Fireplace do-it-yourself plasterboard

Making a fireplace with your own hands is not such a difficult task. The result obtained with the help of drywall will not leave anyone indifferent. If you try hard, then a false fireplace will not differ from a real classic fireplace.

The exterior of the fireplace can be decorated with special natural or artificial building materials, and inside the hearth you can install candles that will create the feeling of a fireplace flame.

Fireplace, made by hand, has a lot of advantages. It can be delivered at home without coordinating this action with the relevant regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Plasterboard fireplace can be given any shape that will allow him the most interesting to fit into the decor of your room. To create such a thing can be useful a variety of building materials that are available in specialized supermarkets.

Falshkamin - a pledge of security

Such fireplaces are more secure than their real counterparts. This can be explained by the fact that there is no real fire in them.Please note that the cost of such a thing is small.

Additional convenience is that you can use a decorative fireplace as a home shelf, and in the prepared niche, which will also be the case, you can put an electric fireplace with orange-flame tongues.

If such a fireplace is not built into the wall, then it can be carried around the apartment, installing each time in a convenient place.


Depending on the design and other characteristics, imitation fireplaces can be divided into fireplaces of various kinds. For example, it is possible to make a niche from gypsum cardboard where an electric fireplace or a false fireplace will be placed, which in its appearance will not at all differ from the present. In such a fireplace may be biofireplace. Another type of drywall fireplace is a decorative fireplace. Visually, it will not be very similar to the classic equivalent.

Also, such devices can be frontal and angular. The corner fireplace option will be a good solution if you want to install a fireplace, but, unfortunately, you don’t have an apartment with a large area.

Depending on the format of your apartment, drywall fireplaces can have very different shapes.If the hall in which you want to install a fireplace is large, then the size of the fireplace can be close to the present. Inside the structure, in this case, an electric fireplace will look advantageous. You can place it in the center of the room near the wall. With a small hall size it will be convenient to apply the design of a corner fireplace.

When installing an imitation fireplace, remember that you should not put it in hard-to-reach areas of the room, as well as close to the entrance doors.

Design options

Before you start working with gypsum plasterboard, pay enough attention to preparing the drawing scheme, work through it in a step-by-step detailed action plan. After that, cut the sheets themselves or contact a specialized workshop. When the box is ready, you can decorate it at your discretion.

The limitation in this matter will be only your imagination. Why not use foam to imitate brickwork, sheeting bonded sheets of putty drywall?

You can arrange the case of a plasterboard fireplace under a brick. By choosing this design you create the most realistic object, close to the original.You can take artificial bricks for plating. It is important to be able to make a brickwork. The model created in this way can not be decorated additionally. Everything you need for a chic look he already has.

In addition, to make interesting plasterboard blanks, you can apply polyurethane. In construction, it most often comes in handy as a means to create decorative accessories that diversify the look of the fireplace. Attach such parts to the basic structure and vary its exterior.

Inside this design, to complete the picture, create an imitation of the hearth. A good option is to install instead of the back wall of the mirror. When using candles in the firebox of the fireplace, the mirror will give an unusual visual effect - create the depth of the imitation fire.

When building a product from drywall, remember that it is he who is most convenient for the purpose of building a fake fireplace and is regularly used by craftsmen. The use of drywall at the final stage of construction will allow you to arrange the body of the fireplace in a completely different style decisions.

It will be interesting to look for a frame of plaster in the form of exquisite decorative details.The cost of such drywall is not great, and the ability to create from it products of various shapes makes it a more attractive material for building a fireplace and more convenient for decoration.

Besides the fact that the material is universal, plus it is also in the fact that over time you will be able to change its appearance, without disassembling the case itself. So you can drastically change your fireplace and do not necessarily need to build it again. Let's take a little closer look at how to make a fireplace with your own hands on the example of plasterboard products.

How to make yourself?

