Fireplace in the wall

Features and benefits

Fireplaces have always been a popular source of heat in private homes, and built-in fireplaces also do not steal free meters indoors, as they are part of a wall or furniture and are quite simple to install.


There are the following types of fireplaces:

  • Flat. To this type can be attributed wall and wall fireplaces. In the wall structure, the main elements are built into the wall. A hole is made in it for the chimney and firebox. Frontal fireplaces are part of one wall, and corner use angle and, accordingly, two walls. The advantage of such fireplaces is that they can be installed in rooms with a small area.
  • Wall fireplace. The difference of this type of fireplace from the rest is that it is all or part of it not in the wall, but near it. This is very convenient if you need to install a fireplace in the finished house. The fireplace is installed near the wall or partition with brick insulation.
  • Electrofireplace. There are many types of such fireplaces.Some models of electric fireplaces recreate not only imitation of a flame, but also decorative coals or firewood. At the same time, they can make bonfire sounds and even mimic light smoke. There are also very advanced models - with the function of air purification and its ionization. With a pipe. These are fireplaces working on solid fuel. Most often it is wood or coal. Such designs do with a chimney pipe and a fire chamber.
  • One of the versions of the construction with a pipe is a double-sided fireplace. If the wall is not large enough to fit a fireplace insert into it, the back of the furnace protrudes from the wall, and it must somehow be further decorated - for example, to build additional partitions or a false wall. The main feature of this design is such that sometimes in this case they lay out the second fire chamber and a double-sided fireplace is obtained, which is able to heat two rooms at once.
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  • A fireplace built into the furniture may also have a chimney. Such fireplaces - a great rarity. This is usually gas or electric decorative designs. Since the furniture is mainly made of wood and does not tolerate high temperatures,The performance of such models is small. Their purpose is more aesthetic than practical.
  • Open fireplaces have a firebox open from one or several sides. A classic performance of an open fireplace - when the firebox is open only from the facade. Such fireplaces burn a lot of oxygen during their work. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a constant supply of air to the furnace.
  • A closed fireplace is a traditional stove with a built-in firebox or fireplace door.

How to make

After all the installation work on the installation of fireplaces is done, the question arises of how to properly trim the space around the fireplace and the appliance itself so that it forms a single whole with the overall decor of the room. If there is a large space between the ceiling and the fireplace, you can fill it up by hanging a TV panel there.

However, it is believed that the TV next to the fireplace is not the place. In this case, the wall above the fireplace can be decorated by placing there objects of their hobbies. These can be paintings, photos, murals, or even collection weapons.

If your fireplace has a three-sided view, you can hang mirrors on the sides around it so that the flames are reflected in them, creating more light in the room.

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Installation and wall requirements

In order for the fireplace to be a source of heat and joy, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements for its installation and correct mounting to the wall. If the wall is wooden, it needs proper thermal insulation. To do this, you can use basalt or mineral wool (sold in slabs of various thickness), or other non-combustible insulation. The brickwork can also act as a heat insulator. It is possible to decorate insulating materials by tile heat-resistant tiles. It can also revet the floor space around the fireplace. If the tile keeps within butt, then the joining between the plates is not required.

From the back wall to the fireplace must be maintained fire distance of 1 meter. If you clad the wall with asbestos 12 cm drywall, and then protect it with a metal sheet, the distance between the wall and the fireplace can be reduced to 40-50 cm.

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Interesting solutions in the interior.

Speaking of modern technology, it is impossible not to mention the style of Hi-Tech.Fireplaces in this style are made of high quality refractory materials. This is the realm of metal, glass and concrete. This style is minimalist and very much to the amateur.

Cold weapons and stainless steel and the transparency of refractory glass, clear lines and austere design - these are the distinctive features of fireplaces in this version. This is an unrestrained flight of fantasy designers over high technology. Forms of fireplaces can be so bizarre that from the first time it is not always possible to discern a fireplace in them. They may be rounded, for example, in the form of a prism or a beer barrel, or they may be in the form of a polygon with broken lines and irregular angles.

Modern fireplaces can be controlled as televisions, using the remote or smartphone. Heating equipment has a self-cleaning function, and heat-resistant screens are able to withstand temperatures over 800 ° C.

Fireplaces look very original, creating the effect of weightlessness, as if floating in the air. Great interest among customers with increased requirements is caused by models of suspended fireplaces, as well as rotating designs and other design ideas.

Sometimes built-in models of fireplaces have the form of holography or create the illusion of a certain picture. There are also fireplaces in the form of a flat-screen TV, a window opening. Known models of fireplaces, made in the form of various sculptures.

Top Rated

Among the most popular companies producing fireplaces, the French trademark Focus is very well known. Among the most original models, there is a fireplace with sliding doors made of bronze. Their texture is similar to magma hardened after a volcanic eruption.

The fireplaces of the Norwegian company are not only ideal for the harsh Russian climate, but also will decorate any interior. It offers consumers a variety of styles - from the restrained classics and to the chic baroque and all the permitted moderns. The peculiarity of the models of this company is that their design can be changed independently. Facing the fireplace, if desired, can be decorated with decorative plaster, or simply repaint from the annoying color to something new. And the availability of its assembly allows not to resort when installing a fireplace to the expensive services of specialists.

Fireplace set Malta from the company Nordpeis designed country houses.It can burn a room up to 110 m2. This is an international project. The portal for this model is made of marble by the Polish company Jabo Marmi, and the furnace of the German company Spartherm is made of high-strength steel.

Nordpeis Geilo is a round fireplace with folding doors that can be a highlight of any interior. For the manufacture of cladding used modern material - composite. This material is characterized by a clear separation of boundaries between the two types of finishes. The cast-iron firebox works on wood and can keep warm for a long time.

Modern models of fireplaces are constructed using high technology. Among others, it is possible to note designs with a hidden chimney. The horizontal box can be hidden under the floor, or embedded in it. There are also almost fabulous fireplaces, reminiscent of a children's fairy tale about Buratino - with a fake firebox. In the very hearth of the built-in TV, which broadcasts the recording of the flame.

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