The combination of gray walls with the color of the kitchen set

Making repairs in the kitchen, many people cannot find the finishing colors for a long time, they are afraid that the chosen tones will not be combined. How to enter the gray walls in the kitchen and not to make the interior dull and gloomy?

Special features

Gray color in the design of the kitchen is very often used by designers. It gives the room a modern look, adds zest. The interior with the leading gray, in combination with other colors according to the laws of color, can be made in different styles and will be able to hit anyone.

Features and benefits

Gray creates an atmosphere of calm. This is due to the fact that it is in perfect harmony with pastel colors. But such an interior can become dull and faded. To avoid this, you need to organize a bright accent in the form of any object.

This color has several advantages.

  1. It has both warm and cold shades.
  2. It goes well with many colors. Turquoise, light pink and many others in combination with gray look more elegant.
  3. The light gray gamma perfectly reflects natural light, increasing illumination. It will be bright in the room, this is especially important if the windows face north, though the shade of gray in this case must be chosen warm.
  4. If the windows face south, the gray color will add coolness and make the room more fresh.
  5. Will be able to shade a striking interior, make it more moderate. It is often used in the classical style, where a large presence of massive furniture and accessories. Gray color helps to facilitate the interior.
  6. Can help visually align the room, make a higher ceiling, or expand. This is important in small spaces.
  7. Gray color hides pollution. It is less noticeable splashes of water, grease stains, dust.

Successful color combinations

But what is the best shade to choose furniture, if the walls are gray? And what gray will suit different colors?

White. The combination of these colors is a classic. Gray walls in a white kitchen are almost indispensable for loft and hi-tech styles. Various shades of white, such as ivory and others, also blend harmoniously with gray.A beige kitchen suite will also look good in an interior with gray walls, especially if you add a bright accent.

Pink. In combination with gray gives the interior a romantic. But many people call this combination feminine. To add a bit of brutality you need to choose a shade of gray with a metallic sheen, and for pink - glossy surfaces.

Yellow. Kitchen set with bright yellow facades perfectly dilute the grayness of the walls. And gray will smooth out the brightness. The result will be a bright, cheerful kitchen, in which it will be not only pleasant to cook, but also warm shades will awaken your appetite.

Green. The soothing interior of the kitchen of these colors leads to peace. The green facades of the kitchen will refresh the interior. It will perfectly support the eco-style, where the dark gray walls will symbolize the earth, and the green headsets - grass and foliage.

Red. It is very difficult to combine with this color. Almost all shades of these colors will make the interior aggressive, causing a negative. Red in the interior in combination with gray walls, especially if you do not have a huge design experience, let's say only as an accent.Although professionals from the combination of these colors can create masterpieces of design art.

Blue and blue. The facades of this color are great for gray walls. But if the blue kitchen is too bright, it can be diluted with a white or milky shade.

The black. Very heavy color for gray, so you need to be very careful with it. But if you add a little yellow, it will perfectly dilute the interior, make it more attractive.

Gray color is perfectly combined with wood, so the worktop or kitchen fronts of this material are perfect for the gray walls of the kitchen.

Choosing bright shades of colors in the kitchen in combination with gray walls, remember that the shade of metallic gray can increase the intensity of the tones, so in this combination it is better to use neutral shades of gray, it will help soothe the riot of color.

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Terms of use

  1. The ceiling must be at least two tones lighter than the walls. In kitchens of a small area it is better to use white and milk tones.
  2. The floor can be designed in any colors, as long as the tone is slightly darker than the gray of the walls.
  3. Accessories are chosen according to the style of the kitchen,but especially in a monochrome interior, a bright accent is needed.

Gray color is very diverse. That is why designers in recent years so loved him. It will help to create an interior in minimalist styles, hi-tech, but the gray color is no stranger to the modern style and classic. Whatever interior you choose, the gray walls will give it elegance and modernity. A skillful combination of colors, according to the basics of color and your own taste, will help you create a unique interior that will delight you and your loved ones.

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