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The furnace fireplace is the functional design used for heating of the house. This building is also an original interior decoration. Particular attention should be paid to corner models. Such a configuration of the furnace saves space in the room where it is located.

Varieties and material of manufacture

A variety of stoves, fireplaces allows you to solve many problems, among which the main is heating, and only then - decorating the room. Such designs can be used for cottages and apartments, choosing the appropriate option.

Fireplaces, depending on the fuel used can be divided into these types:

  • Wood burning
  • Gas. Used in rooms where there is no possibility to build a classic stove.
  • Ekokaminy. The main source of energy for such furnaces is biofuel. During the operation of such systems does not emit smoke.
  • Electric.
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Among all this diversity, the fireboxes on thewoods. They combine the high heat transfer efficiency and the unique look created by the flames.

Another criterion by which corner fireplaces are divided is the material from which they are made. According to this characteristic, the following structures are distinguished:

  • Brick stoves. This species is very common. The construction of brick furnaces requires adherence to a special technology. All such operations are performed only by experienced professionals.
  • Stone As a material for the manufacture of the frame can be used various types of natural stone that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Metallic. The furnace surface can be either cast iron or steel, which depends on the specific type of structure and its manufacturer. All these models, in turn, are divided into variable and long burning furnaces. The latter are able to maintain the temperature for several hours without the need for refueling.

In a special category should be allocated fireplaces equipped with a water circuit. Such a system allows for simultaneous heating of the whole house.Wall and corner furnaces-fireplaces can be equipped with additional functionality. Today there are such types of designs:

  • Fireplace stove with stove. Used for cooking. The shape and size of the hob is selected individually.
  • Stove with oven. Design purpose is similar to the previous type of products. Here, only the principle of cooking changes.
  • Combined. Both the hob and the oven are present here. Such a combined design optimizes the implementation of a variety of processes associated with cooking.

Advantages and disadvantages

Corner fireplace-stoves - a great alternative to a country house. Products of this type have several advantages over models of other configurations:

  • Compactness. You can install a corner stove in almost any room, regardless of its size or layout. Depending on the parameters of the room, you can choose symmetric and asymmetric models of structures.
  • Comfort. The location of the stove in the corner creates an optimal seating area, as it is visually visible from anywhere in the room.
  • Multifunctionality. Many modifications, equipped with a heat exchanger, are used to organize full heating of the whole house.
  • Easy installation. This characteristic applies only to metal products that are very popular on the market today. They have a small weight, which excludes the construction of a powerful foundation. This allows you to install them in any apartment or private house.

But still, corner stoves are not universal and have one significant drawback. The heating characteristics of such systems are much worse than those in the center of the room.

This is due to the fact that only one external brick wall of the fireplace transfers heat directly to the room. All other parts heat the corners of the room. Therefore, if this indicator is important for you, then you should give preference to full-fledged wall or central models of fireplaces.

Model overview

Modern stoves are small metal furnaces that can be installed in any home. They are made of high-quality cast iron or steel, which perfectly give off heat. There are several popular models of such products:

  • "Amur". The stove allows you to heat a room up to 90 sq.m. The height of the construction reaches 1 m, and the width is 80 cm. The combustion chamber is characterized by large capacity (volume 73 liters). Power of the unit reaches 10 kW. The total weight of the fireplace is approximately 157 kg. To make the connection, you should use a chimney with a diameter of 150 mm. As fuel, you can use both firewood and coal briquettes.
  • "Yenisei". The capacity of the firebox reaches 11 kW, which allows you to heat a room up to 100 sq.m. The internal surface of the combustion chamber is trimmed with chamotte brick. The furnace can work both on firewood, and on coal.
  • "Bavaria", "Prismatic". This modification of fireplaces differs in reliability and practicality. This product belongs to the category of wall (front). Power of a fire chamber reaches 12 kW. The system is equipped with a water circuit that allows heating of several rooms.
  • "Teplodar". Corner stove is characterized by low power. It can heat a room of no more than 45 sq.m. Product weight - 90 kg, the diameter of the exhaust chimney - 150 mm.
  • "Meta", "Angara". The model is lightweight (up to 150 kg). This allows you to mount it on the non-reinforced foundations. It is recommended to use firewood or briquettes as fuel.It is not advisable to use coal, as this can lead to the destruction of the main structural elements of the system.
  • "Fontanka". The unit is able to heat rooms up to 120 cubic meters. As the main material, the manufacturer uses boiler steel with a thickness of 3 mm. For optimal performance, the combustion chamber is trimmed with fireclay bricks. Additionally, the system is equipped with special convectors that increase the efficiency of heat exchange with the external environment.
  • "Bavaria" with stove, Forget-Me-Not. A distinctive feature of the furnace is the heating rate (up to 15-20 minutes). System power reaches 9 kW. The product weighs 125 kg, which allows you to install it on unprepared grounds.

Please note that when choosing such products be sure to consider customer reviews. So you can choose the best value for money.

Mounting and finishing

Installation of metal stoves is relatively simple and requires only the connection of the chimney. Let us consider in more detail the technology of construction of brick structures. This procedure consists of several consecutive stages:

  • Select a project. Today there are many varieties of such structures, differing in design. Therefore, before starting the main work, you need to decide what you are going to build.
  • Foundation construction. It is made of monolithic concrete with mandatory reinforcement. The size of the base depends on the dimensions of the furnace and should exceed them by about 10-15 cm around the perimeter. The thickness of the base under the fireplace should be equal to the size of the main foundation. Therefore, the construction of such systems in high-rise buildings is excluded.
  • Masonry. This stage is performed according to the previously selected order. It should be noted that the first few rows together form the base of the fireplace. Here attributes such as doors, ashpit are consistently established. The next few rows of bricks are used to create a smoke channel, a furnace hearth. All this ends with the construction of the chimney. Please note that for the formation of floors instead of the usual fireclay bricks are used.
  • Finish. This stage is the final, allowing to give the design a unique design. This can be done using tiles or other finishing material.The main characteristic for choosing such products is their refractoriness.

Interior examples

The design value of an angular fireplace is that it can fit into almost any interior. Make it quite simple, picking up the desired finish option. Such designs are perfectly combined with both rustic and modern design of the room. They look great in combination with the side columns, which give them sophistication. If minimalism is important to you, you can install a small metal fireplace. To create a unique design, just experiment with materials.
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