How to choose the color of the walls in the kitchen

One of the important elements in the design of the room is the color of the walls. Your mood, state of health, and performance will depend on tones and shades. The same applies to the kitchen. There we spend a significant part of our time: cooking, eating, etc. How to choose the right shade for the walls and how to correctly combine it, we will tell in our article.

Fundamental rules

In order to successfully select the right color of the walls in the kitchen, you should remember the basic rules:

  • If you want to visually increase the space, it is better to choose a small picture. If, on the contrary, you want to reduce it, then give preference to large figures. Knowing this law, you can successfully create the desired result for your premises. By the way, visually expand the space and pattern with intersecting stripes.
  • If you have small ceilings, it is better to use a vertical pattern. It will help to optically increase the height from floor to ceiling.But horizontal stripes will contribute to the opposite effect. With their help, the kitchen will seem wider.
  • To create the illusion of movement, you must use diagonal stripes on the walls of the kitchen. You can also get a lot of a variety of effects by applying textural wallpaper. Do not be afraid to experiment and improvise, combining textures, color contrasts, etc. So you can create extraordinary walls in your kitchen.
  • Take into account when choosing the color of the walls of the main style concept of the room, lighting, furniture. For a small kitchen it will be better to use light shades. They will help to visually expand the space, create more light. But on the walls of the spacious large kitchen can be combined and dark colors.

What else you need to know

Before your kitchen finds permanent colors, you should think over the style concept of the room in advance. When weighing carefully, consider all possible points. The main stages of choosing colors:

  • Preparatory. Kitchen decoration should begin with an active and fruitful preparation. First, you should thoroughly study and understand this area, as well as what really suits you.From all the information it is worth highlighting the options that you liked and interested. You can stay at ten options and eventually choose the best.
  • Then you should choose a design style. It can be modern, retro, English and others. This stage also deserves detailed study and study. It should be well analyzed which gamma of color will suit you best. You should not imitate popular fashion trends, if you don’t have a soul to this color or it doesn’t fit this room. It is better to choose the option that will be perfectly combined.
  • Now it's time to decide on the right shade. When choosing it, rely on your own taste. You should choose those colors that you like. Then in the room you will be comfortable and pleasant to be. You can use your favorite color as a base or decorate furniture in your favorite shades.
  • Before you go to buy wallpaper / paint, it will not be superfluous to take a few photos of your kitchen. Show them to the consultant in the store, perhaps a specialist will give you some practical advice or suggest an original idea.
  • In the design of the kitchen should not use more than three colors.This rule should always be followed to make the composition stylish and beautiful. The selected three shades can be intertwined with each other, as well as with accessories and furniture. So you can arrange all the necessary accents.
  • In the store it is better to choose material for finishing several types. In fact, you can already determine exactly what suits you better and make the final choice. It is worth putting a trial material on a wall or canvas in order to visually see if this interpretation is suitable for your idea. This should be done only in daylight.

Thus, the final look of the room will depend on how well and carefully you prepare for the transformations in the kitchen. It is important not only to listen to the advice of experienced professionals, but also to trust your intuition.

Color combinations

Needless to say, the coloring of the walls of the room where they are has a great influence on people. Hue can induce to action, to charge with positive emotions, and maybe vice versa, to be a source of irritation and negative reaction. What color should be the wall in the kitchen? Probably,no one can answer this question. Everything will depend on your premises, design ideas and even on your preferences.

At the same time, modern fashion trends dictate their conditions to people. This season all light tones are quite popular. They help to visually expand the space, create lightness, ease, contribute to a positive perception of information. Consider the popular shades:


Is there very little light in your kitchen? Then it is worth considering a beige shade. Warm tones will help make the space more visually. In this case, do not forget that the shade of the walls should certainly come to the interior of the kitchen. So, brown furniture is perfect for beige walls. This option for the white kitchen will also be successful. But white furniture on the contrary will look organically against the background of bright and colorful walls, for example, peach or burgundy.


With the popularity of the green hue today, it seems, can not be compared even beige. This option will contribute to good digestion, scientists say. At the same time it is better to prefer not bright, but muted shades. An excellent option would be mint or pistachio color.They are quite pleasant, will help to create a friendly atmosphere.


