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Fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular these days. And this is not only a fad, first of all, it is an opportunity to make your home cozy and stylish. In addition to the fact that fireplaces decorate the roof, thanks to these units you can forget about the vagaries of nature, as well as the existence of public services.

Today there are so many models of fireplaces that it is difficult to calculate them. But especially among all the diversity, glass fireplaces are valued in modern homes and apartments. Their main purpose is to create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the room, a pleasant atmosphere in general.

Design and variations

Glass fireplaces are classified as decorative. They do not need to create a chimney, as they work from biofuels that do not emit any smoke at all, because they can be placed anywhere in the living space without fear for their health. And as a result, depending on the location, modern glass fireplaces will be divided into floor and wall, hanging, corner, table and wall.

In addition, fireplaces differ between themselves and the design.For example, besides the standard square, there are trapezoid-shaped fireplaces. Especially honored by connoisseurs of all unusual round glass fireplace. It can be installed anywhere in the room, even in the center. A narrow, wide, double-sided, four-sided fireplace, circular - all these are varieties of a single unit.

There are differences in size. If the area of ​​the apartment, where the fireplace will be small, you can choose a mini-fireplace, respectively, in a large house will easily become a big heater.

There are many interesting models of glass fireplaces, among them are portable or decorated under a small writing table, three-sided, with beautifully decorated walls and classic options.

Depending on the fuel used, glass fireplaces are divided into those that run on biofuel, and those that need gas to work. The latter are made with imitation of work on firewood, with the combustion products attached in this case: ashes and ashes, therefore not every buyer will be able to quickly recognize the trick, and this is the main minus of gas fireplaces. Those who work on biofuels do not emit any odor or acrid smoke, and this is their main advantage.

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The first thing that comes to mind at the word fireplace is the red flames, warmth, comfort in the house. But in the modern world, this item often performs an aesthetic function, being a common element of the interior. But after all today's models of fireplaces can play another role.


It's all very clear - a fireplace is needed to please the eyes. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the classic models of fireplaces are open, there are no glass doors, so owners of such units must take care to have a special fence - a fireplace screen that will protect the house and people sitting in front of it from unwanted negative consequences, in the idea of ​​a fire.


The owners of country houses are more likely to prefer fireplaces with live fire, working on solid fuel or gas. And this is not surprising, because the extra heat in the house does not hurt.


Glass fireplace can serve as part of the interior. This is a wonderful decoration of a modern house that attracts attention even when nothing is burning in it. But in order to make the fireplace even more expressive, you can decorate its furnace with a beautiful portal, decorate the mantelpiece and put accessories that are suitable for the style.

Such fireplaces made of glass are also popular because they can be used to conditionally divide a room into several zones, while the original partition will not look too massive and “fall out” from the style of the interior. That is, the integrity of the room will remain the same.


The production of glass bio fireplaces has become real thanks to the latest developments in the field of refractory glass. Modern material withstands the highest temperature, which makes fireplaces absolutely safe and suitable for use. Heat-resistant glass is made in different shades, there are also tinted versions, in such models the fire affects the person fascinatingly.

The design of glass fireplaces is not limited to one or two options. Fantasy designers prove that there is nothing not possible. In the design of this type of fireplaces use different materials, not only steel and other metal, but also stone, natural wood and even leather.

Glass fireplaces themselves are decorative, however, manufacturers often equip them with special additional decorative elements - they can be heat-resistant stones, ceramic logs imitating real wood.Thanks to such details the glass fireplace turns into a real work of art, a highlight that enriches the interior.

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Comfort and safety

It is worth noting that although many people mistakenly perceive a glass fireplace as a regular element of decor, it burns with real fire. Therefore, you should always adhere to the basic rules of safety and do not allow children to go to the fireplace.

Most of the modern foci are closed, but there are also open models. To solve the security problem, an additional glass valve should be placed in the fireplace. It will not only protect against accidental ignition of nearby objects, but also allow you to see an enlarged image of the flame. It also looks beautiful and will protect others from possible troubles.

Owners of glass fireplaces do not need to worry about the hardness of glass. It is made of refractory material, and therefore will not crack or burst even from frequent use of the fireplace.

Various glass sides and doors will protect the room from fire, you should not sacrifice your health, life and personal possessions for the sake of chic! An open fireplace is not the best option, primarily because of security! The ideal choice is a fireplace with glass walls.If there are none, the owners of the heating device should be closely monitored so that sparks or red-hot coals do not bounce onto the floor or furniture. For this reason, more often buy fireplaces on gas - representing a modern aesthetics and maximum security in one unit.

Care and cleaning

In modern realities, there is no need to particularly think about what to clean the glass surfaces of the fireplace is not necessary - on the shelves of stores there is a huge amount of special tools created specifically for these purposes. Most often it is a paste or spray that is applied to the glass and rubbed off with dirt. No complicated manipulations and long rubbing with a rag. It is enough to lightly hold on the surface with a napkin, and after a few minutes to dry the dried glass with a clean cloth.

If the special formulations have run out, and the glass needs to be quickly cleaned, you can use the available tools - ashes and newspapers. In moistened wood ash they dip a crumpled newspaper and wipe the dirty areas in circular motions, then wash the glass until it is completely cleaned.

There is another method of cleaning the glass of the fireplace in the absence of factory tools.You will need vinegar, water, unwanted newspapers and clean paper napkins.

Working process:

  1. Water should be mixed with vinegar in equal parts 1: 1.
  2. The resulting solution to moisten all glass and pre-cooled to room temperature surface.
  3. In a few minutes, polish the glass parts with crumpled newspapers.

In this way, it is possible to clean the walls of a glass fireplace from dust and other impurities without any financial expenses.

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