Fireplace in the bedroom

Make a bedroom unusual, unlike others will help the fireplace. This element of the decor will add to the space comfort, calmness, relaxation. The bedroom is an intimate place in the house therefore it is necessary to approach design development especially carefully. After all, it is in this room that we gain strength, find solitude, tranquility, warmth, care and love. From time immemorial, the fireplace served as a symbol of the hearth, the family unification.

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If you have your own home, then you should take care of the location of the fireplace while designing and building a building. After all, if you want a real hearth, then you need to consider the design of the chimney. The electrofireplace or the decorative center is able to facilitate task. In this case, the chimney and firewood will not be needed, and coziness and comfort in the house will be created. Fireplace can be placed in any room, including the bedroom.

Thinking through the location of the hearth, take care of security. You should not have this element of the interior close to the bed, even if there is no real fire in it. Better to leave a free couple of meters between the fireplace and the bed.

An excellent and safe place for the hearth will be the corner of the room. In the free space then you can put the chair and sit by the fire. It will be a great place to meditate and relax. You only need to lay a yoga mat.


A fireplace in the bedroom is an undoubted advantage. It is unlikely that someone will give up a cozy romantic evening at the hearth. The bedroom will always be warm and comfortable. The fireplace will allow you to relax and unwind. Fire has a relaxing effect on a person, it is possible to look at it for eternity, he will never get bored.

A fireplace is an interior item that will never go out of style.. If the bedroom is in your home, then you can not limit yourself to choosing a fireplace. The ideal option would be a classic wood-burning fireplace. The hearth will create comfort and warm, and the sound of crackling logs will help to relax and get rid of worries and fuss. If you do not want to mess with wood and spend money on it, you should look at the gas model.

For a bedroom in a city apartment is better to choose an electric fireplace. It does not require a special permit, exhaust. It is easy to operate and care.The fire in this hearth looks realistic and natural.

Many have a TV in the bedroom in front of the bed. It will be much more useful for the health and well-being at bedtime to contemplate the fire than to watch movies and news.


Decorative fireplace can be another solution for the bedroom in the apartment. The fireplace needs to be chosen depending on what function it will carry out. It is necessary to focus on the style of the bedroom and the whole house or apartment. A large role is played by the size of the room; if the bedroom is small, then you should think about the location of the fireplace. It should not take up much space and hide all space.


For a small bedroom, a wall fireplace is suitable. To do this, it is better to choose an electric model or gas. Make such a bedroom in a minimalist style or country. The height of the location of the hearth can be chosen to your taste, so that it does not interfere in the interior, but complements it. This hearth performs decorative properties and is an addition to the interior, and not a fireplace in the traditional sense.


A corner fireplace will fit into a small room of absolutely any style. It will save space and easily fit into the bedroom space.Above the fireplace on a wooden shelf will look different cozy, cozy decorative trifles - a small picture or photo, a small pot of flowers. For finishing, you can choose a massive stone. Such a fireplace will not only decorate the room, but will be able to effectively heat it.


For a bedroom smaller than 16 square meters, it is worth considering the built-in fireplace design. So it will save valuable space. The hearth may be embedded in a niche or column. For the fireplace, you can construct an extension to the wall in which it will be located. It is better to use natural materials or stylized for them.


For the large bedroom is suitable island fireplace. It can be original, unusual and become a highlight of the room. Not far from the bed, you can install a glass structure on a wooden stand - inside is a fire. At night, the impression will be that the flame is floating in the air. An island fireplace can be placed anywhere, even on the ceiling.

Interior design

Provence style is the perfect design solution for a bedroom with a fireplace. This direction does not allow anything extra, pretentious, screaming.All lines and details should be light, comfortable, simple, even modest. The interior in the style of the southern province of France will allow to fill the room with light, warmth and comfort. In a country house, this style will be especially relevant.

Modern designers offer a variety of solutions so that Provence settles in your home. The vintage high wall fireplace with the stucco of the color of a tea rose will help you to move in time. On such a fireplace would look good family photos, vases with fresh flowers, candles and candelabra.

The bed can be placed directly in front of the fireplace. Then it will be possible, without getting out of the cozy bed, to contemplate the fire, to have long intimate conversations and just get warm. Provence style does not accept extra details, so there should be a minimum of furniture in the room. Colors should choose light, light, pastel.

The fireplace in the bedroom can be completely invisible and dissolve in the general interior space. As a finishing material for the fireplace, you can choose a tree. So it will be easily combined with other furniture, which should also be wooden. Provence style welcomes this.

For fans of the traditional Russian style, a real wood-burning fireplace with tiles will suit. By means of an art tile it is possible to lay out any pattern, drawing. Terracotta tiles will turn the most common hearth into a real magic gingerbread.

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