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A small living room always looks cozy and homely, and if there is also a fireplace in this living room, then you just want to relax in a cozy chair with a glass of wine or a cup of aromatic coffee.

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A few decades ago, the fireplace had a very specific task - heating the room. Currently, it has faded into the background and the fireplace has a more decorative function than a practical one.

When installing a fireplace, you need to consider options for arranging furniture in a small living room. It would be appropriate to place a comfortable sofa in front of the fireplace or a couple of soft armchairs. When the living room combines the functions of more than one room, and two - the living room and dining room, the fireplace has a dining table with chairs.

It is not recommended to place a TV directly above the fireplace - due to high temperatures it will quickly become unusable. The only exception is falshkamina.

In a small living room should not install a real fireplace from compliance with fire safety measures.The only exception may be a corner fireplace, but it should be planned carefully with the mind.

In order to choose the best option that would harmoniously look in a small living room, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of fireplaces offered today by manufacturers and interior designers.



An electric fireplace is the best option for a fireplace in a small living room in an apartment building, since such a fireplace is safe and easy to maintain. You can choose a compact model that is suitable in size for a small room. In addition, it perfectly warms the living room, if necessary, and, thanks to the 3D flame effect, creates a realistic effect of live fire.


You can create a falshkamina with your own hands from scrap materials - from wood, drywall, or even cardboard, and papier-mâché, but you can’t make fire, it goes without saying. The only way to imitate fire is to put a couple of candles in the fireplace and place a mirror in it.


Gas fireplace is more preferable for a small living room, as, for example, it does not require space for a firebox and accessories for a fireplace,although it looks very realistic and spectacular. After all, the fire in it burns due to the gas entering the fireplace.


Corner fireplace is a great solution for a small living room. It is best if such a fireplace is electric or made in the form of a fake fireplace.



This style is characterized by minimalism and discreet luxury. The colors of the wallpaper in such a living room are light gray, light beige, cream, dairy, due to which it always looks a bit more spacious than its actual size. Facing the fireplace - wooden or stone, the form as close as possible to the traditional. Above the fireplace you can hang a picture with a landscape or a mirror in a wide frame.

Country music

Country style looks best in a country house. This style will also suit lovers to create in the apartment a real island of unhurried rural life. In such a living room will look great dark wood furniture, made a little in a coarse and natural manner, as if it was made by yourself. Facing the fireplace can be very massive and made of roughly treated wood or stone.


Modern style presupposes non-standard solutions in the interior.The fireplace can be embedded in a wall or pieces of furniture, it can be made in the form of an oval, circle, long vertical or horizontal rectangle. A gas fireplace built into a part of a decorative column made, for example, from drywall, will look original.


Baroque style is characterized by some pretentious designs. The fireplace in the living room, designed in this style, can be decorated with mosaics, marble or even gilding and have a fancy shape. If it is an electric fireplace, then it can stand on curved gilded legs and have bulging sides.

High tech

High-tech style is characterized by the presence of modern parts and their functionality. Colors for the design of the living room can be chosen, for example, steel gray with a glossy surface and purple matte. The fireplace may have an unusual shape and is also lined with gray gloss. You can add an unusual interior with a full-wall mirror on the opposite wall from the fireplace. This will visually expand the space of a small living room and give the interior a more modern and unusual look.

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