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Fireplace - a good way to diversify the interior. In a country house to install it is not difficult, but in the apartment it is not at all possible. An excellent alternative to this fireplace can serve as a corner fake, which you can do with your own hands.

Artificial fireplaces. What are they?

All false - fireplaces are divided into three types:

  1. Symbolic;
  2. Conditional;
  3. Authentic

The simplest option is a symbolic fireplace, which is most often represented by a vivid image of fire and a beautiful pasted frame. It looks like very little for a real fireplace, but anyone can make such an option.

For conditional imitation of the fireplace will only need decorative materials. The portal of such a fireplace may have a small distance from the wall and have a place for the hearth. It is impossible to kindle such a fireplace, but it is possible to put candles in the firebox or just put the firewood beautifully.

Reliable artificial imitation is more complete. Such a structure is more like a home. In addition, it is possible to install a heater or an electronic burner for biofireplaces.

To create any artificial fireplace will require a minimum set of simple materials:

  • Plywood;
  • Drywall;
  • Styrofoam;
  • Tree;
  • Brick;
  • Dsp;
  • Cardboard;
  • Polyurethane.

All the listed materials are easy to find at home, in the country or in a hardware store.

How to make yourself?

An electric fireplace is a good alternative to a conventional brick fireplace with real coals. If a real fireplace plays mainly the role of a heater, then an artificial fireplace, first of all, performs an aesthetic function.

To create a plausible structure, in addition to decorative elements, you will need a solid frame. Real fireplaces are large enough, but to save space in the living room, this element of decor can be made in the corner.

The inner part should consist of metal in order to hold the plasterboard and other decorative elements. Also required auxiliary tools: screwdriver, screws, level, dowels, Bulgarian and a large knife.

To create a beautiful and reliable corner fireplace yourself, be sure to make a plan of work and prepare everything you need.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Design on paper;
  2. Marking the area under the fireplace in the interior;
  3. Installation;
  4. Facing.

Design and layout

Even before the purchase of building materials, you must have the drawings of the future structure. Thanks to the schemes you will clearly see what and how much you need.

Projects of any fireplaces should contain the following items:

  • Height, width and depth of the structure;
  • The presence or absence of a pedestal;
  • The location of the buttons on - off the fireplace;
  • Placements of outlets;
  • The presence of the outlet for heated air from the electronic fireplace;
  • Required or not heat resistant material.

If the drawing cannot be compiled independently, then you can turn to a more knowledgeable person in this matter. A professional will easily outline the future design of your fake fireplace. It is also worth considering the color scheme of the building in advance.

All materials are purchased and you are ready to go. It is worth starting with finding a place for a fireplace. The apartment is most convenient to put the corner falshkamina, as it will take less space and it does not matter in the bedroom or in the living room you will place it.If the place is determined, then with the help of a felt-tip pen it is necessary to outline the contours of the fireplace on the floor and walls.

Installation and cladding

At the initial stage of installation of the corner fake, it is important to conduct the power supply if the construction needs it (heater or fire imitation). Then you can screw the metal profiles on the planned lines and install the rack. If there are rounded lines in the drawing, then you will have to make arcs of metal yourself. To do this, at a distance of 4 or 6 cm you need to make small incisions.

When the frame is securely installed, you can engage in lining. If the more simple options for the decor can be useful cardboard, in the case of the iron base need drywall. Cut material for lining need to strictly according to the size indicated on the paper. Sheathing is carried out with the help of screws, which must be twisted, it is necessary to the end, so that the structure is not loosened. The inner part of the furnace must be finished with a heat-resistant material, such as asbestos or magnesite.

The next stage is putty. The joints and screws must be carefully lubricated.If you want the corner trim - the fireplace served you as long as possible, then its surface must be sanded and ground. Then the surface is polished and decorated at its discretion.

What to decorate and fill the furnace?

When the installation and cladding are left behind, you can think about how to fill the inner space of the corner fireplace. Filling may depend on your desire, as well as on your solvency.

According to the internal structure of the fireplace there are several types. They presented:

  1. An electric fireplace is a device that not only creates an external imitation of fire, but also emits a certain amount of heat. Also, such devices can emit sounds as close as possible to the crackling of logs.
  2. Digital photo frame. Such an element imitates flames externally.
  3. Electric lights for falshkamino. Options for these bulbs, there are so many.
  4. Candles. Ordinary candles can be carefully drawn up in the firebox and at the right time to light the wick. This option is relatively safe and aesthetic, but does not deliver much heat.

Also, the inside of the corner fireplace can be filled with small logs.It is naturally not recommended to light them, but the appearance of the structure with them will be even better.

The easiest and cheapest way to decorate a corner fireplace can be using self-adhesive film or wallpaper. This option has its drawbacks: the fireplace looks inconspicuous, and the paper can come off at any time.

A little more practical option with painting. However, the options here are few and a special fireplace with this decor can not be done. You can choose the option more expensive and safer: artificial stone or ceramic tile. With these materials, the corner false from the present will be difficult to distinguish.

Properly assembled artificial fireplace can serve you for many years as an interior decoration. On its top panel, you can install an additional shelf, on which you can later put a variety of items: souvenirs, vases, books or TV.

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