Fireplace vents

 Fireplace vents

It's no secret that the fireplace as a heating device is much weaker than other heating installations. It is rather a decorative piece of furniture that adorns the room. But no matter what they say, but to sit in a cold evening by the fireplace is a very pleasant pastime.

In order for the amount of heat given off by the fireplace to be large, they invented special ventilation grilles for the fireplaces.

Forged bars are very popular and look very beautiful. They are made in a large variety of forms and with different patterns. The grille can be made independently, if there are certain skills for this, or you can order a blacksmith, having thought through a preliminary sketch. It should be borne in mind that the forged grille of different heights will be different and the density of the pattern:

  • on a low grid, the drawing must be dense;
  • on medium to medium density;
  • on high - rare.

Such a relationship is necessary so that warm air can freely enter the room and at the same time not close the beauty of the burning flame.

How to make

Forged grille begins with a sketch on paper and with the choice of material from which the fence will be made.

First of all, the base is made, that is, the frame. It can be solid or consist of two doors that will be opened with hinges.

Then the frame is decorated with decorative elements and all sorts of patterns:

  • forged curls;
  • leaflets;
  • flowers;
  • vine grapes;
  • little animals;
  • birdies;
  • heraldry and similar beauty.

Such elements can be performed only by blacksmith masters, who not only have a welding machine for you, but also an artist’s talent.

To make the most simple chimney grill, you need to prepare a metal corner, as well as a chain. No matter what kind of weaving there will be chains, so long as the links are not too big. Next, take a corner and cut it to the size of the fireplace hearth, and fasten the chains to the corner itself.Now it remains to attach all this construction to the fireplace - the beauty is ready. Such a construction can be selected according to the type of curtains on specially built hooks (for example, when the fire in the firebox only smolders slightly).

Principle of operation

It would seem, how, because of the fireplace grate in the room can become warmer? And the thing is that the grilles are installed on the lining of the fireplace at different levels. Through the one that is lower in the fireplace comes a cold stream of air, and through the one that is higher, the already warm air enters the room.

If we are talking about the fireplace when planning a new house, then there is an opportunity to make a fireplace with air ducts, and then each of them will also end with a ventilation grill.

But this method is not very efficient for heating, because the power of one fireplace is not enough, the heat will simply dissipate and eventually it will be cold everywhere. It is better to heat only the room where the fireplace is located.

What are the advantages?

There will be no need for large costs for the installation of a chimney ventilation grille, but the advantages of using it are obvious:

  • this decoration for the whole interior of the room;
  • the fire chamber of the fireplace, its facing and the box itself will not overheat,due to the outflow of part of the hot air into the room (and this is an extension of the life of the fireplace);
  • Efficiency at the fireplace will be higher;
  • thanks to the ventilation grid, the room will need 30% less additional heating.

Types of lattices and their choice

Today, ventilation grilles produced a lot and they have some differences.

The form:

  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • wrong.

The irregular shape is, as a rule, an individual order for a specific fireplace, so there is practically no sale of such grates. And the price for them is much higher than for standard models.

The holes themselves differ in shape:

  • slotted;
  • round;
  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • wrong;
  • tunnel

The size

But the shape of both products and holes is not the main thing, the main thing is size. If the hole area is not large enough, there will be little air in the room, and therefore it will not heat up. Here, no special calculations are needed, just the power of the firebox must match the size of the grill.

In the store on the product itself, it is the dimensions that are indicated, and not the dimensions of the opening for which the grille is intended.And you should choose the grille, knowing the dimensions of the furnace itself. There can not be any standards, and therefore the gratings for fireplaces have a variety of dimensions.

More about the material of manufacture

It is clear that such a building material, such as plastic, in this case is definitely not suitable. And this is understandable, because the fireplace can heat up to 150C, and therefore air grids are made only from:

  • become;
  • aluminum;
  • ceramics;
  • cast iron.

By design, the fireplace grate can be solid-cast, welded and forged. Solid cast and welded products are the most popular, and there are a great many in their assortment. Forged grids there is less demand due to their high cost, although they look, of course, much more solid than the first two options. Forged products on sale in small quantities, they are usually more often made to order.


Fireplace grates are made in different ways. If this is a mass model, a simple pattern is applied to it, or there may be no pattern at all. On more expensive models there is a decor in the form of an ornament, the image of certain animals or other figures.

For decorative coating of the fireplace grate use a special heat-resistant paint oruse the method of electroplating, for which they use metals such as copper, chromium, nickel or even precious metals (it is beautiful to live, as they say, you will not forbid).

Additional components

Fireplace grilles will be easier to maintain if you have the following components:

  • covers (hinged or sliding), with the help of which it is easier to completely close the grille;
  • fine insect screen;
  • blinds to adjust the amount of air.

It should be noted that the fireplace grate can be made not only in the complete version, but also in a removable one, when only the frame of the grate is mounted into the facing of the fireplace, and everything else is removed or moved to one side. When internal inspection of the fireplace and when it is cleaned - it is very convenient.

Brands and prices

An important factor when buying a fireplace grate is, of course, its cost, as well as the manufacturer. There are only two known manufacturers of fireplace products among all CIS countries - these are Kratki and Darco.

Regarding the cost of the most popular types and sizes of fireplace grates (Russian rubles):

  • steel painted grille size 17 * 17, having blinds - from 1000 to 1200;
  • steel painted grille size 17 * 30, having blinds - from 1200 to 1500;
  • painted steel grille with a size of 17 * 30 without blinds - from 1000 to 1200;
  • - fireplace grate made of steel with electroplated coating 22 * ​​22 - from 1900 to 2100.


What is special you need to know before you begin to install the grill:

  • warm air should be at least 30 centimeters from the ceiling;
  • the grate should be directed deep into the room;
  • not near the doorway (the farther the better).

Mount the fireplace grate can be when building a fireplace, but you can on the finished design. How exactly does this happen:

  • First of all, cut a hole corresponding to the grid in size and shape, and add a couple of millimeters to its size;
  • we drive a nail into the box with a wire wound on it (a lattice will be fixed on it);
  • we catch the grid and isolate with a heat-resistant sealant the gaps that remain between the box and the frame.

Installation of Kratki fireplace grate, see the following video.

About overhead grilles

The difference between metal overhead vents from conventional ones is that they are attached to the exhaust opening on the duct with liquid nails or self-tapping screws.Such an installation is quite profitable economically, because the invoice element is much cheaper than traditional products, and by design it is simpler. So buyers often stop their choice on the metal grid.

About the rules of service and care

During operation of the fireplace with a ventilation grate, you may encounter some problems arising from its improper installation:

  • cold or only slightly warm air can come out of the outlet - this indicates gaps and cracks in the box itself or weak fire;
  • smoke falling through the grate into the room - check the connection of the furnace to the chimney;
  • blackened grille - the box has poor thermal insulation.

If there is a grill with small holes on the fireplace, it should be cleaned more often than other types of grilles. This procedure should be carried out at least once every six months, namely, when the cold season comes and when the fireplace is no longer needed. If this is not done, then the air simply cannot enter the room through the clogged grill.

When the fireplace is no longer used, it is better to close the grill on it, otherwise insects can get inside.

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