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Many will agree that the most delicious food is cooked in the open air, and the best rest is in nature! It's nice to celebrate the holidays in an unusual setting. Arbors are especially popular on warm and weekend days. In many parks, at recreation centers and near reservoirs, you can find a convenient structure with a brazier, a fireplace and all the amenities for a sincere rest from the city rush in a situation that is not standard for a city dweller.

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Modern dacha plots - equipped places for recreation with a swimming pool, landscape design and a comfortable dining area outside. You did not think about the fact that having a country house, you can easily get a beautiful gazebo for gatherings with a warm fireplace? The idea to build a gazebo with your hands, along with a chic hearth, will be an excellent solution for your possession.

Why is the gazebo with a fireplace, and not with an ordinary barbecue? It all depends on your desires and capabilities.Owning a small area, it is better to choose a grill and barbecue. On a large area will look more advantageous fireplace construction.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let us examine the pros and cons of the stove in the gazebo.


  • durable;
  • reliable;
  • decorates the gazebo and the site as a whole;
  • convenience in cooking;
  • a variety of functions (oven, smokehouse, barbecue, heating);
  • preparation of full meals regardless of the availability of electricity.


  • not transportable;
  • high price;
  • requires skills in construction;
  • time consuming;
  • need a large amount of wood fuel;
  • strongly smokes.

Having considered all the pros and cons, we can conclude that the fireplace is perfect for owners of a fairly large area, barbeque lovers and outdoor gatherings in nature at any time of the year in the most comfortable conditions, having basic construction skills and eager to create a cozy place for themselves and close ones.


Outdoor gazebos are of three types. After reviewing them, you will definitely decide which one is right for you.

The first type is an open or summer arbor. Suitable for those who are selected to the country only during the planting and harvest work, and who allow the weather conditions. The most simple construction in construction. The fireplace can be installed both inside the gazebo and outside.

The second type is a partially closed arbor. Perfect for those who have windy terrain, often fallout. An unusual solution will be the glass walls of the structure - you can also enjoy the beautiful views of nature and escape the vagaries of the weather. The option of a suspended ceiling with partly covered with cloth sides will save from the sun and rain, also comes out very inexpensive.

And the last type is a large closed gazebo. It is great to fry barbecue in winter and summer and in any weather. You will shut down from annoying neighbors, bad weather and cold weather. The stove will easily heat the room, free from the shackles of outer clothing and allow you to have a good rest even in the most icy winter. Such an arbor will require thorough preparation and considerable financial expenses.

Location selection

Comfortable rest will provide a competent approach to the choice of location. We are going to build a fireplace - make sure that the neighbors will not drown in the smoke, there will be no playground, greenhouses and flammable objects nearby.

Determine whether there will be a fireplace base - inside or outside the gazebo. It is possible to make a stove, combined with a bath or terrace. Such a construction solution will combine a pleasant holiday with useful savings on heating buildings.

An excellent option would be the center of the lawn - the gazebo will be as far as possible from all neighbors and will become a kind of "decorated Christmas tree" of your site.

Winter arbor construction plan

Before starting work, you must develop a project. It takes into account the size of the gazebo, the location of the fireplace and its area, materials of manufacture. The foundation must withstand a weighty hearth. An interesting solution would be a stove in the middle of the main building.

Think about what functions the fireplace building will be endowed with:

  • bake;
  • B-B-Q;
  • grill;
  • grill;
  • oven;
  • smokehouse.

If you want everything at once, then think about how it will all be located. For convenience, the grill, grill and barbecue are located at a height of 65 to 80 cm. The oven is 12-15 cm below the grill. Provide space for cooking appliances and kitchen utensils.

Materials and tools

To perform the work, check the availability of the following tools: a tape measure, a sieve for sifting sand, a trowel, a shovel and level. For the construction of the same need: sand, cement, clay, boards for scaffolding and formwork. Get materials for exterior decoration depending on your design decisions, climate and budget.