We offer you a step by step instructions for making a fireplace. Let's now analyze in detail how to create a fake fireplace at home. Attach the support frame to the wall with dowels, and assemble the frame using self-tapping screws, put the rack profile on the guide.

In the next step, using a level-determining tool, check the flatness of the planes. Ensure that they are level, clearly positioned vertically and horizontally.

Use a measuring tape to check whether the shape of the pads is rectangular. Sites must be the same.Measure the length of the diagonals of one of them.

If, when designing an imitation fireplace, you want to make non-rectilinear planes, then cut the metal profiles through an equal distance and lift them so that they can give the desired configuration to your product.

We sheathe plasterboard

When this stage is completed, it's time to think about plating the created metal base with drywall.

Cover the sides and sides with drywall sheets on both sides of the frame. With fasteners approximately every 13-14 centimeters, use self-tapping screws with a hidden tip to fix.

Silicone connect the drywall plane. Give the resulting object the necessary shape so that it can become a pedestal for installing your fake fireplace.

Using the same technology as we described earlier, create a shelf that will be placed above your product. Using self-tapping screws, silicone or sealant, connect this shelf and the pedestal created earlier to the body of your imitation fireplace.

Putty products

The next step will be putty products. Close the joints of the drywall sheets, and also makeso that traces from the screws fastening the construction are not visible. Next, we recommend putting putty on the whole surface falsekamkina.

Finish: create a work of art

You can use various tricks to give your fake fireplace a more spectacular look. For the fireplace, decorative elements created from plaster, as well as other various objects, can be used. With the original approach, these actions will help you to make a real work of art out of an imitation fireplace.

So-called water-emulsion paint the fireplace with discreet pastel colors. When choosing a method of decorative and color design, take into account the peculiarities of the room interior of the room, its decor and style.

Interior or electric?

Now let's look at: what solutions and designs are applicable inside the box? Why not put an electric fireplace, and also not apply a variety of techniques to give the portal greater expressiveness and originality?

For these purposes, you can choose the keramaplitka you like, stones created from artificial material or real small stones brought from the river coast.Take, for example, brick or marble material, as well as traditionally used wood in the interior.

When choosing a veneer for the appearance of the fireplace, remember that the product consists of plasterboard, so it is not worth much to load it. Making out a fireplace, do not forget about the forge metal elements created using the technique of artistic forging.

If you decided to bring a highlight to the fireplace's appearance with a stone or tile, then here you will be helped by a special glue intended for fixing ceramic tiles or liquid nails that can also effectively cope with this task.


Let's take a look at how to install an electric fireplace in a false fireplace created by you from gypsum board. The wall where the electric fireplace will be located must be sheathed with heat-resistant materials.

Install a special podium for the imitation fireplace and a metal frame on the floor, the base of which should be sufficiently reliable to withstand the load that the electric fireplace gives it. For this reason, attach the profiles in the base every 200 millimeters.

Conduct electricity inside the structure so that it can power your electric fireplace. On the case of a plasterboard construction, make a few holes that will become a kind of hood.

Cover the hull of the portal with plasterboard sheets and reinforce it with special building corners. On the resulting object, putty and decorate the fireplace as you see fit. At the final stage, place an electric fireplace in the finished structure.

Where to put?

Choosing a place for a fireplace, focus on the design of your room. Visually imagine how the fireplace should fit into your living space and give it a unique highlight. One option would be to install a fireplace in the middle, against the wall.

Install it so that it does not interfere with the movement of the room and does not block its space, without visually taking away the indoor area. Also consider the proximity of the source of electricity - in the event that in the frame you decide to install an electric fireplace.

If the room in which you want to install an imitation stove is not large in size, then it’s time to think about installing an angular fireplace.As in small dwellings, the corner is usually not occupied by a place.

We sincerely hope that our article will help you choose the best option for a drywall fireplace, suitable for your home. And the schemes and tips given in it will allow you to easily create a product with your own hands.

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