How to cover the walls in the kitchen

The walls in the kitchen are usually used for hanging cabinets or kitchen utensils, but this does not mean that they should perform only a utilitarian function. The kitchen is better than any other room in the house, allows you to experiment with styles and materials in the decoration, it gives you the opportunity to choose an interesting design and make bold desires.

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Features and benefits

The kitchen accumulates much more pollution than in other rooms, it has a special microclimate, and is the most visited place in the apartment. Therefore, the materials used for the decoration of the kitchen, should be primarily practical, and only then perform a decorative function. This principle fully applies to the finish of kitchen walls.

Thus, the question of simplicity and convenience in the care of wall coverings comes to the fore. And, of course, their characteristics of moisture resistance, high temperatures and good resistance to the growth of fungi and bacteria are very important.The style and design of the kitchen walls is relegated to third position, but this does not mean that they can be neglected. The harmonious combination of these factors will allow to equip in the kitchen a true paradise.

How to sheathe and trim

The easiest and fastest way to change the finish of the walls of the kitchen is to paste over them with wallpaper. The range of wallpaper is very large, of all the variety for the walls of the kitchen is not suitable only paper wallpaper, as they are problematic to wash.

Other options: vinyl, non-woven, glass wall paper, wallpaper for painting, or liquid wallpaper - can be used to decorate kitchen walls.

A distinctive feature of vinyl and non-woven wallpaper is ease of gluing. Even one person can cope with such work. On the surface of such wallpaper is a special film that protects them from getting wet, so they are also called washable wallpaper. They are perfectly washed off of fat and soot, and are not subject to fading.

Wallpaper for painting is a white material on a glass cloth basis. They are very convenient because they can be glued on uneven walls, they are not afraid of a draft and the effects of steam and humidity.In order for the wallpaper to acquire all the listed properties, they are covered with acrylic paint.

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Glass fiber is made from a material containing glass filaments. These wallpapers are fireproof, resistant to moisture, very durable and are considered to be environmentally friendly.

There are non-standard wallpaper, which are called "liquid", their feature is the method of application. It is possible to purchase similar wallpapers in the form of a dry packed-up mixture, which is further diluted with water. The mixture is applied to the wall like plaster. For greater strength, liquid wallpaper coated with acrylic lacquer. This coating does not crack, does not deform and looks very impressive.

Wall mural can also be used to decorate the kitchen. Usually choose a free wall, not cluttered with furniture, which is decorated with a picture to your taste. There are various types of photo wallpapers, in some cases they can be replaced by a self-adhesive film. Such a wall with photo wallpapers can become a dining area if you set a table or a bar near it.

A great option for decorating kitchen walls can be decorative plaster.To date, there are many varieties of plaster mixes, including Venetian, silicone, structural and marble chips. The inclusion of organic aggregates and mineral fibers in textured plaster makes it possible to obtain the effect of wood bark, texture of linen fabric, skin of wild animals, or natural stone.

Before applying the plaster wall must necessarily be aligned and covered with a primer.

In the future, decorative plaster painted; Depending on the preferences of the owner, you can use different color combinations, up to the creation of artistic drawings. Glossy paint can increase the space due to its brilliance, but can emphasize the slightest unevenness of the wall. If there are doubts about the thoroughness of the alignment of the walls, you should give preference to semi-matte or matte paint. In any case, the paint should be washable and moisture-resistant, then painted walls will last a long time. It is worth spending extra effort searching for antimicrobial paint.

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Instead of painting, kitchen walls can be covered with such a spectacular material, like clapboard, which can be made of plastic (siding), wood or MDF.

It is easiest to coat the walls with plastic siding; this material is affordable, easy to clean and install. The exception is made of plastic panels with a mirror effect, since they can not contact with water. We must remember that plastic can crack from impact, as it does not differ in hardness.

In the case when MDF panels are used for the kitchen, it is possible to achieve numerous color variety complete with durability and strength. Made from wood dust, MDF is considered an environmentally friendly material. Thanks to the PVC film coating, it does not absorb moisture, is steam-resistant and easy to clean. The surface of this material has a spectacular brilliance, and modern paints make it bright and pleasant look.

If you use wall tiles with natural wood veneer, you get a kitchen with wooden walls. Another option would be the use of lining made of natural wood, coated with acrylic varnish. A white oak wall panel can also be installed to emphasize the exclusiveness of the interior.

Creative in terms of design and convenient for use will equip the wall in the kitchen in the form of a slate.It can be either small, not more than a meter, or the size of a kitchen door. Such a board will provide the perfect place for short recipes, a list of foods and reminders. Undoubtedly, such a contrasting detail should be combined with the rest of the design.

