Fireplaces in the living room interior

From year to year, fireplaces located in living rooms are gaining popularity. After all, they are always successfully discharged into the interior of the house, create comfort and coziness around. In the modern world, very often a fireplace is purchased solely as a decorative item in the interior. Gone are the days when it was used only for heating the room. But now the heat is a nice bonus. After all, it is so lacking in cloudy winter evenings.

It is believed that the living room is the heart of the whole house. In this room the whole family most often gathers, as well as invited guests. That is why not only fashionable designers, but all people try to pay special attention to this room. To create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the living room, many people most often choose their fireplace. And this is a very good solution. For many centuries in all countries of the world, the fireplace has been considered a symbol of warmth and home comfort.Very often, the owners put their whole soul into the interior of their home and it is on the fireplace that most of their attention is emphasized.

In order for the fireplace to perfectly match the interior, it is very important that the area of ​​the room is appropriate.

Features and benefits

The fireplace is located not only in houses and cottages, but also in apartments. The main thing is to take into account a number of some features. This fireplace set most often in private homes and cottages. The recommended area of ​​the room, according to experts, should be at least twenty meters. In addition, do not forget that the fireplace is a rather bulky item, so the room should have a very reliable and resistant floor, especially if you decided to install the fireplace on the second floor of your house. This fireplace is very difficult to install yourself, and few of those who do it. Most often, the installation is done by special masters.

If you live in an apartment and you want to diversify your living room, then do not despair. After all, to create comfort, in the presence of a small area, you can opt for an electric fireplace.Such a fireplace is not only an interesting solution in addition to the interior, but also can act as a heater. Electric fireplace is very simple and safe to use.

Design Ideas

Today, many manufacturers of fireplaces offer a wide range in various designs and designs. From various metals and stones. Closed fireplaces or half-open, corner or suspended. For any fastidious taste. Of course, a good fireplace is not a cheap pleasure. But it is the fireplace that will add a touch of warmth and comfort to your home. The main rule when choosing and buying a fireplace is that it fits perfectly into the overall interior of your living room. It was not too contrasting or irrelevant, but, on the contrary, harmonized well with the interior as a whole.

If you decide to install a fireplace in a small living room, then it is best to stop the choice on the electric version or false fireplace. Equally well such models of fireplaces look both in the house and in the apartment. The best place to place is the inner main wall.

In the interiors of modern homes and cottages often set closed fireplaces.For such a model must be installed chimney. A closed fireplace is recommended to plan at the construction stage. It is also worth remembering that the fireplace is not recommended to be placed between windows and doors, as this not only does not look so aesthetically pleasing, but can also lead to smoke. This installation option actually reduces the performance of the fireplace.

Fireplace styles

Different fireplaces are designed for different interiors and for the whole environment. Almost all are performed not by one specific pattern, but in various variations and styles of performance. For example, some fireplaces are perfect for living rooms in a minimalist style, while others for luxurious living rooms and halls for receptions.

Some fireplaces can be placed even in the Khrushchev. The entrance hall can be supplemented with something interesting. In addition, you can always find a solution for small rooms of 10 and 15 sq.m. Also an unusual solution can be wallpaper with a fireplace, which will also add comfort to any room. Wall mural is a great budget option that will create a warm atmosphere in the room.

Very often, the kitchen is combined with the living room. The fireplace will ideally fit into design of such combined living rooms. In addition, a living room with a fireplace and a bar counter will look very good.

To create a cozy living room you just need to give free rein to your imagination and choose the right fireplace that will fit perfectly into the interior of your house or apartment. If you decide to purchase a high-quality fireplace, then you should look at the models of Tulikivi. Finnish stoves and fireplaces of this company definitely will delight you not only with quality, but also with design.

Classic style

When choosing a fireplace in a classic style, preference should be given to durable finishing materials. Most often, such fireplaces are decorated with marble in various shades, various kinds of stones or various wood. This fireplace can be decorated with a brick wall. It is also allowed to have a mantelpiece on which you can place small frames with photos, candles, vases and other decor items. It is preferable to place such a fireplace in the large living room. From 20 sq.m. In addition, in a classic style, a mirror or a picture can be placed above the fireplace.

