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The fireplace has always symbolized the home in every sense of the word. What could be better than watching your favorite movie under the fluttering of a flame of fire? It is impossible to imagine a popular family photo session without a cozy fireplace, which will bring the family together again and again.

After a fruitful day, any of us would like to plunge into an atmosphere of calm and comfort. There are universal things loved by everyone and helping everyone to relax. TV for many is the best source of home entertainment and the opportunity to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

A fireplace that can be installed now not only in houses, but also in city apartments will be a sure-fire addition to the unique home comfort. The combination of a fireplace with a TV will provide the most relaxed rest for you and your loved ones.

It may seem that two objects from different eras and are completely incompatible with each other.But current trends suggest otherwise. The universal location of the TV over the fireplace fits into any interior, adding uniqueness and warmth. Properly selected devices in color, shape, size and design will make the room the most comfortable and well-loved in the house.

Please note that the combination of a TV over the fireplace in the interior suggests that the fireplace will be electric, because for a wood or gas fireplace you will have to build a separate ventilation unit.

Get permission to install a classic hearth in the apartment is almost impossible. But with an electrofireplace, a biofireplace and a chimney fake there will be no difficulties! No problems with installation work, soot, smoke and ash.

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Types of fireplaces


For large country houses fit classic fireplace with logs. Such a home will perform the original function of these devices - the provision of heat in the house. Installing a fireplace will take a long time and is allowed only in private homes. This type of fireplace requires a separate vent for smoke. And, of course, the TV must be placed at a safe distance from the flame.At the same time, it will be necessary to take into account the overall concept of the interior and the convenience of viewing combined with the chimney-like comfort.


Unlike classic fireplaces, gas does not require a wood-burning firebox. This fireplace will cause less concern for compliance with fire safety measures and is much more convenient to use. It will perfectly heat the room and add an unusual style to the interior. Simple installation is possible with the permission of the relevant authorities and in the apartments. If you dream of a classic fireplace, but live in a city high-rise building, then this is the most suitable option for you.


Electrofireplaces are decorated under classic fireplaces and stoves that provide warmth to your home. As a rule, they make the sound of burning logs. The main feature of such a device is the absence of real fire. But thanks to this, the fireplace becomes safer and does not require additional worries.

Bio Fireplace

Biofireplaces work on biofuel ethanol, which is obtained from plants (rice, corn, and wheat). With such a fireplace, there is enough air in the room, so additional ventilation systems are not required.They are fairly safe and do not require special care. One bottle of fuel lasts an average of ten hours of burning (it all depends on the size of your hearth). This fire will decorate any evening!


This type of fireplace, as a model, does not cause problems at all and will certainly become a decoration of the living room. After installation, the only concern will be to clean the dust. When you want additional comfort - place a few large candles and enjoy the evening. Fireplace dummies not only provide warmth, they are able to create comfort in the room and give you an extraordinary shine. A TV with such interior design will look great on the mantelpiece and above it. Even if you want to hang a TV device on the opposite wall, beautiful glare from a faint spark of candles does not interfere with viewing.

Location in different rooms

Each room will be filled with comfort under a muffled fireplace light. Most often, a fireplace and a TV set in the hall to spend a quiet evening in peace, to invite guests or to arrange an outdoor party. Not far from the fireplace, you can spread the carpet to spend time with the TV off, enjoying the silence and alluring flames.Around the comfort zone it is better to put furniture for convenient viewing of your favorite programs and films under the warm sounds of a flame.

If you like to relax in privacy and the only place for a good rest is a bedroom, then the fireplace will fit in perfectly there. It is better to combine a heat center with a TV opposite a bed or a sofa - then this will aesthetically fit into the interior. Fall asleep under the chimney sounds warm and pleasant.

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Fans of ceremonial receptions, gourmet meals and quiet family dinners are sure to appreciate the fireplace in the kitchen. The location of the TV with a fireplace in this room will look like a win-win in front of a large dining table on a free wall. You can light a home fire, turn off the kitchen light, put some exquisite candles on the table and enjoy the taste of the prepared dishes. When spiritual talk has come to an end, you can turn on the TV and continue to rest with a cup of aromatic drink or a glass of fine wine.

If you are thinking about how to more effectively combine a fireplace with a TV, then our recommendations for you. These five important rules will help you create a unique comfort:

  • TV and fireplace should be about the same size to harmoniously complement each other and not overtighten;
  • observe the rules of fire safety: it is not necessary to arrange
  • there are flammable things near the fireplace, even if you have an electric fire;
  • do not forget that the main purpose of the fireplace is not only comfort, but also heat, therefore it is better to locate the heat center on the walls that go inside the apartment;
  • not to hang the TV on the opposite wall from the fireplace so that the glare from the fire does not interfere with viewing;
  • all fireplaces, except fake and some types of biofireplaces, will warm and, together with heating, overheat the room, so take care of the possibility to turn off the batteries
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It is very easy to find the right device for your needs and possibilities - there is a huge variety of fireplaces for every taste and color on the market. Installing the hearth in the apartments does not take much time. In our time, it has become so easy to achieve full-fledged comfort at home!

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