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The closed fire chambers are safer and more effective in work. At the same time, the open version is notable for its beauty - such fireplaces demonstrate a flame of fire.

At the closed fire chamber of a fireplace the main attribute is the door which separates from an open flame. Usually such shutters consist of a metal frame in which glass is placed that is resistant to high temperatures.

The appearance of this option will, as in a classic fireplace, give a pleasant view of the fire. You will feel the warming heat visually, watching the flames of the windows.

Fire chambers with glass can be made of metal or cast iron. Exterior design can be executed in a simple style, in a subtle decorative. You can also choose energy-saving materials for the lining.

Closed firebox will give more heat

Experts emphasize that fireplaces with a closed firebox create more heat. Such fireplaces are highly secure, give you the opportunity to adjust the intensity of combustion of fuel.

Some of the models with a closed firebox can be exploited by mood: both in closed and in open modes. Some stoves are endowed with pleasant functionality, such as self-cleaning door.

Therefore, you do not have to wipe the glass with a rag each time to look at the flame.

The efficiency of such a model is very good. Perfectly keeping heat, they can perfectly warm up a country house of several tens of meters in a square.

In general, you should pay attention to what is made of a fireplace with glass fireplace. These parameters of your fireplace will affect the efficiency and safety, as well as how long you can operate your device.


According to many masters it is worth paying attention to cast iron. Argument for - excellent heat accumulation. Also, such a fireplace will not cool so quickly. You can use steel, it will allow you to quickly heat the stove. Note that the steel furnace also cools quickly. The firebox can be installed in the corner, and can also be located separately and be built.

If you chose the corner version of the firebox with glass, then note that there are three walls in it, so you need to put it only in the corner of the room.On heat emission such furnaces are considered the most powerful.

Fireboxes with glass, mounted to the wall, are simple in design. This affects the price segment. They are not so expensive, and even an inexperienced novice worker will be able to mount them.

Built-in furnace allows you to save the space of an apartment or house. It is easy to build such an option, but some important points should be taken into account.


The plus of the firebox closed by glass consists in protecting the house from fire falling into it. This will be ensured by the protection of refractory glass. In this case, you will be able to take into account the aesthetic side of the question: a transparent leaf will allow you to observe the languages ​​of the flame.

The doors of such fireboxes are closed very tightly, tightly. But in the case of installing a firebox with glass, an unpleasant feeling for you can create a soot, the occurrence of which becomes unavoidable during the operation of the fireplace.

How to deal with soot?

The designers have thought through how to minimize the detrimental effect of soot on the glass doors of the fireplace. They created a series of measures that help to deal with this problem.One solution is to place glass doors at different distances from the flame.

Doors are made using different configurations. This makes the fireplace work better and gives you the opportunity to admire the flame.

The fireplace houses the ventilation systems and smoke extraction systems, thus avoiding soot and soot deposits on the glass doors of the fireplace.

Some more arguments in favor of fireboxes with glass

As we have said, experts do not advise making a choice in favor of open fireboxes. The danger is open fire. Sparks can accidentally jump out. Therefore, it is better not to tempt fate.

Choosing firebox with glass, do not forget about the energy efficiency and power of the device. Consider how much power you need, even before you acquire and install a fireplace.

If you choose a device with water heating, then keep in mind that its function is not only in heating the room, but also in heating water. Such devices today are popular because they are multifunctional.

Pay attention to power

When choosing a firebox with water heating, keep in mind that it would be desirable to choose a firebox,equipped with higher power. The choice of power, depending on the size of the house that you plan to keep warm.

If your home is up to 200 meters squared, then choose 8 kW, if more than 250 square meters, then make a choice in favor of a device with a capacity of more than a dozen kW.

The power of the product also depends on the design. Angular Firebox is small, so they have the appropriate power. For a small country house, they will be just right, and will also be able to warm a large hall, but you cannot count on more.

If you are still planning to heat the water with a fireplace, then choose another option - not angular.

Install by yourself

Putting the firebox itself with glass is pretty easy. Study the attached information materials, watch special videos. In general - you are very capable.

If you buy a furnace in specialized supermarkets, then install it easily. Since this is a fully thought out and complete design. Installation is done on material resistant to temperatures. Pre-bed it on the floor where you intend to install the stove.

Exterior design

You can make the lining as you see fit. We advise - at the top of the portal design make a hole. With the help of it will go hot air from the furnace. If your furnace is a water heater, then this heat will go to warm the water.

If you decide to use artificial material in the decoration of the portal, then it is desirable to use materials resistant to temperature as an interlayer.

If you decide to install a transparent door in the fireplace yourself, then you should pay attention to the fact that simple, most ordinary glass will not fit for these purposes.

Pick a material resistant to the highest temperatures. This design and the choice of this material will help you protect the house from a potential fire. Therefore, go carefully to the choice of the appropriate glass. And do not forget that there are both double-sided and three-sided glass fireboxes, and if you wish, you can install a second glass, thereby protecting the glass from sparks and you can create a great tightness in the furnace.

If you want to make a transparent sash in a cast-iron stove, then keep in mind that in this process you cannot do without certain skills and knowledge.

Do not overload the heat-resistant glass

The difference between glass that can withstand high temperatures, from the usual window glass lies in its ability to create a foundry expansion when heated. During use, such glass is not subject to chipping or damage to another kind.

When buying glass for such purposes, take a closer look - how high the temperature of heating it can withstand.

If the glass is resistant to 600 degrees, then with proper operation it will serve you faithfully for a very long time. But, if you seriously exceed the load on it, you risk ruining the material in a matter of hours.

Also the properties of the glass used are affected by the fact that you drown in your fireplace. After all, each fuel produces a certain temperature in the combustion process. Therefore, pay attention to this seemingly small, but very significant moment.

If you have installed a transparent door on the furnace of cast iron, then pay attention to the following nuances that will allow you to do everything possible to make the glass as durable as possible.

First, do not extinguish the flame with liquid. A sharp temperature drop is bad for glass.When you clean the fireplace, do not use hard abrasive mixtures when cleaning the door and the firebox. In this case, a light scratch will not affect the basic characteristics of the door, but in the place where it appeared, more soot will be collected. And it will spoil you the whole view of the flames in the fireplace.

And a couple of tips for use

It would seem - unrelated things, but the durability of the glass is affected by such a nuance as the correctly installed sash. If the device is not working properly and the sash is constantly burning with fire, there is a direct contact between the flame and the glass, then you can be sure that, despite how heat-resistant the door is, it will not take much time.

Firewood quality

If you want the door to look very impressive and is an ornament not only of the fireplace itself, but also of the room in which it is located, then you should choose only high-quality firewood.

You can choose different fireboxes for fireplaces with glass, in completely different price segments, from brands from Italy, Slovenia, France, Poland or Russia. But don't forget to follow the tips in this well as get acquainted with all sorts of information materials and read reviews of users who have already installed a fireplace in a fireplace with glass in their homes.

We wish you to make the right choice to always be warm in your home!

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