High classics

Fireplaces and living rooms in the style of high classics are notable for their special chic. Fireplaces can be made of marble or various other stones. As decoration elements there is a stucco and stone carving.The size of the living room should be at least 25 sq.m. with two or more windows. Ideal rooms up to 50 sq.m. In addition, the living room is recommended to equip in light shades, will not be superfluous and various accessories with mirrors. Arrangement of the television area will also be very helpful.

Hi-tech style

High-tech style fireplaces are very popular in country houses and cottages. Most often in such fireplaces are used metal and steel inserts, as well as very durable, refractory glass. In addition, glass fireplaces will not leave anyone indifferent. They look very modern. If you want to bring a touch of futurism into your living room, then a high-tech fireplace will be an excellent choice. The electrofireplace in such style in a small drawing room will ideally look also.

Country music

Fireplaces in country style, as well as in Provence style, are ideal for living rooms in country houses or cottages. Very well will look in a wooden house. A real fireplace in this style is suitable for a room with high walls. Recommended area of ​​at least 20 sq.m. PWhen installing such a fireplace, you can emphasize its massiveness; above the fireplace, you can place a picture or animal skin. Do not despair and owners of small spaces.

For a modest living room of 10 the cottage, you can choose a small electric fire, which will be ideally combined with the small size of the room. It will create a cozy and warm atmosphere around. For this style very well suitable cast iron stove - a fireplace.

You can also diversify your villa with a chalet-style fireplace. It will remind you of the beautiful Alps mountains. In addition, for residents of cities and cities, a fireplace in this style will also be a good find, because it will add romance and lightness to your apartment, but it will not make them ordinary.


When choosing a fireplace in the Art Nouveau style, it is worth considering that such a model is ideal for a living room in a private house, made with a minimal amount of different types of colorful decor. This fireplace will look very beautiful in the interior of a living room made of brick. An Art Nouveau fireplace can be installed along a wall or in a corner.

No less interesting and models of fireplaces, made in the style of a loft. Perfect for bright and spacious rooms. Also worthy of attention are living rooms with a fireplace and a staircase. In this style you can very well arrange the living room - dining room.


Baroque sitting rooms and fireplaces will be a very good choice for your home if you like a variety of lush and luxurious interiors. The ideal option would be a fireplace made of white marble or onyx. Such fireplaces look very well with decorative shelves on which you can arrange the various elements of the decor. Well combined living rooms in this style with a fireplace and a TV. But you should not install a TV above the fireplace. It is better to arrange the television zone separately. Baroque living rooms will harmonize well with a bay window and fireplace.

English style

True connoisseurs of luxury and luxury should take a closer look at the English-style fireplaces. Such fireplaces most often represent exclusive design solutions. Most parts are done by hand. Used expensive materials. They will ideally look in spacious living rooms up to 30 sq.m. and in the interior with a second light.

Scandinavian style

Fireplaces in the interior of the Scandinavian style look in the living rooms or halls beautiful and not boring. In addition, very often they are installed not only on the basis of aesthetic considerations, but also for their main purpose - heating the room.

Scandinavian style fireplaces are ideal for small spaces. For example, for a room with 18 squares.For smaller areas of 16 and 17 sq.m. You can also pick up a small electric fireplace.

When choosing a fireplace in this style, the furniture, of course, must match. It is recommended to perform walls and ceilings in light shades.


Before you install a fireplace in your living room, you should decide which fireplace is best for you according to the characteristics, and also you will have not only to your taste, but will also be ideally combined with the interior.

One of the most popular and convenient types of fireplaces are electronic. As already mentioned, such fireplaces fit perfectly into the apartment interior, and are also well suited for any small premises. Fireplaces have many different shapes and designs. In addition, with electric fire, you will not have difficulty in using, because such fireplaces are safe to use and unpretentious in the care. Work from the power supply and do not require fuel.

Falshkamina or fireplace - imitation is an exact copy of the present design of the fireplace. But in such fireplaces it is impossible to kindle fire. Falshkaminy perform only aesthetic functions, that is, are exclusively decorative, very often such fireplaces can be seen with candles inside.The advantage of such a fireplace is not only that you can make it yourself, but also its maximum similarity with real models. In addition, such a fireplace can be placed in the living room with any area. Fireplaces - imitations are very beautiful and often represent unusual design solutions.

