Spanish tiles for the kitchen

As a rule, the most expensive repairs in the house are done in the kitchen and in the bathroom. These are two rooms of your house in which you want to do it once and for all, because it is a very laborious task. That is why the materials used for finishing should be not only beautiful, but also durable. Those who could easily withstand high humidity, temperature changes and frequent cleaning, without losing the “presentation” for many years.

One of the best materials for finishing walls and floors is rightly considered to be ceramic tiles. Let's see why it is so good and why we recommend that you pay attention to manufacturers from Spain?

Advantages of ceramic wall tiles:

  1. Direct contact with water and high humidity is not terrible for her.

  2. The tile does not absorb smells, even if it is hot.

  3. The tile can be easily washed, even if there are grease stains on the wall, because aggressive detergents will not leave marks on its surface.

  4. Tile is a very durable material and its service life reaches tens of years.

  5. The tile is not subject to corrosion unlike metal or a tree.

We should also note the impact resistance. Tiles from Spanish manufacturers perfectly tolerate the fall of sharp or heavy objects, which is not uncommon in the kitchen.

Spain is also one of the main suppliers of tiles to our market, so in any hardware store you will find the widest range and rich color palette.

Stylistic features

In addition to the above two points, it is worth noting that the main highlight of the Spanish tiles is the frequent use of textile ornaments. If the plain motifs are too boring for you and you want the kitchen to play with colors and it has something in the style of Provence, the Spanish manufacturers will find something to surprise you with.

Of course, the presence of bright ornaments does not negate matte monochromatic tiles or inviting gloss. These options also have all the other positive characteristics of the Spanish masters.

By the way, interior designers often choose a matte finish for the kitchen, and they use the same shades of tile for both the walls and the floor.Thanks to not brilliant surfaces it is very easy to create coziness, and for the kitchen it is very important. Another reason for choosing this particular country of origin also lies in the fact that they are honored with dairy and soft brown tones. Agree, most often the kitchen is made in such colors. With such tiles, the kitchen is saturated with the energy of beauty and the mysteriousness of the sunny south.


There are many competitors in the market, we will tell about the main ones that are worth your attention.

Absolut Keramika - samples of this manufacturer are considered as elite ceramics. As for stylistic features, then most often it is a combination of baroque and modern details.

"Damasco". Many collections, but almost all are united by one theme - the style of “patchwork”. What does he look like? Like a blanket, woven from patches. This is a specific finish, but very beautiful. To make the kitchen not look too interesting, you can only finish the apron for the kitchen in Spanish style, and make the rest of the walls matte and solid.

Aparici is a brand that prefers pastel colors and emphasizes texture. If you adhere to the classic low-key style in the interior, this tile will suit your taste.

“APE Ceramica” is a young but already very popular brand. They have several collections, among which you can definitely choose something to suit your taste. For example, a strict "male" line called "Lord and Dandy". This is a rather stiff English style. There is a collection of "Siroco" - a bright contrast to the previous style, or a branch of "Jordan", where motley light motifs are presented.

Saloni ceramica is a brand for those who love the texture of natural stone or even wood. Color solutions mainly contain coffee and milk shades, close to the natural combinations of natural.

"Kermogranit Venatto" is suitable if you want to use a texture similar to marble. No screaming colors, only pastel soft tones for connoisseurs of tenderness and comfort.

Standard sizes of Spanish kitchen tiles:

In fact, if you look at the latest arrivals in stores, you will realize that the size range is very variable. The standard options for wall tiles include: 10x20, 10 × 10, 5 × 5, but if you need a tile size of 7.5x15, we assure you that there will be one! Sometimes even samples of 8x15 or 8x30 come across, you just need to ask the seller.

As for the floor tiles, the most common length of the parties - 30 and 40 centimeters.

Do not forget that in addition to the tile itself, you will need to choose options for edging, transitions, finishing the ends and corners of your kitchen, and all this, of course, is widely represented by Italian companies.

No matter what style you like: Provence, modern, hi-tech, ethno or classic, Spain is a producer country that will find something to surprise you, and most importantly, you will not have to doubt the quality of the product, because it always comes first place!

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