Glass panels, or 3D screens, can be mounted not only on the surface of a kitchen apron. A bright glass wall, made in a single color scheme, will draw attention to the dining area in the kitchen. Photo printing on glass is much more durable than wallpaper.

The option to use porcelain stoneware or stone in the decoration of kitchen walls, of course, implies significant costs, but it can turn the kitchen into a luxurious room, inherent in a medieval castle rather than a modern apartment.

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Choosing a color

The colors that are used in the design of the kitchen can have a huge impact on the mood and atmosphere in the room. It is important to balance modern design ideas with your personal taste preferences, and then you can create perfect harmony.

Prevailing dark colors in the design give a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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Such bright colors as red and orange can speed up metabolism and increase hunger. These colors are recommended to be used moderately and fragmentary, as they tend to also cause aggression.

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Pink, lilac, blue, beige, peach, and olive tones help create a cute and cozy space.

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White color it feels fresh and clean, the white kitchen is able to awaken the person entering it from sleep.

It is necessary to choose the color that is closer to the style of the created interior and is consistent with the personal preferences of the owner.

Using color helps beat the room zoning. Bright accent pink painting of the wall will be appropriate in the guest zone, and darker burgundy or brown tones will highlight the cooking zone itself.

Visually expanding the space in a small kitchen will help glass or mirror wall and decorated in light pastel colors.

How to decorate

In the case when you want to convey a special emotional mood, add a splash of color, or simply to place the necessary utensils, the surface of the kitchen walls is decorated with various accessories.

For comfort and create lighting effects use sconces and lamps. They create an additional convenience in the preparation of products and allow an invisible border of kitchen areas with the help of the play of light. Thereby, two goals are achieved: we decorate the room and turn it into a warm, cozy and attractive for the eyes.

To make a colorful empty wall of the kitchen will help wall plates, pictures or family photos. Such a media gallery will be interesting to guests and may be updated from time to time.

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Even in a small kitchen there is room for creativity. You can hang on the wall a bright holder for kitchen knives. In the kitchen-island, an interesting design solution would be to attach a bracket to the ceiling and hang a set of ladles, antique copper pans and other kitchen utensils.

Fill the space between the kitchen cabinets will help decorative plates. In the most unexpected cases, they can even be lights, it depends only on the owner's imagination.

For the decoration may be useful and objects familiar to the kitchen, but filed in a non-standard version: a mixer and faucets.Made in the old style, or in a pronounced style of "techno", they will be a nice detail.

Decorative clock, metal wall pots for flowers, unusual forged hangers for aprons will help to revive the walls. And the aprons and napkins hung along the wall - all these items can serve as a decoration for the kitchen.

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DIY handicrafts

In a situation where cooking is a favorite hobby of the owners, they spend a long time in their kitchen every day. In this case, instead of hiding pots and pans in the niches of kitchen cabinets, you can use them as decorative accents.

Decorate the walls and at the same time keep all the kitchen utensils within reach will allow a variety of shelves that can be made with your own hands. If the kitchen set or walls are made of natural wood, shelves made of planks will be an excellent addition to them, preferably from the same material in order to preserve the color scheme. Harmoniously look like shelves will be in the kitchen in the style of "Provence", "retro", or in the vintage kitchen.

The hands can make a "plate" for the kitchen clock.To do this, a large flat dish must be covered with white paint and provide a hole in the center. When the paint is dry, you can draw numbers and add to this fancy painting. After complete drying, the arrows from the clock are inserted into the holes, and the clock mechanism itself is fixed on the back of the dish. It turns out exclusive watches, which, in addition to demonstrating the artistic talent of the owners, have a purely utilitarian purpose.

In case you want to paint the walls manually, you can use ready-made stencils. By the same principle, intricate inscriptions are applied - quotations, black and white graphic drawings, or patterned ornaments.

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Space unification

Very often in a small apartment, for example, in the “Khrushchev”, the kitchen area does not exceed 9 square meters. m., so owners want to expand it and make it more convenient. In this case, it is worth thinking about how to break one of the kitchen walls. It can be a wall between the kitchen and the bathroom, or, more often, between the hall and the kitchen.

The main obstacle to such a reconstruction may be the fact that it is required to legalize the redevelopment by contacting the architectural department of the city administration.In that case, if the walls, which are planned to be demolished, are not bearing and their removal will not harm the structure of the building, you can begin to repair. Alternatively, some cleaned walls need to be replaced with columns.

Nowadays, kitchens with balconies are very popular. However, we must remember that to move the kitchen to the balcony ledge, it is also required to collect permits, since this is due to the complete transfer of communications.

