Wall decoration in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequently visited places in the apartment. Here hostesses prepare a variety of delicious dishes to pamper their households; here the whole family gathers for breakfast and for warm communication over evening tea. That is why the kitchen space must be decorated with love and special attention.

Design options

The following materials are most often used for finishing kitchen walls:

Wallpaper. On the modern market there is a huge variety of wallpaper, but do not forget that for the kitchen fit, not all. The greatest preference is given to non-woven, washable and vinyl wallpaper. Due to their properties, they can be easily cleaned of contamination with water and a sponge;

Brick. The perfect original material for decorating your kitchen. Such walls do not even require additional decoration. It is only important to choose the color of the brick under the main colors of the kitchen;

Ceramic tile. Very practical coating for the kitchen "apron", characterized by high strength and resistance to frequent washing, even with the use of aggressive detergents. Her choice on the market is huge. You can also use it as a floor covering, only in this case, give preference to matte stoneware;

Plastic wall panels. Another type of finish kitchen walls, characterized by practicality and durability. They can finish the entire kitchen completely, and in the “apron” area use such a designer chip: stick a collage of photos or photo wallpaper there, and glass panels on top. This covering will be steady against pollution and will become beautiful addition to an interior of kitchen;

Relief plaster. A great option for those who want to give the walls a certain texture (for example, the texture of wood, leather, stone, etc.) and paint them in one or several tones;

Wall paint. Here, too, is where to roam design fantasy. In the modern market one can find not only simple, but also quite interesting textured paint, for example, with parts of marble chips or sawdust, which will create unique relief on the walls. It will look beautiful and smooth glossy finish.

Dining in the dining area

It is not a secret for anyone that in the kitchen room it is best to distinguish between work and dining areas. This is easily done by creating an accent wall at the dinner table.

As a rule, the table in our kitchen is located near the free wall. There can not hang lockers and shelves. But this does not mean that the wall should remain dull and faceless. Let's think together how to decorate an empty wall?

There are the following options:

Making photo wallpapers. Here, where, where, and on the free wall in the dining area, the wallpaper will look very harmonious and well. It is important to choose a picture that matches the meaning and color scheme of your kitchen. Rustic motifs, urban views, nature look very nice. Do not forget that the selected picture should not only like and fit into the interior, but also stimulate the appetite;

Fresco. This type of wall decoration differs from photo wallpapers in that the fresco is applied manually on the plastered wall or on the canvas on a self-adhesive or non-woven base. This is a rather expensive type of decoration, but this wall looks very impressive.However, if you have artistic skills and are confident in yourself, as in a master, you can easily apply the fresco yourself;

Decorating the wall with wallpaper. If you don’t really want to bother and your option is just wallpapering the walls, take a note of the following idea - select wallpapers for the wall in the dining area that are in harmony with the rest of the kitchen walls, but still differ in pattern, texture, shade. In such a simple way, you can create a visual zoning of the room without creating extra work for yourself;

You can do the same if you painted the kitchen walls. In the eating area, you can create an interesting pattern using a pre-made stencil with a different shade of paint. You can also play with textures.

The choice of colors

In order for your kitchen space to be not only beautiful and stylish, but also to make you want to eat, you need to choose the right color palette for its design. Here's what designers say about using different colors in decorating a kitchen and their effect on appetite:

Red. The most aggressive, energetic color, very well increase the appetite. But due to his excessive obsession, you should not overload the interior with them, just a few bright accents. By the way, the color of “bordeaux” is one of the most recommended when decorating a cafe or restaurant;

Orange. Very "tasty" color, causing a strong desire to eat. Often used in the decoration of fast food restaurants. It is also desirable to dilute it with calmer colors, for example, various shades of brown, gray;

Yellow perception is similar to orange. However, besides increasing the appetite, it also causes an increased desire for communication, since it carries a very positive, "solar" charge. A yellow-decorated kitchen will delight you and improve your mood daily;

