Installing a stove in a wooden house

Wood as a material for building a house is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly. The walls of the log house often do not need additional decoration, and the structure itself looks elite. Such a house, especially a country house, is in dire need of only electrical wiring and heating.

Installing a fireplace stove in a wooden house will help solve the problem of how to warm the room and create comfort in it. The interior of the warm fireplace looks beautiful, performing two functions at once - it warms and creates the aesthetic design of the room. Professionals will help to choose the right fireplace, and the rules of caring for them are quite simple. Many samples are made specifically for installation in houses of wooden parts, reducing the risk of fire in the building to a minimum.

How to choose

Installation of a fireplace stove is the next step after installing doors and windows in the building. The direction of cold air flow with open doors and window vents is taken into account as the main parameter that allows the fireplace to be correctly positioned. In this case, it is better to draw a diagram of air movements, from which it will be clear which type of fireplace you need:

  • angular;
  • insular or autonomous;
  • wall or wall.

Corner fireplaces save space, the same applies to the wall, as if mounted inside the wall. This arrangement of the stove allows you to heat two adjacent rooms. A kind of steel wall models of fireplaces, which are installed next to the wall.

The island stove fireplace is located in isolation, on a free area, most often on the floor in the center of the living room. It is round, square and rectangular. The furnace is closed or opened, complementing heat-resistant glass for safety.

To heat the adjacent rooms, add corrugated metal air pipe.


Structurally, furnaces are divided into metal and brick. Brick is more traditional, but for its installation requires skills in the field of heating. The brick has refractory properties, quickly heats up and gives heat to the whole house.

When choosing a metal furnace, one should pay attention to the speed with which the heating takes place and what are the maximum heating limits.

Also important are the parameters such as the size of the fireplace and firebox, the composition of the alloy from which the stove is made, how safe it is when operating in a wooden house.

How to install

Installation site is chosen in advance, long before the installation process. When building a summer house or a wooden house, the foundation is laid so that in a certain place a monolithic slab of concrete can withstand a load of up to 300 kg. Thinking out and how to heat the second floor in a two-level building. For this, a small stove, a small stove, or steam heating is provided. It will cost you dearly, so you should worry in advance about installing a steam boiler and timely filling it with water. If you want to use the stove for cooking, the best option would be the outer wall. First of all, you need to be careful when joining with the stove, if they are combined for cooking.

Furnaces located in the center of a wooden house perfectly warm the whole room. According to the regulations, a metal sheet is laid out in front of the fireplace that is not capable of burning even with prolonged exposure to fire.The distance from the oven door to each of the walls and ceiling should exceed 125-130 cm, and the side walls of the fireplace are removed from the wall at a distance of at least 50 cm.

Stages of installation of a fireplace stove:

  1. Preparing the floor. It is necessary to lay the base of the brick. It is mounted evenly due to the use of drywall, plywood or glass magnesite, cut with self-tapping screws. If the plates gradually move into the floor surface or the podium is made of ceramic, the design looks especially beautiful.
  2. Installation of walls of refractory material, followed by lining.
  3. Finishing the base tile. The walls are primed twice and lined with ceramic tiles, mounted on heat-resistant glue.
  4. Furnace equipment chimney or flue.

It is also important to beautifully beat all parts of the fireplace so that they look organically in the interior of a wooden house and harmonize with each other. For example, decorate the bucket and add decorative elements so that it does not look superfluous next to the stove.

As for chimneys, modern species are assembled from ready-made elements on the principle of a “sandwich”. For comparison, you can bring asbestos or brick chimneys. The latter will last longer than others.The easiest way to remove the chimney is not through the ceiling, but through the wall.

The parts adjacent to the stove and chimney are lined with non-combustible and ceramic materials.

The main material used in the laying of the fireplace - full ceramic brick. Mark brick - up to 250 kg / cm2. Bricks of equal size and washed in clear water are connected to each other by means of a refractory mortar. Furnace fittings made of cast iron include:

  • blowing, furnace and cleaning doors;
  • grate;
  • gate valves and dampers;
  • stove and oven.

The stove laying pattern should not be disturbed, and the first row should be carried out especially carefully. After laying the second and third row in the corners erected guides. These are hammered nails or wedges and slats secured from the ceiling. Stitches are rubbed with a fire resistant trowel compound. Then proceed to the installation of metal parts - grilles and doors, drilling holes if necessary. Since the thermal coefficients of metal and brick are different, gaps are left when installing parts made of cast iron. The grate is mounted with a bevel, so that the coals roll to it.

Properly installed stove will decorate your home. The installation price does not exceed two and a half - three thousand rubles.

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