Fireplace in a wooden house

A fireplace in a wooden house - a bright and harmonious accent, the central object of the living room or bedroom. Often such a structure heats the whole house, creates a cozy and warm atmosphere.

The fireplace can be made of natural materials - wood, stone, or you can give preference to durable and refractory, such as brick or metal.

Add a special charm to the room. It is usually placed near the fireplace.

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The design features of a wooden house influence the process of building a functioning fireplace. For example, a log house may shrink after a while, so there should be an empty space between the fireplace and the ceiling.

Building a fireplace takes time and requires careful selection of materials. Design projects will help to realize an interesting and unusual idea.

In a wooden house, it is advisable to use brick as a material.

For example, the main part of red brick is built, and the furnace is made of refractory.

In order to equip the chimney, you will need metal sheets.

The first step of building a fireplace begins with the need to dig a pit. The bottom is lined with rubble and compacted, then poured with cement-sand mortar. The foundation for a fireplace should be reliable and safe. It is covered with roofing material or roofing sheet as a waterproofing.

The internal surface of the fireplace can not be plastered, the excess solution is removed after laying. If in the future it is assumed shelf for the fireplace, you need to check the laying of the pipe with a plumb line.

Any wooden décor of a functioning device must be treated with a special solution that prevents fire.

Another important component of the fireplace is the chimney. Its construction has its own characteristics: a hole is made in the ceiling for a pipe, the distance between the chimney and the ceiling is laid out with a refractory material and a metal sheet. If the fireplace is installed in the living room, the design can support imitation beams on the ceiling. The wooden beam to the individual size will decorate the interior and add zest to the room.

The beam can be harmoniously incorporated into the overall design concept of the fireplace.

The base of the functioning device must be durable and fireproof. Stability and durability of the whole structure depends on its quality. Of great importance is the framing of the fireplace. There are special requirements for materials for the decor: they must be fire resistant, do not heat up and withstand high temperatures.

If the design allows, instead of a shelf, designers recommend installing a wide countertop, and next to put a firebox for the fireplace.

The beam can also play a decorative role in the interior and divide the room into two zones - rest near the fireplace and active pastime.

Thus, a functioning fireplace should consist of three main parts: the chimney, the firebox and the portal. The portal is closed with refractory glass, forged grating for safety.


Varieties of fireplaces a huge variety. Most simplified designs are easy to do with your own hands. In addition, ready-made fireplaces (electric, bio) are sold, which require simple installation without additional effort. Popular electric fireplaces, fireplaces, classic wood-burning stoves will be a harmonious addition to the interior of a wooden house.

  • Metal. A metal fireplace is an excellent solution for a modern hi-tech wooden house interior. It will look great in the middle of the room, and its unusual design will become a luxurious accent of the living room. A metal fireplace and an open firebox creates a cosiness and maintains the style of a modern interior. Open fireplaces are less powerful than closed ones.

The latter serve as a heating device. The advantages of metal structures are that they are light and do not carry the load on the base and floor, do not require planning. In addition, the metal heats up quickly and distributes heat.

  • Brick. Brick heaters are a classic version of the fireplace in a wooden house. Brick tiling requires skill. Poor construction will be non-functional and unsafe.
  • Cassette. Modern fireplace for a country house, which is very popular. The design is a cast-iron or steel firebox, closed by glass. It is inserted into the furnace or finished with refractory materials (brick, stone). Closed cassette heating is suitable for placement in rooms where people are rarely, as it does not require constant monitoring. The glass in the fireplace does not let the heat through, so the room warms up well.

Enclosed cassette fireplace - energy saving and functional. The main advantages of this design are simplicity and safety. However, the installation should comply with fire safety requirements. Cassette design - the best option for a wooden house. Using the cassette air is heated to the maximum and enters through the ducts.

Cassette fireplace has a different design and price. The budget option is a steel device with a door that opens horizontally. The principle of the fireplace is the constant circulation of air around the cassette. Cold air enters the fireplace, circulates at the walls, heats up and returns to the room. The cassette device can be open and closed.

The outdoor is easy to operate, but it heats up quickly, the indoor is made from cast iron or steel, refractory ceramics. Such materials provide a high level of efficiency.

