Provence style fireplaces

Provence style originated in the southern part of France and became widespread. For the home hearth style Provence fits perfectly. It combines harmony and multidimensionality. Provence style fireplaces will decorate any living room. The interior will turn out cozy, light, hated, with a touch of antiquity.

Furnaces in the Provencal style can decorate any room in the house. They are perfectly combined with any interior items. But best of all, if the furniture and other details in the fireplace room correspond to the chosen style. Making the interior in the Provencal style, forget about luxury and pretentiousness. There is calm, ease, elegance, modesty.

Making a bedroom or living room in the style of Provence is not so difficult. Features are to preserve apparent simplicity. This is due to the fact that this direction came to us from the French hinterland. There, people decorated their houses independently and whenever possible.The color palette in the style of Provence should be calm, muted.


  • parts are made of natural material;

  • elements are simple in form and execution;

  • everything is aimed at creating convenience and comfort;

  • the presence of handmade items, handmade;

  • all parts and interior items are shrouded in antiquity;

  • lack of clear geometric proportions;

  • the chaotic nature of the situation at the same time is a well thought out design decision.

An elegant wooden portal for a fireplace in the Provencal style will emphasize the refined taste of the host. Such an interior can easily be supplemented with interesting details in the same style: a mirror, photo frames, a box for logs and even candles.

A glass of fine wine will be pleasant to drink in the evening, sitting by the fireplace. Provence style will help to feel like a real resident of the south of France. A fireplace of pure white color will complement the metal wrought-iron grille and a large wall clock made in the same color scheme. A fireplace is the subject that unites the details of a room into a common interior, gathers friends and family around it.

Portal to comfort

The rule about simple forms without complications and unnecessary details does not affect Provencal-style fireplaces. Design your home can be a variety of ways. Options can be found on the Internet, consult in specialized stores or with designers.

The photo shows that the finishing materials are used in light colors: white, milk, ivory. The fireplace is complemented by small monograms, the central part is trimmed with brown and beige stones. Completes the composition of a metal forged core, talking about antiquity and vintage. The interior of the living room is light, compact. Fireplace adjacent to the closets with shelves.

The wooden decoration of the fireplace will emphasize the cosiness of the living room, remind you of the summer holidays spent at your grandmother's village. An additional element of the decor are wooden blinds. The sun seeps through them, filling the room with warmth, light and comfort.

Provence do it yourself

Decoupage, that is, the decoration of objects, furniture, the addition of their drawings and ornaments, will help to create a style of Provence in the house. You can do it yourself. Decoupage very organically fit into the style of Provence, will help to create the right atmosphere.Before starting work, the surface of the fireplace must be properly processed. Pay attention to the material.

  • Wash glass surfaces from grease and dirt.

  • Metal parts cleaned with diluted vinegar.

  • On wooden elements, you first need to go sandpaper, and then putty.

The wooden trim of the fireplace can be aged on its own by walking through the sandpaper paint. After that, stick a floral print or use a stencil. For this, it is better to choose simple wildflowers and pastel calm colors.

Believe your eyes

To create a cozy Provencal interior, it is not necessary to make a fireplace. Imitation of this piece of furniture will simplify life and reduce costs. Decoupage or art painting will come to the rescue. The wall can be decorated with a bright fireplace, made with oil paints. It will always burn fire, in the decoration of any material can be used, and the dust on a fireplace does not sit down.

Another way: to install one portal for the fireplace in the style of Provence. This design solution does not require a lot of costs and time. Place for him can be found at any wall.It is better if the portal will be combined with the surrounding objects in color and material. Plaque antiquity and vintage can be created artificially, it will give color.

Firewood can be placed inside the portal. This will add a piece of nature and naturalness to the interior. If you want something hotter, then instead of firewood inside you can put candles. The result is an imitation fireplace, but with fire.

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