Fireplace in a small country house

A small country house is a place where we spend a little time. But coming to the country, I want to get maximum comfort and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. You can simply make your cottage more comfortable by installing a fireplace in it.

But if your cottage is not very large, then there are certain difficulties, because one of the main criteria for choosing a fireplace becomes its size. The fireplace should not be very large, but at the same time, extremely functional. Fortunately for summer residents, there are also many such mini-fireplaces, as well as large-sized models. You will learn about the types of compact fireplaces on the market, and how to choose the right option for your house, from this article.

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First of all, the fireplace should look good in the conditions of your country interior. Properly selected fireplace will create a cozy atmosphere.


The most common option is a U-shaped fireplace.The classic design is complemented by a built-in portal and an open hearth. On the one hand, this is good because it allows you to create a romantic mood. Dividing a cup of tea for two, and watching the fire play in the fireplace, you will completely relax and rest.

But there is another look at the fireplaces with open fire. When burning, hot gas enters the air, so the house with a fireplace of this type should be regularly ventilated. Therefore, more often, such fireplaces are complemented by a small door or valve. It also keeps the room warm.

If we talk about finishing, classic fireplaces are usually decorated with marble or ceramic tiles. It can be supplemented with a wooden or cast-iron mantel.

Country style

In the interior of a country house looks good and the fireplace, made in the rustic style or country style. It can be recognized by the D-shape. This fireplace is located either in the corner or under the wall. It is in such fireplaces that are good for small country houses, since they themselves differ in compact size. In the lower part of the fireplace in the style of rustic, usually there is a special niche in which firewood is stored.


If your suburban housing is made in a modern style, it makes sense to make a choice in favor of the corresponding fireplace. Fireplace in the style of "high tech" looks stylish and minimalist. Due to its compact size, such a fireplace often becomes the favorite of many owners of a small country house.

Fireplace in modern style can be found on the use of dark metal or steel as the main material. Such a fireplace can even be built into the wall, which also significantly saves space.

Models and sizes

A small fireplace can be very different models, from the classic wood, to the modern electric.

Wood burning

A wood-burning fireplace is best suited for the suburban area. It creates the very cozy atmosphere and makes even a small country house a real family nest.

The wood fireplace consists of a fire chamber, a portal and a flue. The portal can be both massive and more compact.


A gas fireplace heats the room by burning a gas burner, not firewood. This option is relatively inexpensive and is much easier to install. That's just to install it, you will need permission from public services.


If you need a fireplace not only for heating the room, but in order to decorate it, then we recommend to pay attention to electric fireplaces. They are as safe as possible and look very stylish.

Fireplaces can also be divided according to where they are installed.


This option is the most popular, because the fireplace can be located in any place convenient for you near the wall.


Fireplaces of this type are also good for small spaces. Together with the chimney, they are fixed on the wall. Such a fireplace with its appearance resembles a small picture.


Also good is the option of built-in fireplaces. It is better to install similar fireplaces in the event that you build the house from scratch. Thus, then do not have to demolish the wall. The fireplace in this case is almost completely hidden in the niche. Only the portal is visible.


The fireplace can be located in a country house of any type. But, depending on the characteristics of your summer cottage, you should choose a certain type of fireplace. So, in a hunting lodge it would be good to put a fireplace with a cooking surface.In this case, no additional stoves will be needed, because the fireplace itself will already serve as a small stove.

In the garden house fireplace can be extremely decorative. Therefore, in a country house of this type it is possible to install an electric fireplace.

As for the layout, it is also worth noting that if you want the fireplace to heat the room, it should occupy at least one-fiftieth of its total area.

Installation Features

Whatever fireplace you choose, it is important that it be installed in accordance with fire safety requirements. When installing, install the refractory base first. This applies not only to the floor, but also to the wall. It is also desirable to supplement your fireplace with a special screen that reflects heat.

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