Mirror over the fireplace

Today the fireplace is not only functional, but also the main decorative element in many homes. Aesthetic look, chic design, high performance - that's what these models have "absorbed". The main advantage of modern fireplaces is that they can be installed not only in a private house, but also in the apartment. In such cases, the use of electrical options, characterized by high safety. Often, fireplaces complement the various decorative elements, and the most popular component is the mirror.

Special features

Mirrors, located above the fireplace, perform not only a decorative role. They are a functional component of the room, and therefore are often used in modern interiors. The main advantage of this item is that visually it makes the room more spacious and larger. The mirror gives the room aesthetics and emphasizes all the luxury of the interior.

The use of such an element in a setting for many people is of particular importance. According to ancient science - feng shui - a mirror located above the fireplace, retains the strong energy of fire in the shelter. Fans of this theory believe that such a solution in the interior can bring good luck to the owners of the house.

Basically, the fireplace, located in the central part of the room, is decorated with just such products. For a more harmonious picture, neat small lamps are fixed on both sides of the mirror in a symmetrical design. This decision brings a touch of romance and peculiar chic to the interior.

Often the luminous elements are placed inside the mirror. They are fixed in the side parts, but in such cases miniature models are used. The mirror, complemented by lighting, brings more warmth and comfort to the atmosphere.

How to choose

The choice of a suitable mirror depends on the style in which the room itself and the fireplace are made. If this is a classic interior, it is best to give preference to massive options with beautiful side trim. Fireplaces and mirrors with candles look interesting. It should be noted that similar solutions with these elements of lighting were used earlier and were a kind of tradition.Today, candles are used quite rarely even in classic interiors, and they perform an exclusively decorative role.

If you decide to add a mirror to the fireplace, here are some tips that will help in this matter:

  • for modern interiors, it is best to use objects with a concise design and straight lines;
  • the product must correspond to the general situation;
  • for the design of modern interiors, you can use mirror compositions.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of mirror in accordance with the style of the room. For each direction there are certain rules and features, and therefore it is worthwhile to get to know them better.

Matching style

Choosing a mirror that you are going to combine with a fireplace, pay attention to the surroundings. As already noted above, for the classic interior fit massive options with expensive design. A good choice in this case will be mirrors with a frame made of natural wood, the design of which uses careful processing.

One of the most popular and "cozy" directions in the interior is country style.For such an environment it is best to select products in a geometric design, decorated with natural materials. A good solution would be a mirror, in the design of which there is a rattan or branches.

No less well-known direction is modern, the features of which lie in soft lines and unusual details. In choosing a mirror, it is best to rely on natural motifs. Products with floral elements in the design, will be an excellent addition to the original fireplace.

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