Another common fashionable color is gray. It should be remembered that this shade is not suitable for large rooms. He will make them faceless and boring. If you are still a supporter of this tone, then you can add some lively yellow or orange color notes to your ensemble.


This color will look good in the spacious kitchen, as it relates to darker shades. With a rich olive gamut, you can organically decorate the space. In this case, you can add the necessary bright accents with the help of furniture and various accessories.


The delicate shade of cappuccino will give your kitchen coziness and tranquility. You can combine several colors, for example, beige furniture will fit in well here. Arrange bright accents with additional kitchen items.


A blue kitchen will add peace to you and your surroundings. This rich color will help improve digestion, increase the digestibility of food.

Thus, the main thing is to choose the right color or combination of colors to make your kitchen look in a favorable light.In this case, do not be afraid to experiment and seek advice from professionals.

How to choose

How to successfully choose the color of the walls in the kitchen? First of all, it is necessary to clearly define your own preferences and favorite colors. That they need to be combined. Do not forget, of course, about the advice of experienced designers. Together you can find the perfect option for your kitchen.

Fashionable kitchen in the style of "Provence" will help to bring comfort and harmony in every home. The basic concept is elegance and simplicity. You can use any light pastel colors. Perfect minty shades of blue, sand, white. For such a kitchen is not characterized by too sharp contrasting combinations, while you can use a mosaic, ceramic tile. Furniture can be chosen from a natural tree. This kitchen is suitable for those who are in love with Paris, in the convenience and comfort.

In the living room, combined with a small kitchen, you can successfully use the same color shades in the interior. In this case, you can separate one room from another by using the game of color. Here everything will depend on your preferences and desires.

If you do not have enough positive mood, joy and good mood, you can choose orange or yellow. This palette will give you cheerfulness, set up in a positive way.They will promote activity and help improve well-being.

Psychologists advise those people who are prone to irritability to give up bright colors. These colors excite the nervous system, and accordingly will only bring harm to the owner. Also, experts advise to choose the color in accordance with their temperament. For choleric people, orange or red shades will be the best option. Sanguine person will feel comfortable surrounded by yellow and light green flowers. But phlegmatic and melancholic people need calm and deep blue, blue and brown tones.

Of course, you only have to choose shades and their combinations. Listen to your intuition and your needs and choose the color you want.

Feng Shui colors: rules

Choosing a shade, it would not be superfluous to remember the basic rules for feng shui. It is believed that the most appropriate shades are light colors. It is they who are able to positively influence the appetite, as well as give a person balance, create a positive internal energy.

If the kitchen is sufficiently illuminated by natural light, then you should not choose red, orange, pink shades.They are considered elements of the verses of fire. And in his kitchen, and so abound. The same is true for the blue tone. It is believed that washing is an element of water. Therefore, blue and blue shades are also better not to use.

If the kitchen is located in the west, it is best to use metallic, silver, gray and white colors. The West is considered to be the place where metal prevails. This is the best option for the realization of your stylish ideas. But the eastern side will correspond to the wooden elements. If your kitchen is located in this area, it is better to use green shades. In combination with them you can use yellow and brown tones. Well, if you post here any plant.

In any case, care should be taken about natural light. Make sure that curtains and curtains freely let the sun's rays.

Interesting ideas in interior design

Do not be afraid of interesting ideas, stylish design and unusual trends. With the help of creative designers you can create a real masterpiece from your kitchen. Properly chosen colors will contribute to a great mood, and your kitchen will look fashionable and attractive.

The original direction in this season are the walls of different colors. It can be a game of contrasts or a combination of colors of one shade. It remains fashionable and romantic direction, namely the design of the kitchen in bright and delicate colors. At the same time walls can be combined with other shades, for example, pale green.

For adherents of the classics suitable saturated and confident shades. The main color solution can be blue, pale pink, beige. But darker colors should not be used. It is believed that they rather negatively affect a person, and it will be very problematic to arrange the kitchen. But if you prefer dark shades, be sure to dilute them with light patterns or accessories.

Now you know how to choose the color of the walls in the kitchen. If you are not confident in your capabilities, then you should entrust the design and selection of colors to experienced professionals. However, remember that it is you who will work in the kitchen, which means that you should choose the colors that you like. Then the atmosphere will contribute to a good time, positive, positive emotions, friendly atmosphere.Let the right color choice help you create a total family harmony.

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