Fireplace in the apartment without chimney

Gone are the days when people exclusively wealthy and living in a private house could afford the fireplace; Today, a real “home” can be justified in your own apartment, even the most modest in size. Biofireplaces were created relatively recently and represent a prototype of a real wood hearth with a living flame, only as a source of energy and fire is environmentally friendly fuel - an ecospirit or denatured ethanol. Ekokaminy differ in size and design, the design of certain models is slightly different, in general, the principle of their work is the same.

Ekokamina consists of two main parts: a decorative body and a fuel tank, which includes a burner, a fireplace does not have a bulky chimney.


The ecological fireplace in the apartment allows you to enjoy all the delights of the home: feel the warmth of real fire, see the reddish flames inflame and fade.Speaking of biofireplaces as an element of the interior, do not forget about their diversity and types, which we will discuss in this section of the article.

Types of fireplaces according to their type of installation are divided into wall or corner, which can be built in, floor, that is, stationary models, hanging and table.

The built-in models of a biofireplace without a chimney are mounted in a wall niche, furniture or special portals made of natural and artificial materials like wood, stone, chipboard, glass and others. The installation of this kind of fireplace on biofuel is worth considering even at the repair stage - before the rough finish; at the same time, the floor plan and future interior design should be carefully thought out to the smallest detail, so that the fireplace is a functional and priority detail of the interior of your living room.

You can build a biofireplace in a corner niche: it fits perfectly into the interior of even a small room and will allow the necessary space of the corner of the room to function. Opposite the home, install comfortable chairs or a small sofa with extra seats.

An outdoor fireplace without a chimney has the main advantage: it is easy to install withoutinstallation and "dirty" work: just put the device against the wall and fasten it on a special bracket - the “home” is ready. Ekokamina will give the guests a real fire and a little heat: install the structure in the living room or in the kitchen; By the way, a false fireplace, like any other, is not recommended to be installed in the bedroom due to the fact that the fire carries energy of calm from the most intimate room of your home.

Suspended fireplaces are the ideal choice for a small apartment, because it practically does not occupy free space. An alcohol fireplace will allow you to enjoy the flame from an unusual side and help in the completion of a minimalist interior.

Portable fireplaces are even more suitable for a small apartment, since you can install a similar model on a table or any other surface. Mini-fireplaces are small and consume energy very economically.

Bio-fires are further divided into two categories: open and closed. Flames in closed models are behind heat-resistant glass: such fireplaces are safer in their design, but heat transfer is much worse than in open models.Open fireplaces allow you to enjoy an open flame; often suspended and desktop models are produced in a similar format. Open and closed fireplaces without heating - desktop versions of the home mini-hearth; they work on the same eco-alcohol and emit only carbon dioxide and air into the room. By the way, there are no fireplaces on the water; There are steam copies of the electric format, which additionally moisten the home air.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any heating device, biofireplace has advantages and disadvantages, which are determined only conditionally. Among the positive features of the ecocamina are the following:

  • Bio-fireplace - a source of living flame and heat energy; in addition to its aesthetic characteristics, this kind of construction is smoke-free heating design, therefore, when choosing a fireplace model, you should pay attention to its size and determine the frequency of use of equipment. By the way, it is recommended to slightly open the window or window when working with an ekokamina to ensure proper air circulation; although ekokamin and safe, but still water and carbon dioxide are emitted into the air, the latter should be "replaced" with the usual oxygen.
  • A positive feature of biofireplace is that when burning fuel does not emit smoke or steam, soot and other troubles; when it burns, no ash is formed; there is no need to clean the fireplace from dirt.
  • Aesthetic pleasure gives Ekokamina lodgers; why is there no reason to get together in the evening before the “home” and enjoy long and exciting conversations? In addition, there are fireplaces with a built-in air humidifier, among which there are both compact models and full-size ones - up to one and a half meters wide.
  • Ekokamina consumes less fuel than its wood-burning prototype. Depending on the model of the biofireplace, the duration of burning is from 1 to 6 hours - a fairly good period for which you can have time to relax in a circle of loved ones.
  • Smokeless ekokamin fires up gradually, like a real fire, but the structure heats up to the desired temperature quickly - often this fact saves the residents time.
  • The difference in power of bio fireplaces allows you to determine the model necessary for a room: for a spacious room you will need a more powerful unit than a modest living room of 15 square meters. meters
  • The main advantage of biofireplace - the possibility of installation in any apartment of any apartment building or a private cottage. To install it does not require additional work on the installation of the chimney and stove, it is enough to mount the hearth in a wall, niche, furniture or install it on a special bracket; Thus, the burning of the fireplace can be enjoyed already on the day of its purchase. Legitimize the installation of a fireplace? This is not about biofireplaces, or ecoversion "home hearth."

It is possible to install a fireplace in the upper level of the wall - if you hang it up, or from below - under the TV; miniature versions of the hearth are mounted on a table or any other surface in any room.

Among the possible disadvantages of ekokamina are the following:

  • The need to purchase biofuels over and over again is not the most budgetary option.
  • An unusual or designer fireplace model is sometimes too expensive; in general, any biofireplace will "pour out" in a certain amount. Quite a budget version of the fireplace will be the purchase of his model - cheap and cheerful.

