Built-in fireplace

Features and benefits

It is so nice on a cold winter evening to sit comfortably next to a warm fireplace, because at all times it has been considered a symbol of the home and comfort. A lot of people at home improvement opt ​​for various types of fireplaces, real or decorative. And it is not surprising, because such an attribute always creates a homely and warm atmosphere around, and in addition, successfully complements the interior.

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Unfortunately, these fireplaces can not be installed everywhere. For the apartment it is better to use various electrical options. They combine not only the traditional features of this fireplace, but also have an original design and are made of high quality materials.

Electrofireplaces are very popular in the modern world. And all because they have several advantages. Electrofireplaces are not only safe for living quarters, they are easy to use, but their installation does not require a chimney, which greatly simplifies life for many people.As you know, you should plan a real fireplace at the construction stage, so if you missed that moment, and it is impossible to install a chimney, it is better to give preference to an electric fireplace. He is no worse than the present. In addition, electric fireplaces do not require an additional ventilation system, and you do not need to purchase logs or coal for the firebox.

The advantage of built-in electric fireplaces is also the fact that they are represented in a huge range. For any fastidious taste of the client. Electrofireplace will ideally fit into any interior of the house, cottage or apartment.

A feature of any built-in electric fire is its versatility. You can embed it anywhere, for example, directly in the wall itself or in a niche. Such models are installed not only on the basis of aesthetic needs, but also for direct heating of the room.


Built-in models of fireplaces can be divided into several types. It all depends on where you want to place such a fireplace, and only then you will select the desired model. In addition, do not forget that the fireplace itself must be in harmony with the overall interior of the room.Electrofireplaces are recessed into the wall, as well as very close to it.

Wall-mounted models of built-in fireplaces look so that most of the fireplace itself is hidden in the wall, the firebox is on the foundation. This type of fireplace can be installed anywhere in the room. Some models include not only realistic flames, but also the sounds of cracking logs.

Recessed electric fireplaces can be completely different in shape. Open or closed. Classic, wide, narrow or rectangular. Vertical or horizontal. Built-in fireplaces come in various sizes. From the huge range you will surely pick the right one for you.

For example, you can arrange wall electrofireplaces in any place convenient for you. Such fireplaces are an electric hearth, which is enclosed in the body.

One of the most popular types are built-in biofireplaces. Such fireplaces are environmentally friendly, do not require the installation of a fireplace extract, as well as from them there is no smoke or soot. They work on eco-fuel and are absolutely safe. The fireplace will be a great solution for any home or apartment.

If you do not know on what form you stay, picking up a fireplace for your dacha, then you should take a closer look at the stoves - fireplaces. Such a stove - a fireplace combines all the efficiency of heating from a traditional stove and the beauty of a real fireplace. In addition, these furnaces are available with an integrated heat exchanger.

Very interesting and unusual models of built-in fireplaces with the steam 3D effect of a living flame. They are unlikely to leave your guests indifferent, in addition, they look very realistic.

How to choose

To choose the right fireplace, you need to decide what is most important to you. Decorative component or heating properties.

Decorative models are just an imitation of the fireplace, they have no heating functions. And built-in fireplaces that acquire for heating, most often have uncharacteristic decorative features. There are also combined fireplaces that combine both.

The size and shape of the built-in fireplace should be selected based on the size of the room in which you want to install it. For example, for small rooms, built-in fireplaces for niches or corner versions are perfect, a very wide fireplace will fit perfectly into large apartments.

In addition, you can choose a completely silent fireplace or alternatively with a slight crackle of firewood.

The most important rule when choosing any fireplace is that it should ideally be combined with the entire interior of a particular room. And also in harmony with the main colors in the design.

Embedding Rules and Requirements

It is advisable to think about the location of the future fireplace even during the construction of the premises. Thus, you can pre-design and make a niche for the future of electric heater. Of course, this will not be a problem for you in the already finished room, but, most likely, it will add unnecessary trouble.

To easily place the fireplace in the wall, you need to calculate in advance all the sizes, for this you need to know the future dimensions of the hearth. Depending on the type and model, the niche has different depths, but deeper variants look more realistic.

When installing an electrofireplace with heating, many experts recommend using the services of a wizard, since it can be quite difficult to make a niche for such a fireplace on your own.

Think in advance about the presence of the outlet next to the future fireplace, as well as how best you can hide the wires, otherwise they will spoil the whole look.

Asking the question at what height to place the future electric fireplace, the answer will be obvious. At the optimum. Should not be too low or high. Most often, according to experts, it is recommended to place a fireplace of this type not less than one meter from the floor.

How and where to install

An electronic fireplace can be built into the wall of any room. But as already mentioned, it is desirable to plan a niche for the installation of a future fireplace in advance, during the construction phase. In addition, the electric fire should not only ideally fit into the niche itself, but also be combined with the interior and furniture in general.

Embedding a fireplace in a wall with a TV or window is highly undesirable, if the fireplace is not just decorative, but with heating and is too close to the technology, the TV may well deteriorate.

The built-in fireplace will harmonize very well with a bookcase or furniture, for example, in the living room. In addition, an electronic fireplace can easily be built into a closet or chest of drawers in your bedroom. For this most often must be provided for a special place. Or the fireplace can be built in the center of the wall, and the cabinets and shelves will be located on the sides.But it is best to use the services of an experienced master and do not neglect safety.

To install an electric fireplace, you only need a little of your attention and for the most part your imagination. The fireplace with ease will become decoration of any room.

Interesting solutions in the interior

With the help of the built-in fireplace you can diversify the interior and design of any room to the maximum. For example, you can install such a fireplace on a false wall that separates the kitchen - dining room or kitchen - living room. With this technique, the fireplace can be contemplated from two rooms at the same time. In addition, this installation option looks quite unusual and even impressive.

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Built-in fireplaces will be perfectly combined with classic interiors or in the style of minimalism. They will also successfully fit into the style of modern or country.

The front facing of the fireplace or the entire wall can be decorated with a beautiful stone or with a special metal design. You can use various schemes of color combinations and combine coverage, which will allow you to create your own unique design.

If you want to install a fireplace with the maximum imitation of fire and smoke, then you should look at the fireplaces of the company Dimpleks. They are very realistic models with fire, which is very difficult to distinguish from natural. In addition, the fireplaces of this company are equipped with sound effects of cracked logs. A large assortment of different models for rooms of different areas will please even the most fastidious customers.

Equally popular, practical and safe to use are Electrolux electrofireplaces. They are made in an elegant and beautiful style and successfully fit into any interior of the house or apartment. Made of very high quality materials and heat-resistant glass. In this company you will find a variety of built-in fireplaces, as well as portals for them.

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