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Since ancient times, we associate the fireplace with the comfort of our home, warmth and family. Then the fireplace was not easy part of the decor, but the main source of heat in the house. But times have changed, and people came up with new ways of heating for their homes. Today the fireplace is a well forgotten old. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, this long-standing invention has a practical side to this day - it warms us in the cold.

Features and benefits

Of course, in the modern world there are more budget and simple ways of heating, but fireplaces have a special charm that helped them stay in our lives and win so much attention from people. Central heating, which is used almost everywhere today, warms only our bodies, and this magical crackling of flames and soft light create a festive atmosphere, fill the house with comfort and the spirit of mystery.

Over time, changed not only the fireplaces, but also the materials from which they were made, the appearance and technology of assembly in the room.Previously, a fireplace could be installed only in private houses, and for this, at the initial stage of construction, it was necessary to make plans, lay a chimney, make a bunch of calculations, and only then think about installation and design. Thanks to modern materials and technologies, now the fireplace can be installed even in urban apartment buildings.

Design for every taste

There are many variations on how a modern fireplace can be made. Everyone can pick it up for their needs and requirements. For example, false fireplaces with candles, which are only elements of decor and perform only an aesthetic function, or electric fireplaces - they are not simply part of the interior, but also heat the room.

The materials used for the manufacture, and which can be decorated modern fireplaces are also diverse. At the same time they must be of high quality, durable and in harmony with the interior of the room. Modern fireplace portals can be made of marble or concrete, glass, onyx, drywall, metal, plastic, sandstone, granite, parquet or ceramic tiles, wood and others.Depending on what purpose will have a fireplace - direct or decorative, it can be made of any popular materials.

Some of the designs of fireplaces can only be painted to ease the weight of the product - it is suitable for narrow or small rooms and for lovers of minimalism in the decor.

In addition to the variety of materials, today there is also an abundance of forms and styles in which a modern fireplace can be made: minimalism, hi-tech, loft.

Minimalism in the design of the hearth is perfect for a bedroom, living room or dining room. A distinctive feature of this style is the lack of decor - only simplicity and conciseness in design.

The hi-tech style can be compared to minimalism, but it has a peculiarity - modern technologies of installation and materials will be used for such fireplaces, and the appearance of the fireplace will be particularly original, albeit with the lack of decor.

The loft style, or loft - “attic”, appeared in the 40s of the twentieth century in New York, when real estate and land prices rose sharply and simple, not rich creative people were forced to move to the attic or old industrial premises, which were distinguished by their spaces, high ceilings, plenty of light and low rents.

This style is very fond of designers, who today often use a fireplace in the design of apartments in a fashionable loft style, where it performs not only a decorative function as a subject of a designer interior, but is also a source of heat.

As a rule, all modern fireplaces are the main element in the interior, around which the rest of the design is built. A variety of beautiful forms and styles create around them a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort. In addition to the appearance, the location of the fireplace in the house has also changed - it can be inscribed into the wall and have absolutely no projections, it can be angular or look like a classic fireplace, or even become a TV area.

A modern-style fireplace is not only an original design method today, but also a safe and efficient heating device, which, depending on its capacity, is able to heat an entire house, and thanks to the distribution of warm air, even a few floors.

The installation of fireplaces today is engaged in many companies, now it is a common and well-established technology. Because of this, installing a fireplace now does not seem such a difficult task.Have you decided which fireplace to install?

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