The fireplace is built of refractory and facing bricks. It is preferable that the composition of the material be high in clay to withstand high temperatures and reduce the possibility of incandescent cracks.

For the construction will also need: sand, gravel, crushed stone, cement, high-quality clay, water, scaffolding and formwork boards.

Materials for gazebos can be: brick, wood, plastic and metal.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Brick gazebo - reliable durable construction. From a brick, possessing the technique of laying, it is easier to design any design idea. This material will get along well with the fireplace. Be sure to consider the fact that the brick structure will be heavy - you will need a large foundation for it.A foundation, as a rule, eats up a significant part of the budget.

A wooden gazebo is a more economical option, because the final construction will come out many times easier, and therefore the foundation is smaller. But worries with wooden arbors will be much more. For example, during the construction of a closed gazebo from a rounded log, you will need to hire a construction crew, which will bring additional costs. But it will not interfere with those who dreamed of a beautiful tree gazebo on their site.


The skeleton is the skeleton of the building. The strength of the base depends on the material with which it will be covered. A large gazebo requires a solid, confident base. With a small gazebo there will be much less worries, but its reliability will be less.

Brick and wood are durable and comfortable materials. They are perfect for the construction of a partially open, partially closed and closed gazebos with a fireplace.

Plastic and metal are more economical and easy to use materials. Do not corrode and resistant to weather changes. Arbors of such materials is better to make open or partially closed. In this embodiment, more suitable foci.But, with a great desire, you can build a fireplace.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Foundation. We begin construction of a structure, as a rule, from the foundation. At the beginning, we make a marking of the place in accordance with the size of the gazebo and begin to dig a pit with a depth of 25-45 cm. Then we tamp the crushed stone with gravel, pour water on top. After, set the formwork, pour the concrete solution and wait a couple of days for everything to dry.
  2. Fireplace construction. It was the turn of the brickwork of the hearth. The durability of the furnace depends on properly prepared solution and well-executed masonry. The solution is recommended to use clay with the addition of cement. Adhere to the construction plan, follow the safety precautions and recommendations of experts. Do not forget to control the process level.
  3. Frame construction. From the selected material build the arbor skeleton. Give special attention to this part of the construction, because a lot depends on it. You make the foundation is not quite right - the building may be twisted or even collapse.
  4. Walling and roofing. At this stage of construction, it is important to properly connect the roof with a pipe.Before you insert the windows and doors, wait until the soil shrinks at the brick building, and the logs - at the wooden.
  5. Internal and external decoration. The wooden base is quite self-sufficient. If desired and possible, you can additionally cover it with protective solutions. Brick arbor can be finished with siding. In the closed gazebo, as a rule, install windows and doors.
  6. Interior arrangement. At one of the final stages, equip the gazebo with everything you need: a table, chairs, a barbecue grill, appliances, appliances, kitchen utensils, fireplace accessories, etc. After the construction of such a labor-intensive building, take care of decent comfortable interior equipment. Remember about the sink - it is more comfortable that he was near the place of butchering and cooking.

Decor for gazebo and fireplace

That is the most pleasant final stage. You can think about the exterior decor: landscape design, a fountain, plants in the gazebo and around, plant beds with greenery within walking distance. Outside the perimeter of the street textured lights perfectly illuminate the gazebo at night. Here your imagination is limitless.

Inside, pay special attention to the fireplace. Beautifully folded woodpile, poker, a table for butchering will complement the interior in a picturesque way. Various fur coatings for chairs, stylish lamps, exquisite candle holders and other decorative items will give an additional comfort to the gazebo.

The erection of such a complex structure, like a gazebo with a fireplace, requires a huge labor, financial and time costs. A thorough preparation and competent approach will help you cope with this difficult task. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to leave the matter to professionals. And those who are eager to erect these magnificent constructions independently - feel free to start, everything will definitely work out!

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