Panel of tiles in the kitchen

Every housewife wants her home to be the most comfortable and beautiful. The interior in any room is selected carefully, with love. You work hard on catalogs, study websites that offer interesting design solutions, ask for advice from professionals and try to connect all your imagination so that a magical atmosphere reigns at home.

There are countless ways to decorate your nest, but today we would like to talk about a particular place, so to speak, about its heart of your apartment. About the kitchen.

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Features and benefits

Sometimes the central position is occupied by the table, but this is provided that the room has a sufficient number of square meters. If the area is not so much, then you can make a highlight without spending it in vain. To do this, just make a panel of tiles.

The most frequent locations of kitchen paintings or frescoes:

  1. Over the stove or cooking zone, right under the hood.
  2. Around the sink, where water runs constantly.
  3. In the corners, free from furniture.
  4. Above the fireplace.
  5. Near the dining table.
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Such a ceramic decoration is not just elegant, there are quite reasonable functional reasons for its use.

First of all, it is heat and moisture resistant material, which is not afraid of mechanical stress and sudden changes in temperature. Under the influence of steam, wallpaper peels off, direct sunlight erases the image, wood is prone to decay, plastic is often difficult to clean off stubborn grease stains, and our alternative is almost for ages.

Secondly, the material easily hides flaws. Not all Russian houses can boast of even walls. Sometimes there are surprises from previous owners after redevelopment: a shifted column, a battery, ventilation or just holes from wall cabinets that used to fit into the interior. Ceramic squares and rectangles hide such nuances without much effort. No one even guesses what is hidden behind the artful picture.

Thirdly, if you approach the matter wisely, then using a panel of tiles in the kitchen height is visually adjusted.Also, if you want to narrow / expand the area of ​​the apron, the pattern will help you. A little visual deception, and the effect will be simply amazing.


Consider specific examples and types of panels that can flaunt your home:

Classic option - panel with the image. The idea is simple. You have a certain composition, most often it becomes a central spot, and around it an auxiliary space is created (traditionally monotonous). This is very unusual from an aesthetic point of view. Thanks to modern application mechanisms, a real masterpiece will appear in your kitchen.

Favorite motifs are still lifes, gorgeous natural landscapes, sea views, hunting themes, wine and coffee line also highly in demand.

Mosaic. This may be a small tile. (2-3 centimeters wide) and multiple colors or slightly larger samples (with a side of 10 centimeters)which in themselves are additionally distinguished by ornaments and look a bit like a patchwork quilt.

Such solutions are more common among fans of the style "modern" or "Provence."

Kitchen panel, made from splinters. The technique is painstaking, the implementation is quite capricious, but very dramatic. Fragments resemble a broken mirror or a jug, and all together, put together, gives a feeling of luxury and comfort.

Hand painted tile - This is another style of exquisite jewelry. This option is similar to the first one, but the main difference is that the drawing will be unique. He will inspire you to prepare delicious dishes and gather the whole family, bringing incredible comfort and warmth to the house.

What secrets you need to know in order not to be mistaken:

If you have chosen a ready-made cloth with a certain pattern, and decided that it should be located on the apron, please consider: the borders of the headset must coincide with the edges of the tile covering. Otherwise, the composition will look untidy, as if you got rid of some piece of furniture, although all the repairs were sharpened by the original set.

If you are not a fan of frequent cleaning and generally advocate spending as much time as possible on this occupation, choose a smooth glossy or matte tile. If it is embossed, then very soon it will accumulate grease and dirt, which is not easy to clean.

Pay attention to shades and semitones. The panel should be combined with walls, floor and appliances. Be careful if you do not want the room to resemble a rag doll sewn from different patches. Harmony in the ensemble - the key to your peace of mind.

If the kitchen is more of a cozy classic than a trendy high-tech, then you try not just to decorate one of the zones with a pattern, but to use such a technique as Arch (arch). With its help, you can create additional volumetric elements and the area near the stove will turn into something resembling a fireplace or a warehouse in an old cellar. Every time you cook your dishes, you will feel like a treacherous witch or a beautiful medieval maiden. Suitable for creative.

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Manufacturing Technique

There are several common ways that such parts are created for your walls:

  • Decol. In this case, specific ink is used to apply the image. After the drawing or design is ready, the tile is left in the oven at a temperature of up to 900 ° C. The result is a very durable, bright coating. Such a kitchen can be inherited, the colors do not fade and do not blur.
  • A very similar method is printing on a machine plus firing.
  • Sublimation. The system is cheaper and as a result - less durable. Initially, a special polymer composition is applied to the surface, after which the selected printed pattern is superimposed on top.
  • Ink, which is affected by ultraviolet rays. Have you seen the lamp, under which you need to hold your hand until the gel polish completely dries out when building your nails? The principle of operation is about the same. This way is even cheaper than the previous one, but not inferior in quality.
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What materials are used as an alternative, if a panel of tiled or ceramic tiles is not your way?

  • We already mentioned mosaic, but do it again. This is spectacular, but due to the large number of small parts, many seams are formed. They are clogged with dirt and grease, which is not very welcomed by good housewives.
  • Mirror surface. Meaning this option, we are talking not just about a brilliant glossy finish, but about a real mirror. It looks very beautiful, modern and fits perfectly in any interior. One minus is fragility.
  • Stone tile. Such a design decision is not cheap, but on the other hand, do you often make repairs in the kitchen? Once in 10 years, allow yourself to spend money and do everything as it should be.
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Of course, all of the above are just guidelines that you can follow or ignore by inventing something of your own. It is always difficult and costly to create a painterly repair, so we would like at least a little help with your choice, since there are a lot of options on the market.

By the way, when choosing products, pay attention to the country of origin. The best in the creation of tiles are Italian and Spanish companies. In addition to high quality standards, they will delight you with a variety of shapes and colors. Another pole - a rare construction store has no products from these southern countries. Find them easy enough.

We wish you a successful repair. Make arrangements for your home with the same inspiration!

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