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Summer holiday season is not far off at all, and if your site does not yet have a comfortable and cozy holiday destination for the whole family, then it's time to think over the details of its construction. Outdoor fireplace is one of the main components of the corner for recreation. You have the opportunity to build a whole street kitchen, where you can spend all the warm days. The design of the future fireplace is completely dependent on your preferences and the place that you have on your site.

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Barbecue party in the summer is one of the most popular entertainment and pastime during the summer holidays. It is unlikely that someone refuses to have a good time, make a barbecue and chat. For a proper and tasty kebab, grilled vegetables and fish you need the right outdoor fireplace. As a rule, all fireplaces with barbecue function are portable, allowing you to install them in any part of your garden. If you do not want to spend time on your plot, you can take a mobile brazier with you to nature and enjoy goodies near the river or in the forest.

One of the common fireplaces is considered a portable device company Weber. This manufacturer has established itself as a conscientious and modern, trusted by many fans of outdoor recreation. Braziers and Weber fireplaces are fully operational, so you can use them as soon as you buy them in the store.

You can choose from several models. For fans of classics and reliability, metal fireplaces are offered, a variation of which are forged models. For those who appreciate aesthetic qualities without sacrificing basic functions, a ceramic grill is offered, which is quite heat-resistant. Of course, it is worth treating such a brazier with care, as ceramics tend to crack when hit hard.


A stationary fireplace, unlike a mobile, can take only one specific place in your garden. That is why you should take with great responsibility to the choice of place for the installation of the furnace. The well-thought-out design of the outdoor fireplace will allow you to enjoy not only its impeccable view, but also the delicious food prepared with it.A stationary fireplace can combine many functions, including a barbecue grill, a grill and an ordinary stove. Thus, you have the opportunity to cook side dishes and main dishes in one place, without running from the house into the street.

Despite the fact that most of the stationary fireplaces are made of brick, you can afford to install a metal or ceramic model. All types of stationary fireplaces look quite aesthetically pleasing and are very functional. Of course, a brick fireplace is the most practical, it looks at home, providing an atmosphere of warm home. In addition, many gourmets claim that dishes cooked in a brick oven are the most delicious and delicious.

Having spent once the power and money to install a stationary multifunctional fireplace, for many years you can enjoy a pleasant holiday with family and friends, and your home will become a real abode of comfortable rest and delicious dinners.

For smoking

It is difficult to find a Russian person who would refuse smoked fish, chicken or bacon. All the delicacies of this type are far from cheap in the shops, but you have the opportunity to easily cook your own meals by yourself. For this there are fireplaces with the function of the smokehouse.If you are an ardent fan of smoked meats, then install a stationary fireplace-smokehouse on your site. Thus, you will have the opportunity at any convenient time to prepare delicious delicacies. Stationary smokehouses - quite practical, but cumbersome.

If you do not plan to constantly engage in smoking products, then a portable compact version of the smokehouse will suit you. It takes quite a bit of space, you can put it in any convenient place or take it with you to nature. Despite its miniature size, this type of smokehouse does its job just as well as a stationary companion. The only negative is the inability to prepare products in large quantities at a time. But for a small family such a smokehouse would be very appropriate.

By type of smokehouse also differ on the device of hot and cold smoking. The taste of the finished products will be different; besides, it takes much longer to cook cold dishes, several hours or even days. But for true gourmets, time is not a hindrance.

How to build a fireplace-grill


If you decide to opt for the installation of a stationary outdoor fireplace, then you should start by drawing a detailed drawing and a laying scheme of the future stove. When you decided on the place of installation of the fireplace, then it is time to pour the foundation on the place of the future fireplace. It can be of various shapes, including a round version of the furnace. The design of the fireplace depends on what functionality it will have. The obligatory parts of the outdoor fireplace, however it may be, are the furnace, the chimney and the chimney.

The hearth is an arc-shaped hole that is used to make pizza and many other dishes. To some extent, the furnace performs the function of an electric oven, but the taste of ready-made dishes can not be compared with those obtained in an ordinary oven.

Blowing need for good traction from the furnace itself into the chimney. In addition, the blower provides easy access to the cleaning of the furnace. It is in it that all the remnants of the burned wood gather.

The chimney is the most important part of the outdoor fireplace. The quality of its construction depends on how hot the fireplace will be. The diameter of the chimney should not be too small so that it can be easily cleaned on its own.To control the temperature and intensity of the flame in the wall of the chimney, you need to install a special valve that will regulate these processes. If the valve is completely closed, the smoke will not be able to easily pass through the chimney.


As already mentioned, the construction of an outdoor fireplace, like any stationary structure, must begin with the construction of the foundation. In order to fully strengthen, the foundation must stand for several days or weeks, it all depends on the quality of the cement and the thickness of the foundation.

After the foundation of the foundation is completely frozen, you can proceed to the construction of the design of the fireplace. The order of the fireplace is to install bricks on each other in a checkerboard pattern. This method is the most reliable and simple. Laying the main part of the outdoor fireplace is the most laborious and lengthy process. In principle, it does not differ from the laying of any other furnace.

The first and second rows will be even and repeat the shape of the cement platform. At the following stages, the facing of the blower begins. This process can be repeated several rows, depending on the height of the fireplace and the depth of the blower hole.

To designate the characteristic arc of the hearth, you will need some kind of flexible, but heat-resistant metal that can be bent to obtain the desired angle of the arc.

The construction of the chimney is the last stage of the order. This is the narrowest part of an outdoor stove, but the process of its manufacture can take a lot of time.

Building materials

The first thing you need to buy for the construction of a fireplace design - high-quality cement. While the cement base will harden and acquire its strength, you will have enough time to take care of the acquisition of all other materials for the construction of the hearth at the cottage.

If your future fireplace is made of metal, then you will need heat-resistant material. Modern aluminum may well become the main material for the manufacture of the fireplace.

Brick fireplace assumes the presence of heat-resistant high-quality brick and a good construction mix, which will not crack and crumble in the process of exposure to high temperature.

From the tools, you will need a construction spatula or trowel, a container for mixing the mortar and a durable construction mixer to thoroughly mix the dry mixture with water.

Landscape Design

Outdoor fireplace is an integral part of the landscape design of the dacha. You can create a real patio in which you can spend time in any weather and time of day.

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Beautiful and spacious gazebo will be an excellent addition to the outdoor fireplace, which can be erected in the interior of the gazebo or next to it. In the first case, the gazebo should be quite spacious so that there is a place for both the fireplace and the seating area with a table and chairs. In any case, your outdoor recreation area should be as roomy as possible so that you have the opportunity to invite a lot of guests to your barbecue.

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