Corner fireplace in a wooden house

Most of us come home tired after a hard day’s work, so many people want to fall apart on a soft sofa next to their loved one, drink tea and enjoy the comfort of their surroundings.

Private house allows you to create a unique interior design. The highlight of any country house is a fireplace, because every owner has it unique.

Corner fireplace in a wooden house is a great way to make the living room cozier and warmer. Playing the flame inside the fireplace fascinates and soothes, helps to relax.

The very idea of ​​such a fireplace came to us from ancient times, when our ancestors put a fireplace in the corner to save the most space.

There are two main types of corner fireplaces: symmetrical and asymmetrical.


Symmetrical fireplaces focus on the fireplace itself, which will be visible from any angle. In addition, such a fireplace heats the room best.

This option is considered traditional, classic in any country house. The size of such a fireplace is larger than that of an asymmetrical one.

Such a fireplace can easily heat 3 rooms in a room at once, therefore, it is a great option for country, log and frame houses. Corner fireplace will help to create an optimal microclimate and make your pastime comfortable.

In order for everything to look organically, it is necessary to achieve the symmetry of the room itself to install the fireplace, so that everything looks concisely.


Designs of fireplaces of this type can be quite diverse, suitable even for a small room. A modern asymmetrical fireplace will fit into any setting and will say a lot about the originality and chic taste of the designer.

Such fireplaces are with fireplace inserts or with a cap resting on a wall of stone or brick.

Asymmetrical fireplaces are used most often for the purpose of zoning a room, they help organically transform a room. An asymmetrical fireplace will be a great addition to the design of any room. Unusual and easy to install - the main advantages of this type of corner fireplace.

Non-standard form and finish will help to achieve diversity in the design of the room. In order for the fireplace to look harmonious with all other objects in the interior of the room, it is not necessary to emphasize it. The right choice of facing materials will give your fireplace an image of perfection.


The corner fireplace has gained popularity among the owners of log houses, as it helps to create a unique, inimitable atmosphere, warms up the room perfectly and remains absolutely safe while taking up little space.

Bio Fireplace

Bio fireplaces that reproduce living fire without smoke have become a trend of our time. Such fireplaces work on biofuel and are completely harmless to the owners of an apartment or house. It is important to note that the fire is a real, the source of which is an environmentally friendly fuel - biethanol.

Such fireplaces have become a real hit with apartment owners, because it can be installed in any part of the room, not thinking about the smoke or the place where the pipe should go.


Such fireplaces are timeless classics. They look stylish and reliable, and most importantly - truly warm the room and create comfort.


Usually this option is used solely for the purpose of decorating the room, no more. They create comfort, but the room is absolutely not warm. A fake fireplace is the safest in a city setting.

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  1. During the installation of the fireplace is important to determine the place where it will be.
  2. It is necessary to determine in advance the place of exit of the chimney.
  3. Comply with fire prevention measures.
  4. Sign the necessary documents on the permission of the exit of the chimney to the street.
  5. Place sofas or chairs opposite the fireplace, using the so-called parallel placement.
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