most fashionable and popular style is the classic. Fireplaces of this type are designed for open fire, laid out of marble or decorative stone. In that case, if the fireplace place is reserved in the corner of the room, then the right decision would be to choose a rustic style. These fireplaces are made from natural inexpensive materials.

More recently, fireplaces made under the old modernism. This is an original combination of antiquity and modernity. Most models of such fireplaces - exclusive. As their additional decoration various figures, candlesticks, flowers, dolls, shelves can be used.

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