Fireplaces under the TV in the living room interior

Who today does not dream of a cozy living room with a warming fireplace, a spacious room in which you can get together as a family and enjoy a leisurely pastime? Many people want to admire the lazy flames and watching your favorite movie on a widescreen TV.

Combining the fireplace and TV in the same room is not an easy task, but it is quite feasible, the implementation of which will give the house even more comfort.

It is known from history that fire accompanied a person from ancient times and served not only as an “assistant” in cooking, but also an ally in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Today, the fireplace has a place to be in a spacious cottage or city apartment, it is only important to choose the right and most suitable model for your home.

What are the fireplaces?

Conventionally, fireplaces can be divided into two broad categories:

  • fireplace with real live fire;
  • electric models with imitation of a flame.

Any option is suitable for a private house, whether it is a fireplace with live fire on wood, gas or working by electricity, and for an apartment the only choice is an electric fire without open fire or an eco or bio version, where open fire is securely closed with additional doors.

A large fireplace with an open fire requires a large space in a room or a living room, much more than an electric or bio (gas) prototype would require. Install it under the TV can not, because the smoke and vapor will interfere with the normal operation of electronics and will soon bring it down.

The ideal choice for a living room with a TV will be an electric fireplace, which is easily located at the bottom of the wall, and a flat-panel TV hangs over it.

Features and benefits

The choice of eco-fireplaces or electric models today is huge, and among their main advantages we can note their availability, ease of installation and operation, as well as a greater degree of safety.

Bio-fireplace is a slightly smaller version of this fireplace, which really set in the apartment of a multi-storey building.The fuel that is used to create the real fire inside it is ethyl alcohol. Biofuel is harmless to humans and health, so anyone who dreams of a cozy interior object and an unusual heater can afford such a fireplace.

An electric fireplace is devoid of live fire and has only the image of a red flame, which creates a “zest” in the interior.

Bio-fireplace or electric version allows you to create the interior of your dreams, even in the apartment.

Installing a fireplace in the living room of an apartment depends on its size and type: floor, wall and table.

Installation of equipment is not difficult if the unit is small; if the biofireplace is built in, then it is worth thinking about purchasing it at the repair stage.

The stylish direction of the fireplaces allows you to choose the model that most harmoniously fit into your interior.

There are models of old-fashioned character or ultramodern models in the style of minimalism.

The fireplace warms the room and acts as a kind of heater.

The cost of a model of an ecocamine or electric analog varies from several thousand to several tens of thousand rublesHowever, further “maintenance” of modern technology will cost much less than the traditional one.

Fireplaces in the interior

Eco, or biofireplace or electric model simply place in the interior of any living room under the TV, which will create a special comfort when watching your favorite movie. Professionals gave some tips that will help in creating a concise and functional interior with a fireplace:

  • It is possible to have a TV above the fireplace if the model of the fireplace is modern and will not be able to harm the equipment - an electric, gas or false-model.
  • To make the interior look harmonious, it is worth picking up a fireplace and a TV of approximately the same width (a larger diameter of the TV is allowed than the fireplace).
  • It is better to have a fireplace on the inside of the room to keep it warm.
  • The location of an electric fireplace or a bi-version of a well-known hearth with a TV on one wall is a great opportunity to save space and create a unique composition in a small square.

Interior Ideas

The interior of the living room with a fireplace and a TV requires a thoughtful design with the color and material of the walls and the fireplace so that each of the objects looks in a favorable light.

Think well about the wall on which the fireplace and the TV will be located, if the fireplace requires a particularly complex installation, then select the model before the repair.

The design of the fireplace should coincide with the concept of the room: if the living room is made in a strict classical style, then the fireplace should be to match it, and the most suitable materials will be marble and stone.

Creating an interior in modern style or another modern direction means choosing materials like ceramic or metal to decorate a living room or a wall with a fireplace.

Do not allow space to become superfluous - pick up small objects for the interior such as photo frames, vases or figurines and place them on or around the fireplace, which will make the interior even more comfortable.

In the composition of the classic interior

To create an interior design with a fireplace, natural finishing materials are traditionally used: wood, cotton, marble, stone, fur and others, because they are succinctly combined with strict forms and among themselves. Fireplace and furniture in the classics are usually massive and require a large space, or a living room. The use of floor carpets and other textiles of inconspicuous shades, but rich in the depth of their color, is welcomed.Use antique furniture to create a romantic “classic” interior or add something from the “new classic” collection for a perfect living room.

In the interior of the "Provence"

One of the most romantic and eco-friendly styles in the interior is Provence, which came to us from the French province. Provence involves the use of exclusively natural materials: wood, stone and fabrics, and allows you to create a kind of European "village" style. The fireplace in the living room in the style of "Provence" is traditionally white, made of stone and has a massive. A large fireplace with stucco fit well into such an interior, and on top it is easy to install a modern flat-panel TV to give the living room more functionality.


Modern style in the design of the living room is devoid of frills and unnecessary details; a fireplace in the living room of the “modern” or “minimalism” style will be an excellent addition and must correspond: to be concise and moderately strict, not to have extra details like stucco or massive columns. It looks great electro or biofireplace in the interior, fully trimmed with wood of various breeds, and it does not matter whether zoned space by color or not.

Fireplace in a small living room

In urban apartments there is hardly enough room for furniture, but it is quite realistic to install a fireplace thanks to these tips:

  • Let the overall color of the walls be light in order to visually expand the space. Eliminate the use of bright colored wallpaper and give preference to concise shades like white, beige, cream, lavender and others neutral.
  • In the conditions of a small-sized apartment, modern designs look good, which allow using glossy surfaces and glass furniture that does not crowd space and visually enriches it.
  • Do not arrange the walls around the perimeter, so as not to hide the space and do not create a typical interior. Place the sofa in one and a half or a couple of meters from the fireplace and TV in a free space, and at the back, if possible, install a narrow chest of drawers or a table.
  • For an apartment, choose a fireplace under the TV in accordance with the size of the room: if the living room is large or too spacious, stop choosing a large model, if on the contrary, the room is modest, give preference to small models of electric or biofire fireplace.
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