Types of fireplaces

In the decoration of modern interiors fireplaces are not the last place. And it's not even about their benefits in terms of space heating - some of them lack such a function - but the fact that the fireplace is a very beautiful and memorable element of decor. He gives any home comfort and chic. The variety of their types allows you to freely choose a suitable model for a private house, and for a city apartment.


What are the fireplaces?

So, depending on the type of fuel, fireplaces are divided into:

  • Wood burning;
  • Electric;
  • Gas;
  • Bio Fireplaces

Depending on the type of firebox and radiation, fireplaces are divided into:

  • Fireplaces with open firebox;
  • Fireplaces with closed firebox.

The next criterion for classifying types of fireplaces is the way they are installed. Fireplaces are:

  • Walls;
  • Built-in;
  • Corner;
  • Island

And finally, depending on the purpose of the fireplace, there are:

  • Brick fireplaces;
  • Stove heaters;
  • BBQ fireplaces;
  • Decorative (falshkaminy);
  • Fireplaces for the garden (outdoor).

Consider in more detail the types of fireplaces


Such fireplaces are good because they can be installed in any city apartment. They do not require the installation of a special ventilation system, there is no need to purchase materials for the furnace. Enough to have a good electrical outlet and reliable wiring.

An electric fireplace can be easily installed by hand, its installation (and disassembly) does not require any special knowledge and skills. It is impossible not to note the ease of use - such fireplaces do not need special care, and the “flame” is easily controlled by the remote control.

On the modern market, you can choose a model with additional features: with steam simulating smoke, with a 3D effect of a burning flame (variants of imitation of fire on the built-in screen or backlit steam below are now very popular), with sound effects (wood crackling), with a cleaning function and air ionization.

Do not forget that, in addition to decorative, electric heater can also be used for space heating - the heating area of ​​the electric fireplace is about 20 square meters.

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Wood burning

This type of fireplaces is only suitable for country cottages and country houses, as it requires a larger area for installation than other types of fireplaces and the additional construction of a smoke exhaust system.

Chimneys for wood burning fireplaces are straight and winding. The first variety is best suited to quickly warm the air in the room. This happens as follows: during the combustion of fuel, the nearest layers of air and the brick itself heat up. However, due to strong traction, heated smoke does not linger in the smoke channel, but is discharged to the chimney, which significantly reduces the efficiency of such fireplaces and is one of their drawbacks. Their second drawback is uneven heating of the room. And the third - such a fireplace produces heat only when it burns fuel, it does not have a prolonged heating. Fireplaces with a winding chimney, on the contrary, can warm up the room for several hours after the completion of the firebox, so these stoves are more versatile.

Wood-burning stoves for homes and cottages are built, as a rule, from bricks or natural stone, but also cast-iron and metal structures are found.

Often wood fireplaces equip the cooking surface, which allows them to additionally perform the functions of the stove.


The installation of such fireplaces is possible in rooms with centralized gas supply, the role of the chimney is performed by a pipe that is brought out into the street or into a flue duct. In the form of fuel gas appears, its supply is regulated automatically.

Gas fireplaces are decorated with elements that mimic firewood, with their help, the effect of burning real live fire in a furnace is achieved. The installation of a gas fireplace requires a permit from the gas service, its installation can only be done by specialists.

Bio Fireplaces

A huge advantage of such fireplaces is that in the presence of a stunning visual effect - a real burning fire, no extract is required, since smoke, soot and unpleasant smell are simply absent.

The hearth of the biofireplace is equipped with a built-in block made of stainless steel, into which a special fuel made on the basis of pure ethyl alcohol is poured.

In the process of combustion, such fuel forms carbon dioxide, water vapor and generates heat - all of these combustion products are safe and do not have a harmful environmental impact on others.The fire from such fuel is bright, beautiful, smooth, not generating sparks, soot and smoke.

Types of fireplaces

In terms of appearance, the following types of fireplaces can be distinguished:

  • Fireplaces in classic style. Portals of such fireplaces are most often performed in the form of the letter "P", from natural wood, stone, marble; for decorative fireplaces it is possible to use drywall and cladding it with tiles;
  • Fireplaces in the style of "country" or rustic style. The portals are built in the shape of the letter “D”; for decorating from above, a wooden beam is attached. Production material - natural stone, brick, style - deliberate roughness of the finish;
  • Fireplaces in the style of "modern". It is based on a classic, with perfectly accurate geometric outlines. As a portal material, stone, marble, glass, wood can be used;
  • Fireplaces in high-tech style. The futuristic-minimalist hi-tech style implies the implementation of a fireplace portal made from highly modern refractory materials - glass, metal, and chamotte bricks.

Accommodation in the interior

Due to the variety of types and sizes of fireplaces, you can choose the place in the house where you want to see this device.To begin with - when installing any fireplace - draw a detailed scheme of its location: frontal front view, side view and top view. Describe the desired appearance, decor elements. So you will be much easier to determine the choice of the location of your fireplace.

There are the following types of fireplaces in the interior:

  • Angular. Such a laying of the fireplace is very successful: the fireplace does not take up much space, as it is located in the corner of the room and looks very interesting and stylish. If you place a wicker or upholstered furniture around it, you will get a very cozy warm corner;
  • Built in. Such a fireplace, as the name implies, is built into the wall, so it must be designed during the construction or repair of the premises. Due to its location inside the wall, it saves space well. The best option would be the location of a direct chimney in the outer wall;
  • Island. This is a freestanding fireplace. For its construction in the center of the room is constructed a platform, which smoothly passes into the chimney. This design is quite cumbersome and not suitable for small spaces. However, island fireplaces look very original;
  • Wall.One type of electric fireplaces. It has the 3D effect of live fire, which is achieved with the help of a modern LCD monitor. It has a very compact size, it can be hung on the wall, even in a small room. Also, some models have a heating function;
  • Floor. This fireplace is installed near the wall. Its installation is possible even after repairing the premises. The wall structure, as a rule, is quite voluminous, it is advisable to install it in a spacious room. It is quite simple to build a wall fireplace - for this you need to carefully carry out the drawing, preferably from several angles, calculate the amount of building materials needed and you can proceed with the construction.

Unusual design

Some designers go in their fantasies a little further than simply installing a fireplace in the house. They offer very unusual solutions regarding the appearance of fireplaces.

For example, if you like a bio fireplace, you can make an unusual coffee table stand for it! To do this, you need to design a two-tier table, in the table top of which you can make a recess under the fireplace. This design will perform two functions at once - with the fire extinguished it will be a coffee table, and with a burning fire it will be a fireplace.

For decorating fireplaces it is possible to use interesting accessories, for example, a set for a fireplace in the form of a knight or a fireplace grate in the form of a dragon. From above, you can put an ancient clock with a pendulum.

One of the most interesting design solutions, most often used in high-tech and loft styles, is a fireplace in the form of a pipe.

This is a hanging fireplace in the form of a large pipe that combines the firebox with fire-resistant glass doors and a smoke vent. This option looks very modern and original.

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