Wood fireplaces are just as popular as the options for electricity. Considered the traditional, real version of the fireplace. Most often they are made open. But there are plenty of other options too. In addition, for many people, the sound of cracking wood is very pleasant. This not only gives a feeling of calm and comfort in the house, but also gives a warm light from the fireplace.

Flames in gas fires are preserved by natural gas. Such fireplaces are very often built into the wall. Made from exceptionally high-quality materials, so these wall-mounted fireplaces are very safe. But originality also gives them an unusual design. Gas fireplaces are semicircular or square, as well as in any other form. Cast iron gas fireplaces are very popular.

If your house is already designed and there is no possibility to install a chimney, and you wanted to equip the living room with a fireplace, do not despair.In our century, thanks to modern technology, biofireplaces are very popular. Thanks to a special eco-fuel, when it is burned, neither smoke nor ash is formed. In addition, biofireplace does not require the installation of the chimney, which is a big plus.

Trendy colors

The design of the fireplace can be made in a variety of shapes and styles. When choosing, you should also pay attention to the most fashionable and practical colors in order to diversify your living room as much as possible, and also to make it cozy. Fireplaces in white shades of various materials or stones fit perfectly into a spacious living room, or in the living room - dining room. White shades add severity, but at the same time fireplaces in classic light color will be attractive at all times.

If you decide to arrange the living room with a neutral color palette, then you should look at the fireplaces in gray and black tones. Such fireplaces will be very well in harmony with the whole interior, as well as create a calm atmosphere in the room.

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No less popular are fireplaces lined with various stones. Most often choose fireplaces in brown colors of various shades that will fill the room not only comfort, but also warmth.

Diversify the design of the fireplace various gold or metal parts. Depending on what style of fireplace and living room you want to create.

Repair of the hall in the apartment with a fireplace

If you started a repair, you should consider several features when installing the fireplace, so that it not only corresponds to all your aesthetic considerations, but is also useful and safe to use.

It is not recommended to have a fireplace near the outer walls, because in this way all the heat will go outside. It is also inappropriate to install a fireplace between two windows. An ideal place to install will be a wall that is perpendicular to the window, in addition, a fireplace can also be installed in the center of the room. It all depends on the future of the interior and your preferences.

Do not install the TV above the fireplace, as under the influence of heat, it will quickly become unusable. You can arrange it perpendicular to the wall with a fireplace. A good solution would be to design a separate television area.

Most often, experienced craftsmen are invited to accurately and reliably install a fireplace, so you will be absolutely sure that the fireplace meets all safety criteria.

Examples of stylish interiors

To create an unusual interior, a successful and interesting solution will be the installation of a two-sided fireplace, which can share a living room and, for example, a kitchen - a dining room. This fireplace is part of the separation column - a screen between the two rooms. It looks very original and is unlikely to leave your guests indifferent. Such fireplaces are most often made of refractory glass. Transparent and scale models sometimes resemble a huge aquarium with fire.

You can choose a fireplace in any style and, accordingly, decorate the living room based on the fireplace or, on the contrary, sometimes you have to choose a fireplace for a ready-made living room. Now it will not be difficult, because in the market of fireplaces and accessories for them, manufacturers offer a huge range of different models. For every taste, color and wallet. To create an interesting and stylish interior for your living room, you will mostly need your imagination and imagination.

Creating an unusual and original interior in a classic style, very often mantel shelves are filled with various decor items. For example, decorative flowers, figurines or sometimes candles.Thus, the fireplace does not look boring and mundane. Above the fireplace you can hang a family portrait or picture.

Modern designers are prone to minimalism in the design of various interiors, so many designer living rooms with a fireplace are made with a strict design and clear lines. For many it is even to their liking. Looks easy and unloaded.

Fireplace, made in any style, will always be a symbol of home and comfort. No matter what the shape and size will be. The main thing is that it matches your preferences and, of course, harmonizes well with the general interior.

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