How to choose

The choice of biofireplace - a difficult task and requires careful preparation.To begin with, it is worthwhile to determine the interior design of the room - the kitchen or living room, where installation is planned. By the way, built-in models of even a small fireplace require preliminary preparation: it is necessary to create an additional niche for the device and take care of the rest of the room layout.

It is easier to choose small models of bio fireplaces: this is especially true for desktop models.

  • To determine the location of the future hearth, it is worthwhile to develop a preliminary interior design so that it is possible to enjoy the fireplace: install soft armchairs or a sofa around or opposite the hearth, put a coffee table behind you.
  • If the room allows you to install a natural fireplace and a comfortable place to rest in front of it - do the classic way and create a similar interior in the living room. With a small room, give preference to the mounted fireplace - it does not "steal" the space; with a very modest room, choose a desktop model.
  • The cost of biofireplaces varies significantly depending on their capacity, size, method of installation and exterior design; First, determine the required heater power - the larger the room,the higher is this indicator; The next step is to determine the style direction of the fireplace model: for a classic interior, choose embedded models with the possibility of additional decoration with masonry of stone or tile. For the interior in the style of minimalism, select concise models with predominant glass elements.

If there are children in the house, give preference to ekokamina with moistening: such models allow you to make the air humid due to the presence of additional installations inside. Fireplaces with steam will give not only aesthetic pleasure, but also benefit the health of the family.

  • Varieties of ecocamina are different; determine the budget for the purchase and build on the proposals of the stores in this direction.
  • The choice of fireplaces is not limited to the listed models; Among the new developments are infrared fireplaces with a hearth and an additional heating unit, which operates on the basis of the emission of red rays.
  • About biofireplaces leave their owners reviews in order to give the opportunity to others rather decide on an important purchase; consumers note that with long-term burning, a foreign smell is still felt, and the best way out will be to open the vent window while the hearth is burning.In general, customers are satisfied with their choice - a bio-fireplace for an apartment.

How to make a modern style: examples

Design of the fireplace in the interior - the task is no less significant than the choice of the model "home". The classic solution would be to place the fireside under the TV - a functional and reasonable choice in the conditions of any square of the room. This solution allows you to simultaneously enjoy watching your favorite movie and the warmth of living fire. The models of ekokamin built into a wall or furniture portal look laconic: it allows to conditionally divide a room into zones (with a large space) and create a modern practical interior.

The location of the Ekokamina in a one-room apartment depends on the type of heater. For an apartment like a studio, built-in hearth models and portable models, mounted and desktop options will do. In the studio, the location of the fireplace will be concise in the area removed from the bed; in this case, allow the hearth to sit in the so-called kitchen. If the apartment is quite small, give preference to the desktop model: it can be placed in any room: the kitchen or the bedroom-living room.With a large space of “odnushki”, divide the room into two zones thanks to the partition: bedroom and living room; Arrange the fireplace should be in the guest space in order to allow close friends to rest by the open fire of your fireplace.

Fireplace in the bedroom - the idea is not the best according to Feng Shui; if you decide to install the “home” of the nominal in this room, then choose a pendant or desktop model.

Interior decisions about the installation of an ecofire are offered to decorate the fireplace area with stone or brickwork, wood or any other material other than the rest of the room. High-tech style apartment diversify the fireplace, made of heat-resistant glass: the type of model does not play a role, but the suspended model will look advantageous. The built-in model will make the room, or room, more comfortable: a similar layout should be thought out and have a niche for the heating device - ekokamin.

Placing a biofireplace in an ordinary small apartment allows modern design developments: take a look at the ideas and ideas, and get inspired by the works of the author.Fascinating and practical interior solutions allow you to equip the fireplace area and place the "home" in the most advantageous location of your home or apartment. The décor of the hearth will help to diversify the interior: sometimes it is appropriate to put candles and other attributes on the device to create an image of a wood-burning stove, sometimes it is enough to place several posters over the hearth.

Installing a homemade fireplace

You can create your own biofireplace if you observe several conditions and pre-stock the necessary materials. For the base of the future hearth, take glass - a rectangular design will act as a firebox and the main decorative element of the hearth.

To begin with, we will create the most important basis of the fireplace - a metal box with a grill, where the fuel tank and the fuel tank of the fire chamber will be located. It is important to determine the size of the future design and pre-portray it on a piece of paper with calculations - this will allow you to save time on the creation of the hearth and the use of materials.

Cut glass blanks according to the measurements, glue them together and allow the product to fix.Create a fuel tank and install it in the base of the future biofireplace; Now place the mesh surface and place the burner on it: do not forget about the wick. Use stones as decoration: place them on a mesh grid.

It is surprising that such a self-made construction and even a purchased bio-fireplace model does not require prior authorization and special requirements for the installation of the hearth, coordination and determination of the legitimacy of the design. It is so easy to build a fireplace, but in any case, you will not be hampered by an estimate for the concept of the feasibility of such an installation.

It is still better to install a fireplace on the top floor if it is massive and powerful in its construction; other models will come in handy even in a small room. The height of the fireplace fully satisfies the owner of the hearth and does not oblige to obtain permits from any organs, and it is sometimes easy to install the device in the room.

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