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Popular wisdom says that the human eye will never get tired of looking at the fire. Since ancient times, the fire was a source of heat, was used for cooking, and our ancestors gathered in the evenings around the fire and discussed the affairs of the past day.

Perhaps that is why there is nothing surprising in the fact that modern man is also attracted by the look of flames.

Many people would like to have a fireplace at home to enjoy the lulling view of burning firewood. Unfortunately, not all city apartments for objective reasons can be equipped with a fireplace. But this is not a reason to abandon the dream of becoming the owner of the fireplace.

Even in a city apartment, wrapped in a warm blanket on winter evenings, you can watch the fire of the fireplace. There is a way out - install an electric fireplace in your home.

Electric home fireplaces are of various types and configurations, as well as tones - from white to dark color. In this article in more detail we will consider angular electrofireplaces.

Special features

Such fireplaces from the electrical network work, the angular shape allows such a fireplace to effectively fit into the space of the room without taking up much space. It is possible to install a fireplace without the relevant approvals from the supervising housing authorities.

You can put a fireplace in any apartment and room, the size of the room may be small. Usually, the owner of the house chooses the dining room and living room to install the device, since in these rooms people most often rest and receive guests. But in the bedroom, in the office or children's fireplace will also look appropriate.

Components of electrofireplace - exterior design and firebox. Inside are special spirals. With the help of a fan or a special reflector, warming heat is emitted from them. At the same time, the fireplace itself remains at room temperature.

It is remarkable that apartment fireplaces can heat up to 20 square meters of the area of ​​your dwelling. You can put the settings in which the fireplace itself is turned off, reaching the required room heating temperature. Thermostat will help - the main controller of the fireplace heat.

The fire can not be distinguished from the present

Almost theatrical decoration of the fireplace, forming plausible flames, provide artificial firewood and coal from plastic or ceramic materials, silk cloth, foil and colored lamps

Luminaries that give unevenly distributed light help create the most realistic imitation of fire. For a complete feeling of the real fireplace, the sound speakers act - with their help, the crackle of burning firewood emanates from the fireplace stove.

What are the?

Corner fireplaces are divided into the following types. Allocate: electric, which stands separately. Its distinctive feature is its compact size. Such a device is usually sold without any special appearance. You just need to choose the right place in the apartment and without unnecessary trouble to connect the hearth to the network.

There are fireplaces placed in the wall, or recessed. Most often for their installation with the help of drywall in the wall prepare the appropriate niche. After installation, the structure produces its exterior finish. In this connection, the installation of such devices is advised to do during the general repair of the premises.

Also, there are whole chimney complexes, which include the hearth and the finished frame.In the installation of such complexes unpretentious - you just need to put and connect to the electrical network. Such a fireplace will look like a full substitute for this fireplace.

According to their purpose, corner fireplaces are decorative and functional. Your choice of one or another option will depend on what tasks you assign to the fireplace. Only to create an outstanding interior fit fireplaces, not equipped with a heating system of the room.

They will cost much cheaper than the second type of fireplaces. If you want to receive heat from the fireplace, then buy a copy equipped with a heating element, but remember - the corner fireplaces are inferior to the frontal ones due to heat transfer.

Manufacturers Overview

The undisputed leader in the corner fireplace industry is a company from Ireland called “Dimplex”. This company uses one of the most advanced technologies to recreate the most realistic flame.

Corner fireplaces from "Dimplex" are universal, they are well suited for almost any room: office or apartment.

Products from the company Classic Flame have excellent quality and spectacular appearance.Fireplaces of this company have the latest options and differ realistically recreated the flame.

Interflame company worthily represents Russia in the market of fireplaces, producing ready-made portals with built-in foci. The company has high-quality products that have an outstanding appearance. "Interflame" offers a wide choice of fireplaces for every taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, like any product, corner electric fireplaces have a number of advantages and inherent flaws. Among the advantages is the possibility of installing the product in relatively cramped housing - in modern high-rise buildings.

Corner electric fireplaces are easy to operate. Install them in the apartment will be easy. The corner configuration of the fireplace will allow it to be placed in rooms of various sizes and for various purposes. He will adequately take his place in a residential building, restaurant or work office.

Conveniently, in contrast to the flame of a classic fireplace, an artificial flame will not produce soot and smoke.

Corner fireplaces are available on the market in many different models. This will allow you to choose exactly the fireplace that best fit into your interior.

An electronic fireplace can be a good alternative to a heater. It will not only bring warmth to your home, but also make the living room more beautiful and more interesting.

Among the minuses of such products is energy consumption. If you are used to saving electricity, this option is not for you. An electric fireplace is not a cheap pleasure. Of course, it costs less than a real fireplace, but you will have to fork out for it.

How not to lose a choice?

Choosing a fireplace, you should pay attention to a number of key parameters. Take a closer look at the power. The best option would be when a fireplace figure of 10 square meters will be 1 kW.

Pay attention to the cost. The lower it is, the smaller functions the fireplace will have. At the same time, the most expensive fireplaces in the number of functions are often not much ahead of the device from the middle price segment.

We recommend to find out whether the service of your fireplace is provided at the service center. Ask what the warranty period for your product is.

Some electric fireplaces can operate in two modes: to heat the room or create decorations for the exterior of the room.

When heating, an average fireplace will consume from 0.5 to 2 kW, and this is on condition that your room does not exceed 20 square meters. The thermostat in the fireplace device will help you control the intensity of heat supply.

Using a fireplace in the mode of dressing, you can significantly save electricity. In this mode, the costs will not exceed 100 W.

Do not forget that the cost of the fireplace is affected not only by the number of functions and technical features of the product, but also by its appearance. The presence of expensive materials in the decoration of the fireplace implies a higher market value.

The smallest cost of installing a fireplace varies from 5000 rubles. Luxury exhibits can cost 100,000 rubles. and more.

How to install?

Do not rush to install a fireplace near the doorway, if the door opens in the direction of the fireplace. You may accidentally damage the device. In the wall next to the place on which you want to put a fireplace should be placed available socket.

Before installing the fireplace in the room, check if the electrical wiring is too tight. Make sure that various electrical appliances are not turned on at the same time.

We should also highlight the fireplaces in which the realism of the flame is created using the 3D effect. Flames created with this effect will look as realistic as possible, resembling living fire.

We wish you to choose the fireplace that can bring maximum comfort and warmth to your house!

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