Work begins with the release of space from furniture, plumbing and household appliances. Then we remove the sewer and water pipes, remove the old door.

You can break the wall yourself using a sledgehammer and punch. Depending on the chosen kitchen renovation project, you can completely or partially remove the wall.

Demolition of the wall can turn the former kitchen and living room into a studio, it will be a convenient option for both one-bedroom and one-room apartments - “Khrushchev”. To do this, you can use the design of the walls of a single textured coating, such as plaster, but paint in different colors, having drawn an invisible border zones.Or leave part of the wall intact, having decorated a beautiful arch in it.

Another option would be to design a podium on the floor of the former kitchen. An elevated floor will “eat”, of course, some of the height of the kitchen, but it will be a real decoration of the apartment, even if the height difference is only a few centimeters.

Alternatively, a small bar can be placed on the border of the kitchen and living room, so that it does not interfere with the passage, but visually separates a single room.

Recently, a sliding wall has become popular between the kitchen and living area. This is also a partition, but in a completely different form, airy and light. It can be glass or made from lightweight panels, such as plasterboard or MDF. A door - a coupe or a furniture partition can be built in it, but more often a spacious original opening is made in such a wall.

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Such an aperture looks especially interesting when it is combined with a bar counter. Moreover, from the side of the kitchen the bar counter can serve as a cabinet, and from the side of the living room it will look like a wall elevation covered with a tabletop.

Work on the design of the kitchen space itself includes, first of all, the transfer of sewer and water pipes and their concealment inside the walls.If the pipes cannot be hidden, they should be laid along the floor and covered with panels. Pre-plumbing pipes and heating must be replaced with metal or PVC pipes.

Next comes the turn of gas pipes, for which you need to call the gas service. Professionals will help to hide the unattractive metal pipes and fixtures with which gas is supplied. To do this, you can use false panels to help hide unnecessary communications. With their help, you can also hide the unsightly corrugated pipe of a gas boiler or exhaust, or even out the surface of uneven walls visually.

To save space in a small kitchen, angular modular kitchens, which most ergonomically organize the work area, will help.

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Interesting ideas in the interior

Thanks to the redevelopment of a small kitchen in the apartment - "Khrushchev" you can get a comfortable working area of ​​the kitchen, complete with a living room - dining room.

It would be desirable, that the formed territory was comfortable and convenient. In order to make the most advantageous use of the available space, it is necessary to take into account all the details of the interior, primarily the geometry of the room, as well as the location and number of windows.

In the event that additional communications take place in the kitchen, for example, a ledge with a built-in ventilation box is mounted in the inner corner, using standard furniture can be inconvenient. This moment will help to brighten up the bespoke kitchen. As a result of properly selected furniture design, a kitchen with protrusions in the wall will eventually look much more interesting than a typical kitchen.

The kitchen with a gas boiler can also look stylish and beautiful. To hide it will help the correct furniture. It is convenient to hide the wall boiler in the closet, but it is necessary to take into account all safety standards and rules for servicing gas equipment.

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The use of paints in the small kitchen also has its secrets. Of course, the dark design in this case is inappropriate. It is undesirable to hang a kitchen set of bright and saturated colors, because they "eat" the space. Optimally choose two pastel shades and combine them in all possible variations.

You should not use patterns and abundance of decor or contrasting color combinations, from which the eyes can get tired in a small room.The design should use painted walls, as glossy paints and coatings expand the space due to its brilliance and reflective effect.

If there is an opportunity to decorate one of the walls with the help of a mirror, then you need to use this, the mirror will also visually increase the volume of the kitchen. The kitchen apron, or, as it is sometimes called, the wall, can be laid out of glass, tile or metal tile. Or to execute from light skinal without drawing, at the same time glass will create necessary lightness indoors.

The windows in the kitchen can serve not only as a source of light, but as a spectacular decoration. And in the case of a small kitchen, it is also an additional option for placing kitchen equipment, a place for which can be found on the windowsill.

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In an apartment with redevelopment, or in a private house, you can create a kitchen with two windows on one wall, or with two windows on different, usually bordering walls. Two windows make the kitchen lighter and more spacious, allow you to create design options in the style of "country", Italian or classic home cooking.

Kitchen with a bay window, which can be found in new buildings, usually also has a small size.Due to the unusually located window, its design is always very effective, often in the style of "Provence" or "art deco".

Due to the proper use of designer techniques, custom-made furniture and interesting, creative finds, a mini-kitchen can become comfortable, extraordinary and stylish, and the time spent on its territory can be pleasant and joyful.

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