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Where is every man always seeking? Where is warm, good and comfortable? Where will always understand, support and cheer up? Of course, at home! After all, a house is its own fortress, it is its own abode of warmth and comfort. An apartment in a high-rise building or a private house is a special place where every person feels secure and happy.

Arrangement and upgrading of living space is not an easy task. Any detail, even the smallest, plays a special role in creating a general atmosphere. In addition to interior items, feelings and attitudes will be the most important and valuable. “Soul” at home is sincere emotions, children's laughter, love, trust and mutual understanding of all family members. And in order to make the room more comfortable and cozy, the person himself must take care of this.

Regardless of the style in which the repair is made, furniture, appliances and even decorative elements are selected, there are some things that make any room more comfortable and give it its own charm. Today, fireplaces are very popular.The fireplace not only reproduces heat, heating the room, it also creates a special atmosphere.

Fireplaces in a modern interior are presented in a rather wide assortment. They may vary in size, type of installation, style, type of heating element and many other criteria. Quite often found in houses and false fireplaces, which perform an exclusively decorative function.

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Style directions in design

Living room - the room in the house or apartment, where most of the time is spent. It is here that in the late evenings all the household members gather together to pojavnichat, discuss the past day or make plans for the next weekend. When arranging an apartment or house, the issue of drawing up a living room is among the primary tasks. Usually a fireplace is installed in the hall, which performs the function of a family hearth. What could be nicer than a meeting with the whole family?

Recently, corner fireplaces have become very popular. This type is most beneficial from a practical point of view, because it heats two walls in an apartment at the same time.Also the corner fireplace in the interior of the living room looks more stylish, emphasizes the sense of taste of the hostess, the keeper of the home.

The peculiarity of the corner fireplace in its exterior design, it does not take up much space, but it looks quite harmonious and attracts everyone's attention. When arranging furniture, designers recommend carefully considering the seating area in the hall. For example, quite often the living room is a room that is not too cluttered with furniture. Large windows with light air curtains and massive curtains, a dining table with beautiful chairs, a seating area with a sofa and comfortable armchairs or rocking chairs, a few shelves or high shelves with your favorite books are enough for a living room. Near the hearth of heat on the floor you can lay a dense floor covering where you can spend romantic evenings with your loved one.

Today, corner fireplaces for residential premises are presented in various style variations. In order to correctly determine the style, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations and advice of designers,who are engaged in interior decoration of houses and apartments.

The most common styles in modern society:

  • Classic fits almost any interior decoration of an apartment or private house. Most often for fireplaces of the classical type choose a decorative finish of heat-resistant red brick.
  • Minimalism - style, which is considered characteristic of small apartments in modern high-rise. Ceramics, tempered glass or steel are suitable for decoration.
  • Modern or hi-tech - two style options, which today are in great demand among connoisseurs of modernity. Interesting and advantageous in the interior of the living room will look white corner fireplace.
  • Baroque, Rococo and Empire suitable for large and spacious rooms. Fireplaces are designed in accordance with the features that are characteristic of these areas: the presence of columns, elaborate stucco, the predominance of gold and silver in the colors of finishing materials. At the same time, they can be complemented by various elements of decor.
  • Country music - the excellent decision for country houses, cottages or dachas.Country style is suitable for rooms in which the interior is dominated by wood.

Special features

The century of innovative technologies is the name of contemporaries of the present. The period when society is fully embraced by technological processes and fashionable devices, when the whole world is being rebuilt for automation in virtually everything. And, it would seem, an incredible dissonance can be caused by a person's overestimated interest in installing fireplaces in residential premises. After all, such stoves have a long history, they existed even in that period of time when no one could even think that one day the time would come when it would be enough just to click the switch to turn on the light.

What is a fireplace? In fact, it is a fire in a specially isolated area of ​​the room. Fire gives a feeling of warmth, comfort and coziness. And it is these qualities that attract the modern man. Even if the room does not technically provide for the installation of such a heat center, then they resort to installing an artificial fireplace that performs an exclusively decorative function. Fake fireplace - this is the name given to such elements of interior decor of the room.

In houses the most common will be two types of fireplaces: front and corner. The latter are more interesting due to a number of advantages:

  • look more interesting in terms of design;
  • heat the two inner walls of the room at once;
  • can serve as a kind of separator of one room into several zones (typical for fireplaces of an asymmetrical type);
  • they are compact, so they do not take a lot of free space;
  • safer in use;
  • wide range and variety of style options for decoration and design.
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Unlike heat centers that were popular in the past, today's fireplaces perform not only a functional role, but also a decorative one, and they also serve as design elements for living rooms. Having thought about installing a fireplace in an apartment or a private house, a person should initially decide on the most suitable type of stove for his home.

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Types of corner fireplaces in the living room interior:

  • Symmetrical type considered the most popular. The fireplace is the central and main element of the hall.
  • Asymmetrical type used for zoning rooms.
  • Gas types quite popular, but require special permissions for installation.
  • Electrofireplaces are in high demand, characterized by ease and convenience in operation. Electric fireplaces do not require any permissions to install.
  • Bio Fireplaces or the stove of a modern person is comfortable enough to use. Differ in high degree of environmental friendliness. One thing is a significant disadvantage - it is the high cost of fuel.
  • Wood fireplaces installed in cottage or country houses with rooms large area. It is important by all the rules to arrange the chimney so that all the smoke goes outside. After all, the smoke inside the room is dangerous not only for health, but also for people's lives.
  • Stove fireplace bavaria characterized by high power, therefore, are used mainly for heating large rooms.
  • Falshkaminy are in high demand, because not everyone can afford to install a real fireplace in the house. And this option is suitable for a stylish interior design of the living room.

Choosing a fireplace location

A fireplace as a heat source is considered to be a rather unsafe object in a city apartment or in a country house. Accordingly, first of all, it is necessary to thoroughly approach the choice of the place of installation of the heating center.It is strictly forbidden to install a source of heat and fire near door or window openings. The proximity to the sources of fresh air or the location nearby with drafts can provoke a fire in the room, which, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Also, it is impossible to place various flammable decorative elements near the fireplace (in particular, curtains, curtains, flooring, animal skins, shelves of books, etc.).

Corner fireplace is installed on two perpendicular walls. It should be borne in mind that the walls (at least at least one of the walls) should not be external. Otherwise, the heat will go outside, and the room will remain cool. The foundation under the stove is made of heat-resistant and durable materials. It is important that it is stable and can withstand the weight of the fireplace. It is a reliable foundation that guarantees the durability of the heat center. Between the walls and the fireplace is recommended to make a layer of non-combustible materials that retain heat inside. The best options are called red brick, mineral wool, drywall and so on.

Today, the interest of modern society in the traditions of past years is reviving. Fireplace as an object of interior is of high interest. However, the fireplace can not be called an exclusively fashionable trend in the design of the interior decoration of the dwelling, it is also a source of heat that gives the living room an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

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