  • Cast iron Modern cast iron fireplaces are attractive designs for a wooden house. The peculiarity is that they work as safely as possible, and their design is remarkable. Beautifully designed portal, along with other decorative elements in the room will allow you to harmoniously fit the design into any space.

Despite the durability of the material, the fireplace made of cast iron is light and compact.

  • Stone. Fireplaces made of stone look beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and reliable. They are durable and eco-friendly.

The advantage is that the fireplace has a respectable appearance, perfectly in harmony with the decor of the bedroom or living room.

Installation of a stone fireplace is easy to do by yourself. Minus design: it takes a lot of space.

Strengthen the floor before installing the stone fireplace. A wooden base is unlikely to withstand natural material. Remember that the stone is in perfect harmony with tile, wooden windows, but it is difficult to combine with the interior in the style of high-tech.

  • Stove fireplace - a cozy home that runs on wood. Externally, the design resembles a hybrid fireplace and stove.

Lightweight fireplace - a special project for a wooden house. It has an open firebox and low weight.

  • Decorative fireplace harmoniously fits into any interior of a wooden house.

The design can be with tiles, have carved decorations, a wide shelf. At the cottage it is appropriate to look like real fireplaces, and decorative of plasterboard, if there is central heating.

Design Ideas

A modern fireplace is not just a functioning and heating device, but also an interior item.

Living fire, despite a wide variety of realistic flame imitations, is still relevant. Today, the fireplace can be placed on the second floor, in the bedroom and even organize the structure under the stairs.

If you build a fireplace on the second floor with hardwood floors, it will create a feeling of comfort and scale, visually increase and delimit the space.

If in a private wooden house is supposed to create an urban design, supplement it with a real fireplace. It will be not only an aesthetic element, but also fully functioning. If a trip to the country - not just a necessity, but a good rest, you should think about a wood-burning fireplace, which will become a bright accent of a large living room. The stove is able to heat the whole house if it is small.

The fireplace in the living room or bedroom in Provence, Modern, Fusion style looks beautiful and original.

It is harmonious in modern interiors.

The design can be placed not only in the house. Antique bathhouses with a fireplace look cozy, traditionally fully function.

Fireplace in log cabins, wall structures - the most popular solutions in wooden houses.

Classic fireplaces are decorated with additional lighting. Designs with a second light add to the comfort of the room and create a special light accent. A fireplace in a wooden house is a certain magical atmosphere. Its design requires the creation of a durable, refractory base on the floor that will support the weight of the structure and will not heat up. Installation of the fireplace with the firebox youtube manual will help to do it yourself. Do not forget that these fireplaces look more ambitious and majestic, compared to electric, gas or decorative.

Which is better to choose

For a wooden house there are special requirements for the design of the fireplace. Before creating a project, consider whether you need a fireplace? Is it appropriate to look in the house? A classic stone or brick fireplace is the perfect solution for a wooden house.

This hearth will warm and create comfort around. Wood constructions are environmentally friendly, they do not affect the environment, but require proper and thoughtful installation to the smallest detail.

Gas and electric fireplaces have many advantages.Gas runs on natural fuel, but creates the effect of this hearth. If you create such a structure in the house, it will cost less compared to a classic fireplace.

Gas fireplace perfectly warms, it does not need to be cleaned due to the lack of burning and soot. In order to organize such a fireplace, you will need a special permit from the gas service.

Electric fireplace is powered by electricity, easy to install and does not create problems. It can fit into any room, including a country house.

Beautifully and appropriately in the wooden house the furnace fireplace looks. This is a combination of a stove and a fireplace. Such constructions are made of metal or talcochlorite. The advantages of the stove include easy installation, lack of foundation, low weight, low price, large selection of design and power.

Cost of

To create a high-quality and safe fireplace in a wooden house is an expensive pleasure.

The construction of this building is better to entrust the professionals. A turnkey fireplace costs about thirty thousand rubles (10 thousand - a heat generator, 20 thousand - a chimney), taking into account materials and labor costs.

If you plan to install a fireplace through the roof and ceiling, the owner of the house is required to allocate from 25 to 40 thousand rubles. It all depends on the number of penetrations.

