Glass doors for fireplaces and stoves

Doors for stoves and fireplaces made of various types of glass have earned great popularity. Such doors are distinguished by their versatility, practicality. Great delight and the opportunity to observe the fire in the stove or fireplace. Regardless of whether the cast iron or steel frame at the door, the glass in it is installed with special characteristics. It should be refractory, heat-resistant, shockproof. The glasses used for installation in furnaces withstand the highest temperatures, are also resistant to cracks and other external defects due to mechanical external influences. On the market there are models of the most different pricing policies. The greatest value at the door with the original design handmade.

Without exception, all glass doors are distinguished by their aesthetics and attractiveness. Glass doors for fireplaces and stoves - practicality and modernity in the interior!

Special features

It is necessary to mention the significant lack of glass doors, which is the formation of soot on the surface, even after a brief contact with fire. Because glass surfaces require regular maintenance. Experienced owners of stoves and fireplaces to minimize this disadvantage, advise in advance to provide for the installation of a soot roasting system. This system allows you to prevent the settling of soot on the glass surfaces of stoves and fireplaces.

There is also a special technology for the manufacture of glass, which allows you to burn soot that falls on the surface.

Such glasses are coated with a micrometric layer of iron oxide, which has the ability to heat to temperatures at which soot burns out. To impart shine, the glass surface of the doors is wiped with a damp cloth moistened with detergent free of chlorine and abrasive particles. Such care is necessary after each use of the fireplace or stove and with full cooling of the glass door.

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Manufacturers each year are pleased with the new models of doors with glass inserts.Magnificent collections for the home with an unimaginable variety of fireplaces with glass doors are represented by Petrograd.

For the most demanding client, the lines of doors for fireplaces and stoves with both large glass in the frame and with panoramic glass have been developed. Glasses can be tinted or colored, with a smooth surface or corrugated. Fireplace or stove door can be single or double. Attractive models with forged frames, which today are made both on an industrial scale and for individual orders. A fireplace with a large panoramic glass for a bath can be made copyright, emphasizing the character of the owner. Handwork brings sophistication and extravagance to the interior. A fireplace or stove creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that will bring many unforgettable moments.

You should not lose sight of the fact that even without the ability to install a real fireplace or stove, an electric floor fireplace would be a great addition to the modern design. Behind the glass door you can also watch all the colors of the flames.Such a fireplace will save your time for ignition and extra care, and positive emotions will not keep you waiting long.

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