Wall panels for the kitchen

What it is

Wall panels are material for decoration of kitchen walls. Due to its practicality and reliability, it is the most popular way to change the design of a kitchen apron.

Like any other material, wall panels have their pros and cons.

Features and benefits


  • Using them, you can change the kitchen beyond recognition.
  • They are suitable for any kitchen.
  • A variety of colors.
  • Easy to install, allowing you to use them yourself.
  • Installation does not take much time.
  • No need to level the walls, such as, for example, before laying tiles.
  • The cost of laminated wall panels is much less than the cost of tiles.
  • Under the wall panels you can hide the wiring.


  • MDF wall panels do not have sufficient water resistance.
  • Plastic panels are easy to damage.

What types are

  • Self adhesive Very often, when pasting walls in the kitchen, materials such as MDF and PVC are used. There is a layer of glue on the back of these materials.
  • Moisture-proof panels are not afraid of moisture, so they can be safely installed over the sink.
  • Heat-resistant and heat-resistant panels. They are not afraid of high temperatures and will not catch fire in the event of a fire.
  • Mirror. The wall in the kitchen, made of mirror panels, will visually enlarge the room, but caring for it will require some effort. Mirror panels cannot be used next to a stove or oven, as flammable.

The form of production of wall panels can be of three types:

  • Rack-and-pinion - their length is usually 2.5 m, and the width is 30 cm. If the kitchen has many corners or a little space, then light battens will visually enlarge the room. If you arrange them horizontally, the kitchen will look more elongated. And if it is vertical, the ceiling will appear higher. Rack panels are not difficult to mount: using brackets or screws they are attached to the batten.
  • Tiled squares are 30 × 30 cm. If they have a woody pattern, then placing them at different angles and levels will make the design unique. It is possible to increase the effect using LED lamps in the design.
  • Leaf - their size is 1.20 m by 2.40 m.Because the sheets are so large, the kitchen wall can be finished in a short time. They are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose sheets with a suitable pattern to maintain the overall style of the kitchen.


There is a huge amount of materials for kitchen walls.

Finishing panels can be acrylic, glossy, made of artificial stone, laminated, tiled, orgalithic, wooden, glass, mirror, ceramic, plaster and plastic.

Consider the materials of wall panels in more detail:

  • Natural wood. It can be a maple, oak, alder, cedar or bamboo. Wooden panels look original on the walls of the kitchen. Buasery wall panels are suitable for creating an expensive interior. And bamboo panels will create an oriental style. To prevent wooden panels from deteriorating due to excess moisture, they are varnished.
  • Chipboard. The panels of this material are easy to manufacture and have a low cost. Usually they are covered with plastic to give a chipboard look. For this reason, chipboard panels are produced in many colors and textures.But this material does not tolerate excess moisture, so the kitchen work area should not be installed from chipboard panels.
  • Fiberboard is compressed wood fibers. This material is environmentally friendly and its cost is much less than the cost of wood panels. Fix the panel of fiberboard either on the batten or on the wall. A huge minus of this material is intolerance to moisture. Therefore, in the kitchen panel of fiberboard should not be installed.
  • MDF. The panels of this material are moisture resistant and heat resistant, and they are also heat resistant. MDF panels are more than chipboard and fiberboard, but they have more positive qualities.
  • PVC This material is suitable for installation on the walls of the kitchen, because It is moisture resistant and is not afraid of fire. It is easy to install and comes in different colors. PVC stems are glossy or matte.
  • Glass. Glass wall panels are used to protect the image from external influences. If you follow the rules of operation, the glass panels will last long enough. The main representative of this category is the skinal panels.
  • Gypsum vinyl is a vinyl-coated gypsum board. The panels of these materials are durable and reliable, and they are produced in a finished work surface.
  • Acrylic.Cladding panels are an innovation in the world of manufacturing materials for wall decoration in rooms. They have high mechanical strength, low weight and resistance to ultraviolet rays. Bacteria and mold do not live on acrylic, and this material is environmentally friendly.
  • Acrylic plastic AGT. AGT - plastic has a flat surface, resistant to moisture, heat-resistant. The basis of this material is MDF. Together with acrylic panels they buy an ABC edge, which has a glossy finish in the color of the slab. These front panels are covered with a protective film that helps avoid scratches and any damage.
  • Hardboard is the same hardboard, but more durable. Their thickness is 7mm. For kitchen walls, this interior design idea is most preferable, since Laminated panels have a pattern for ceramic tiles, metal or wood.
  • Fake diamond. This natural material is expensive for the price and creates a huge load on the building structure. Therefore, to decorate the walls of the kitchen is better to use wall panels that mimic artificial stone.
  • Plastic.This material is easy to use and has a low cost, but it is susceptible to moisture and fire hazard.
  • Flash panels or 3D panels. This material has a three-dimensional pattern or mosaic. It is used to hide some places in the finish. 3D - panels give the kitchen originality due to the complex and fanciful images. These panels are easily attached to the surface of the wall, so they can be used to design cabinets.
  • Decorative panel with illuminated Led. It is heat resistant and safe material. The panel has lamps that are used as additional lighting for the kitchen.
  • Gypsum - this material is durable, soundproof and eco-friendly. Wall gypsum panels are a good way to design a kitchen apron.

Front skinal for furniture will also help to transform the kitchen. So kitchen walls and furniture will be in harmony with each other.


The shape and size of the wall panels are different, so the buyer can choose the appropriate option for him. The height and width of the panels depends on the shape and manufacturer.

