Hall with fireplace - tips on arranging

It is difficult to argue with the statement that the hall is the heart of the dwelling. Guests are accommodated here, noisy and quiet gatherings take place, children play. It is not surprising that the hall wants to give even greater comfort. One way to do this is to install a fireplace.

Features and benefits

Fireplace miraculously changes the atmosphere and mood of the living room. And to the delight of all fans of this cozy and warm interior element, you can install a fireplace in a private house or in a regular apartment. However, it is worth remembering that a real fireplace with a firebox will suit only private and country houses, but an artificial and false fireplace will gladly please the residents of the megalopolis.

Wanting to install a fireplace in the living room, soberly estimate the free space. According to the designers, the fireplace loves freedom and looks more harmonious in it. And a fireplace in the classical or English style requires the correct placement of furniture in the hall.This should be a separate corner, formed by chairs, rocking chairs and small sofas. This rule does not apply to high-tech or modern fireplaces, because the center of the hall often becomes the place of installation.

Another feature of installing a fireplace in the hall is its location near the walls. So, you can not have a fireplace near the outer walls of the house, of course, if we are not talking about false fireplaces. The models, intended not only for beauty, but also for heat, should be near the wall perpendicular to the window.

The advantages of the fireplace in the hall are obvious:

  • presentable appearance;
  • additional space heating;
  • the ability to use the portal as a shelf;
  • addition of a certain style in the interior.

The fireplace can update the room without special expenses, because if you wish, you can create a false fireplace with your own hands, to make a unique decoration and lining.


Varieties of modern fireplaces are amazing. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • fuel type (wood, gas, electric fireplace, coal);
  • functions (decorative, for full and partial heating of the room);
  • size (from mini-fireplaces to models of impressive size);
  • location (corner, wall, built-in).

For a private house the best option would be real fireplaces, which include wood, coal and gas models. Electrofireplace will be able to complement the interior of the hall in the apartment. It is worth saying that with a high-quality finish, artificial models look as good as real ones.

Imitation of burning in them can occur in several ways:

  • on display;
  • a fan drives a rag flame;
  • The effect of burning is carried out using the backlight.

Some electric fireplaces are additionally equipped with speakers that transmit that unforgettable crack of burning.

A fireplace that represents something between a real and an artificial one is called a bio fireplace. Its peculiarity is that it can be installed even in the middle of a room or on a shelf near the sofa. This original model works by using cane, cornstarch and sugar beet fuel. The flame covered by heat-resistant glass at the same time looks absolutely for real. Inclusion occurs by means of a piezo lighter or remote control.

As we can see, even in the living room of an apartment, you can easily install a fireplace, however, many are stopped by the cost of most models. However, even on the installation of the fireplace, you can significantly save the budget, personally equip a false fireplace. This variety does not have a firebox and can be made from a variety of materials, such as drywall or foam. The place of the firebox is decorated with high candles, lovely souvenirs, and in the New Year they arrange a gift vault there.

How can I arrange the room

The addition of a living room fireplace should be organic. In order to achieve harmony in every detail, you can turn to today's fashionable styles, complementing the usual interior with themed accessories, new upholstery of furniture or color-specific solutions for the style.

In the style of "Provence"

Provence is the style of French villages, where simplicity and unusually cute attraction reigns in every home without sharp accents. The color scheme of the style is pastel, in the prints the floral motif dominates. However, there may be bright patches of orange, lavender and turquoise, for example, curtains and upholstered furniture can be made in these tones.

The fireplace must also match the stated style. Its light colors in combination with finishing materials such as brick or natural stone will create a gentle framing of the hall. The surface of the fireplace should be matte. So, you can use a specially aged ceramic bricks.

How to furnish furniture in the living room with a fireplace, maintaining style? It is enough to arrange wicker mini-sofas and armchairs, directing them towards the fireplace. There should be no furniture near the walls.

Fireplace portal and fireplace false fireplace, or the table can be stylishly supplemented using lavender bouquets and candles. Chandelier can be a bright sign of style, if it is made in the form of a snow-white bird cage.

In the style of "Hi-Tech"

Hi-Tech - the opposite of traditional styles. In the living room of this theme there is exclusively modern furniture, stretch ceilings with bright lighting. The color palette of basic black, white, sand shades skillfully contrasts on the bright spots of scarlet tones.

Of course, the fireplace in this style can not be classic with the U-shaped portal. Three-sided fireplaces of rectangular, spherical and pyramid-shaped forms can be located in the center of the living room.Metal plates that have an original shape or are asymmetrical to the floor are used as the finish.

In english style

English style was created for respectable connoisseurs of nobility and luxury. In such a living room it is pleasant to spend time reading a book or talking to close people. Here everything speaks about peace and the dimension of life.

The main elements of the interior:

  • fireplace;
  • chairs;
  • massive dining or work desk;
  • dark wood furniture;
  • bookcases;
  • heavy curtains.

It is not necessary to use a large and real fireplace in the room, the essence here is the correct decoration and form. The best solution for an artificial fireplace will be a wooden finish, or facing an artificial or natural stone. As in the style of "Provence", the furniture should be turned to the fireplace.

How to do it yourself

Decorative or artificial fireplace can be made with your own hands, even without certain skills. The base will require a metal profile, drywall and a free wall in the hall. An ordinary fireplace is easily assembled directly on the wall, the corner - vice versa.

A base reinforced with lintels is assembled from metal profiles, which is later covered with plasterboard. At the top of the structure, it is necessary to fasten a shelf of the appropriate size in order to give the fireplace strength and the possibility of using it for storing souvenirs and figurines.

Also, to create a false-fireplaces using regular cardboard, and sometimes brick. Any of the surfaces can be plastered with self-adhesive wallpaper, imitating brick, liquid wallpaper, plaster and bas-relief.

You should think about imitation of fire. The easiest way is to purchase an electrical appliance with tongues of flame. If the budget is limited, you can use the pattern of fire, placing it on the inside of the furnace. Candles in a furnace with a mirror surface will look soft. Even an ordinary lamp covered with a translucent film in the fireplace will produce a magical glow effect.

Interesting solutions in the interior

If you are the owner of a country house, then thousands of ideas to install a fireplace will help to create comfort in each of the premises. So, fireplaces are widely used for baths. A kind of fireplace room with a luxurious model of brick or “wild stone” complements a large oak table and chairs, made in the same style.In this setting, it is easy to relax after visiting the steam room and talk heart to heart.

Underline the status of the owner will be a banquet hall with a fireplace. The fireplace model should be selected depending on the area of ​​the room. So, in a free room it is easy to arrange a luxurious fireplace over the entire area of ​​the wall. Tables, sofas and chairs should be located in the viewing area of ​​the fireplace. Sofas can stand perpendicular to the design.

Whatever the fireplace was chosen, the hall comes to life with its presence, filled with warmth and harmony. The owner of the fireplace becomes not only the owner of the stylish interior details, but also the owner of the true hearth.

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