Painting the walls in the kitchen

To begin with, the wall drawing in the kitchen is a serious matter. In the kitchen, especially the one combined with the dining room, you spend a lot of time - both for preparing meals, and for socializing with family and friends. Therefore, the preparatory work - the choice of drawing and technique of execution, the priming of the wall for painting - will require no less of your attention than the choice of wallpaper or paint for other residential premises.


So, how do you want to decorate the kitchen with painting?


The design of the kitchen "country", i.e. in rural style, popular for many years. But, nevertheless, even with the advent of many other styles and technological capabilities, it is widely used. The warm atmosphere of this style is easy to achieve with the help of painting.

If you want to paint the kitchen in the style of "Provence", remember that in this case there are necessarily color shades typical of the landscapes of the south of France with its boundless lavender and pink fields, stucco with bare brick or masonry, light and delicate tones of the rest of the decor.“Provence” is all that resembles the silence and comfort of a small house in the Mediterranean south.

But the loft style, which emerged from the arrangement of abandoned industrial premises, has recently become popular not only among poor students, as before, but also among wealthy people. The space in it is decided stylistically as a loft or attic. Often when making a “loft” - a kitchen, drawing with chalk on a slate or chalkboard wallpaper (lettering) is used. He, most likely, will require some skill, but the application of simple inscriptions can be managed without special training.

High-tech, or minimalist style is also inherent in the design solutions of kitchen interiors. High-tech is sometimes also called the “masculine” style for its strict interior (often in dark or even black tonality), the brilliance of many metal, glass and chrome parts. Minimalism tends, as the name implies, to brevity. At the same time, every detail is distinguished by high functionality, which makes minimalist interiors similar to Japanese dwellings. The presence of artistic painting, of course, will soften the severity of such kitchen interiors.

Abstraction, as an artistic solution, consists in the absence of painting of objectivity and logic. With the undoubted decorativeness of this style, it is only important not to overload the painted space with screaming paints and images that can quickly get bored.

In contrast to the abstract design, it is good to use images of fruits, berries, flowers, kitchen utensils and antique dishes for the design of kitchen space. You can differently post and detail the paintings. Natural themes were and are still in demand: stylized trees, fruits, flowers, or butterflies. Additionally, they can decorate any piece of kitchen interior.

Where to begin?

Starting to decorate a kitchen with a painting, do not forget what other goals you are pursuing, besides the fact that you want to make your kitchen individual. Knowing the style and size of the painting that you will be putting on, you will surely be able to find a huge number of various images that are suitable for the realization of your idea, but you must also take into account the peculiarities of this kitchen space. For example, you want to visually enlarge the kitchen.This is usually achieved with the help of a classical landscape with a long-term perspective.

And it is possible to divide the kitchen wall into separate zones by using a wall pattern that is spacious, as in most modern houses, and make it more intimate. In addition, the wall painting helps to hide some of the shortcomings of the kitchen layout or, on the contrary, to emphasize the advantages of the design solution.

If the kitchen is small, then a drawing with large elements will make it visually even smaller. Painting of small size, not having many details, in this case will suit more. And for the first time it is better to choose something not difficult on the application technique, to make it easier to perform. In any case, the originality of the design of the kitchen space depends entirely on your taste and skill. When choosing a wall, or several walls on which the drawing will be applied, consider whether you just need to apply the decor or whether you need to additionally decorate the imperfections of the wall and the kitchen space as a whole.

The simplest technology

For the implementation of the wall painting in the kitchen, you can choose a technique that is suitable for the level of complexity and availability of materials for almost anyone who wants to make a painting with their own hands.

On the wallpaper for painting

It’s easy to make a drawing on the wall, but the basis for applying the design - in this case, the wallpaper - must be of high quality. A great option for this is wallpaper for painting, it does not matter, they are white, or colored. White wallpaper can always be painted in the color that suits you. After pasting the wall on which the painting is applied, the pasted wallpaper is painted with the desired color (for example, dark brown), then a drawing is applied on the dried paint. Take your time and wait about a week for the paint on the wallpaper to dry well before it is painted.

If the drawing is applied by hand, then a sketch for it should be prepared in advance. Remember that when applying a drawing with a brush, drawing skills are required, and this is a rather long process.

What to draw?

You may find it more convenient to apply the pattern on the wallpaper using the so-called textured roller. The textured roller is composed of two: a roller with a pattern and an ordinary rubber one. The technology of work is simple and very similar to coloring, but, nevertheless, it is better to pre-practice on an unnecessary piece of wallpaper.The image shows the technique of applying a pattern using an textured roller. This technology is especially convenient when applied to the wallpaper of plant or geometric pattern. Remember that before you apply a geometric pattern, you should mark the walls under it.


Stencil painting is quite affordable both in technique and materials. Drawing a picture with a stencil does not require special skills and costs: you can take a chance to do painting, even without having a special education. But in any case, the kitchen walls, which are supposed to be painted, must also be prepared. Tools can also be the most common, used for repair: roller, brush, sponge. It is best to use acrylic paints for screen painting, they are excellent on the surface, non-toxic and durable. You can use acrylic paste or fine-grained plaster.

But when choosing from a huge number of stencils available, your individuality and the presence of a clear vision of how your kitchen will look will have an impact. Stencils can be bought in many construction or online stores, but it is more interesting to make your own hands.The most convenient way to work with stencils of polymer film, which can be glued to the wall: they are easy to wash and reuse.

Another way to paint the walls of the kitchen with their own hands is the use of stamps. It is important that the image on the stamp is clear. The stamps can be made of foam rubber sponge, cork or other natural material: in the building stores you will find a wide choice for drawings.

Do not be afraid to spend time thinking about the composition, on how your chosen painting conveys your idea, and the individual elements do not discord with each other and with the style of the kitchen as a whole. And do not forget that the painting can immediately change the kitchen, but it can spoil it, quickly get bored and become an annoying element for someone from the family.

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