  • The standard panel size of MDF 2.4 m by 60 cm.
  • Sheet panels are 1.22 m by 1.40 m. Thickness is from 6 mm to 10 mm.
  • Rack panels are available in the size of 3 m by 50 cm.
  • Wood panels - 1.20 m by 1.40 m.
  • Tiled panels are 30 cm by 30 cm, 70 × 70 cm and above.

Colors and decor

In the modern market of wall panels there are a lot of different colors. In the store you will be offered samples of flowers for the kitchen apron, from which you choose the most suitable.

Kitchen design options:

  • Skinali with 3D drawing. For the interior of the kitchen you need to choose the 3D glass panels, as They are heat resistant and moisture resistant. If you chose these panels, then make sure that the selected picture will look harmoniously throughout the interior of the kitchen. The kitchen set should be of monochromatic colors so that the three-dimensional pattern on the wall of the working area is not lost. The style of the kitchen should be restrained so that the 3D drawing looks spectacular.
  • For the black kitchen is better to choose the images of colors. White roses, lily or orchid will give a unique style. To make the black kitchen not look too cold, you can add warm colors.
  • For a white kitchen, there are more options for decorating an apron than for a black one. White color looks great in combination with any colors.So, the white kitchen can have an apron from a mosaic, a natural stone, images of the nature and flowers. Popular wall panels under the tree.
  • The transparent apron is made of glass. This option creates a feeling of comfort and makes the kitchen more restrained. On the surface of a transparent apron, you can draw or stick stickers. Often under the transparent apron install the backlight of the LED lamps or ribbons.
  • Skinali with the image of the night city. This design option apron kitchen is suitable for romantic people who love to travel. The night city will invigorate in the morning and add mystery in the evening. It will be especially interesting to look at such an apron with backlight.

How to install your own hands

There are four ways to install wall panels in the kitchen:

  • The device is wooden crates. To do this, take rectangular bars and fasten with screws parallel to each other. To make it exactly use the level.
  • The use of construction brackets. Before attaching the panel to the wall install the crate. After that, wall panels are attached to it using brackets or stapler.
  • The device is a metal profile.This method is good for the kitchen, which has irregularities on the walls. In order not to align the walls, you can simply mount the metal profile, and fasten panels to it.
  • Liquid Nails. The easiest way to install skinali. But before you glue the panels, you need to align the walls. Before you glue the panels, make sure that the wall is dry and clean.

It is easiest to install plastic skins or MDF:

  • To do this, first make the markup to properly position the slats.
  • Then collect the frame of the rails. It is necessary to calculate the number and length of the rails. Using a hacksaw, you need to cut the planks and screw them to the wall using a punch. To make the frame smooth, you need to tighten and fasten the jumper.
  • At the end we frame the frame panels. To do this, the desired panel is screwed to the rails. Substituting the panel to the panel you need to go all the way. The sheathed wall must be fixed with baseboards around the apron perimeter.

How much are

The cost of skinals depends on the material and manufacturer.

Average price of panels:

  • Glass - from 3 thousand r per m2;
  • MDF - 100 r per item;
  • PVC - from 30 p. Per unit;
  • LDSP - from 1000 r per piece.

Overview of the best manufacturers

  • Griffin - a domestic manufacturer of wall panels for the kitchen. Their panels are water resistant, durable and resistant to high temperature. They are made of high quality and safe materials that will last a long amount of time.
  • ASP studio - manufacturer of wall panels from MDF. This material includes a sense of glass and gloss. It is reliable, high-quality and environmentally friendly.
  • Skif is a Russian manufacturer of tabletops and wall panels. There are a lot of color options for the panels, so anyone who buys will choose the color or pattern that suits him. The manufacturer's product quality and safe.
  • Stoleks - wall panels of this manufacturer are made of MDF and PVC. They are moisture resistant, high quality and come in a variety of colors and images.
  • The Union is a domestic manufacturer of MDF wall panels. They are inexpensive but high quality. The great advantage of such panels is that they are covered with a protective film that protects them from mechanical damage.
  • Trio - production of wall panels from HDF with laminated coating. They are waterproof and heat resistant.
  • Cleaf is an Italian manufacturer of wall panels that are created with images that mimic leather, wood, stone or fabric. These panels are durable and moisture-proof.

Interesting solutions in interior design

To equip the kitchen space you need to choose materials that will protect the surface of the working rest area from splashes of grease, water and soot. Kitchen apron must be durable and durable. Therefore, choosing wall panels, pay attention to the quality of the material.

In order for the kitchen design to be complete, you need to choose the right colors for the walls and furniture of the kitchen. The ideal option is a white apron, which harmoniously looks in any stylistic direction of the kitchen. If desired, beautiful stickers can be stuck onto it, which are easily removed and do not leave traces of glue on the surface.

An interesting design solution is the game of contrasts. For example, if the kitchen suite is white, then the skinalies may be black or red. It looks very original and adds bright colors to the space.

If you do not like brightness and prefer quieter colors, the kitchen can be decorated in neutral colors.For example, a bright kitchen set with a white worktop and a light purple apron made of glass is suitable for a classic kitchen.

Wall panels in the form of a mosaic look very original. You can lay out such panels as you like, you will not have to combine the drawing. If the apron is decorated with a mirror effect, the kitchen will look even more interesting.

In order for the kitchen to become unique, they use panels for arranging the kitchen. The building stores sell sets of wall panels depicting urban or rural landscapes, sea waves or waterfalls, still lifes, etc. Such a trimmed wall will add to the room a feeling of comfort.

Anyone can design a kitchen in an original way; all that is needed is to be able to combine the shades of the walls, the kitchen set and the kitchen apron. The wall area should be part of the interior. It is possible to install wall panels yourself, if you follow the instructions. You can finish the design of the kitchen apron with the help of a backlight of LED bulbs that will illuminate the working space in the dark.

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