Green shades good for people who like healthy food. Due to the fact that in nature a lot of natural greenery, this color is associated with something useful and tasty. It is only necessary to pay attention to the tone that you are going to use for decoration - too dark,a dirty shade of green is able to repulse an appetite even for a hungry person, but a light one — on the contrary, will help one to get hungry and enjoy food

Blue, blue, purple. Cold and unattractive colors in terms of kitchen decoration. Of course, you can use them in decorating your kitchen space, but not as the main, but as an additional color, literally add a few small accents. This color scheme will suit you only if you intend to lose weight and are struggling with overeating;

White. Very cunning color. The fact is that it creates a feeling of a certain weightlessness and lightness, so the food eaten in the white interior seems low-calorie and harmless. So be attentive to what you eat in this kitchen and do not overeat;

The black. In contrast to white, does not cause the desire to overeat, and lowers the appetite. However, it is often used in the design of expensive restaurants because of its rigorous sophistication and elegance. You can apply it in the design of your kitchen room, only dilute it with white or metallic color.

Additional decorative elements

When decorating a kitchen, in addition to materials for decorating walls, additional decorative elements are also used, such as:

Bright wall clock. There are now a great many, of all forms and colors; very much in a purely kitchen theme (for example, with a picture of a cup of coffee or scrambled eggs, as an element of dishes or with a Provence print - lavender, leaf weaves or a couple of birds).

You can hang them over the kitchen table, which is very convenient when you rush to work or an important meeting. In any case, this element of the decor will be very useful to you;

Decorating with unusual wall plates. They can be attached to the wall with special holders. The order of their placement can be chaotic, however, make sure that even in chaos there is order, so that the final composition looks harmonious and does not contradict other elements of the decor;

Decorative shelves. It is not only beautiful, but also very functional interior items. You can put beautiful dishes on them, bright jars with spices; hang tacks and towels on the hooks.You can also decorate them with souvenirs and even flowers in pots;

Pictures Depending on the overall style of your kitchen, you can choose almost any image - from still life to abstraction. Instead of paintings, you can decorate the walls with a selection of family photos;

Slate. Very popular in the West detail of the kitchen interior. Indeed, it is convenient to record recipes, meal schedules, valuable instructions for family members, or just to draw funny pictures. Just be sure to pick up quality chalk, otherwise the entire floor under the board will be covered with chalky crumb. By the way, the alternative can be a marker board that does not have such a disadvantage;

Stickers on the walls and painting. If your kitchen walls are painted in one color or plastered with plain wallpaper, vinyl stickers for walls will help to dilute the interior. They are resistant to sunlight and moisture, they can be changed from time to time without harm to the main coating. Such a sticker can be made even with your own hands! To do this, buy a self-adhesive film of the desired shade and cut the form according to a pre-made stencil.

Wall painting is a more laborious process, requiring possessions of certain artistic skills or inviting a master. It always looks expensive and unusual;

Volumetric panels of elements of kitchen utensils or depicting food. Such interesting decorative elements can be made independently from unnecessary dishes or artificial fruits or vegetables;

And more, rather, not as a decoration, but as a functional addition, consider the options with a TV placed on the kitchen wall. Most often it is located in the dining area, above the table or opposite it. Make sure that the wires do not interfere with the movement of the kitchen space, it is desirable to hide them altogether. A TV should also not be too bulky and divert all attention to itself - after all, the kitchen is not a living room, but a cooking and eating area.

Designer Tips

Decorating and decorating your beautiful cozy kitchen, do not forget about a number of recommendations that must be considered:

  • First of all, in this room, it’s not beauty and design that is important, but the convenience of placing furniture and household appliances, comfort when eating and cooking.It is important to carefully plan the layout of all interior elements in order to avoid unnecessary cluttering up the space and not to leave non-functional empty spaces;
  • When choosing materials for decorating walls, remember that among their characteristics should be such as moisture resistance, heat resistance, the possibility of hygienic processing and aesthetic appearance.

We hope our article has helped you figure out how to decorate your kitchen space in an interesting and tasteful way. Successful cooking and enjoy your meal!

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