If the fireplace design requires additional thermal insulation and eliminating the risk of fire, another ten thousand rubles will be required. In general, a fireplace can cost the owner of the house a decent amount. It all depends on the materials, design, quantity and quality of materials.

Wooden wall protection

Isolation of a fireplace from a wooden wall is a necessary condition for installation and safety of the structure. A fireplace is installed next to the wall leaning.

Regardless of what materials the wall is made of, even if they are non-combustible, it is impossible to build a fireplace closely. Safety precautions require thermal insulation. Another brick or concrete is being built next to the wooden wall.

The brick wall should be seventy centimeters from the fireplace. The wall will not spoil the appearance of the main structure, if its project is carefully thought out. The floor near the fireplace must be made fireproof. The best materials for this are marble, tile and porcelain stoneware.Ceramics can cover only the area near the fireplace or fully flooring in the room.

How to install

How to build a fireplace? The issue that affects the functionality, durability and safety of the structure. When building a fireplace in a wooden house, you should strictly observe safety precautions.

If the house is made of logs or lumber, remember that this material will easily ignite. The installation sequence is as follows: foundation, enclosure wall, chimney. Fireplaces are classified by place of installation.

  • Frontal classic fireplace located next to the wall;
  • Corner fireplace of triangular shape. Located in a corner and saves space;
  • Separate fireplace. It is installed in the center of the room, it does not touch the walls.

Remember that a fireplace in a wooden house is an unsafe heater. When installing the structure follow certain rules:

  • The multilayered flue is established. Its surface should not warm up more than 85 degrees. Lay a protective asbestine sheet between the wall and the pipe, it will prevent fire. The distance from the fireplace to the wall should be at least 60 centimeters.
  • Any fireplace in a wooden house needs a protective shield that prevents sparks from falling out of the portal.
  • Under the portal should install a wood bowl. The space that is located under the combustion chamber protects the floor and the lower part of the fireplace from overheating.
  • Any fireplace should have a non-combustible, slowly warming lining. The best solution - tile.

A fireplace with an open hearth consists of a chimney, a tooth, a portal and a grate.

If the heating of the fireplace is air or water, the design consists of a channel for distributing warm air, a chimney pipe, gratings for the exit of heated air, a casing, a water “cloak”, a closed firebox.

Installation of the fireplace begins with the foundation and base. It is better to decide on its installation during construction planning. The reason is that the fireplace has a lot of weight and you need a special place for its construction. If the fireplace is installed in a high-rise building, it makes sense to make a structure on each floor. Remember, no matter how large the fireplace is, it can heat only one room.

The laying of the fireplace must be strong to withstand the weight of the structure and not to heat the base.The fireplace is insulated with non-combustible materials. To create a heat-insulated box, use sheet materials for plating, metal profiles to create a skeleton, slabs made of stone wool, which have an aluminum coating and heat-resistant mineral glue based on cement. The location of the fireplace is chosen taking into account comfort and safety.

Examples of stylish interiors

The fireplace is an ornament of any house. A well-made construction will last for many years and will unite the family around itself.

Today, the fireplace is easy to fit into any modern interior, no matter what style the owners prefer. The fireplace looks cozy and atmospheric in wooden houses, so do not neglect this element of the functional decor.

  • A large living room with wooden walls and beamed ceilings, windows and glass doors is a great place to open and modern fireplace. Two large sofas, located opposite, a long low wooden table. Minimalism perfectly complement the accessories in a calm gray-beige tones.
  • Spacious light living room with high ceilings, fireplace, decorated with beautiful tiles, two sofas,armchairs, tables, poufs with books, heavy curtains and a lot of light bring luxury and coziness to the room.
  • A high-tech living room with a metal fireplace located in the center of the room, a large glass door, a long, cozy sofa, leather chairs will bring charm and coziness to a rustic wooden house. In such a living room a good rest from the city rush.
  • A fireplace made of refractory tiles, decorated with a pattern, will perfectly fit into the spacious living room of a wooden house. Dark brown furniture made of genuine leather - a sofa and two armchairs perfectly side by side with fabric chairs. Two large poufs, air curtains on the windows, open shelves and a large chandelier will add a classic and cozy living room.
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