Yellow walls in the kitchen

The kitchen is the place that requires constant cleaning, which is why you should carefully choose wallpaper, tile or paint for walls, taking into account not only the design and colors, but also the quality in general. The ideal option for the kitchen will be a variety of washable wallpaper, which you can easily wipe with a damp cloth, and even more stable options can be brushed. The tile will also be a great solution for the kitchen. It is not only very unpretentious in the care, but also will serve you for many years.

Color solutions

The yellow walls in the kitchen will always set the mood for the general interior and all households. By choosing the shade should be taken seriously, do not forget also that the yellow wallpaper should be fully combined with the furniture.

Yellow color always radiates warmth and gives positive emotions. But, in order not to overload the room with it, you can glue over one wall with yellow wallpaper, preferably oriented to the north, another, for example, glue with beige or sand wallpaper, and the rest with white. You can paint the room with the same colors.

Combined solutions are also very interesting when the cooking zone is laid out with tiles and the dining room is covered with wallpaper. An excellent solution would be to opt for yellow or lemon tiles, and the dining area can be pasted over with any light shades.

Yellow color in any shades will always look advantageous in the interior of the kitchen. Bright and rich yellow suitable for modern styles in the interior. Dim shades of yellow, for example, with medium-sized colors and patterns are perfect for classic interiors or country and provence.

When choosing yellow wallpapers, do not forget that wallpapers with large drawings, such as flowers, are well suited for large rooms, but for kitchens with a small area, it is better to focus on small flowers, leaves or other pictures.


Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen will be an excellent choice, because they are very resistant to damage, in addition, they can be easily washed or wiped with a damp cloth or sponge.

Non-woven moisture-proof wallpaper is also suitable for sticking on your kitchen.

Various acrylic wallpapers also belong to the washing models, they can be cleaned with a rag.But their disadvantage is airtightness. But, nevertheless, they are still popular.

Suitable for kitchen and glass fiber, as they have a lot of advantages. They are breathable and do not absorb third-party odors from cooking. Resistant to various damages and household chemicals. In addition, these wallpapers can be repainted, so you can easily update the color that is annoying to you.

Many experts do not recommend gluing paper in the kitchen. Despite the fact that they are environmentally friendly and attract with their price, they can not be washed, and they are very unstable to various damages. In addition, the paper strongly absorbs odors.

Combination with furniture

If you decide to paint or glue only one wall with yellow color, while others will be in light shades, then it is better to choose a white kitchen, and various gray and silver appliances in such an interior will look good.

If you want a country-style kitchen, Provence or a chalet, then different wooden kitchen sets will look good with yellow wallpapers. In addition, the yellow tile fits well into the interior with a wooden kitchen, perhaps with various abstract figures.

To fill your kitchen with various bright accents, in addition to yellow wallpaper or panels with yellow wallpaper, you can use yellow furniture, such as chairs. Also unusual and bright will look yellow technique. Or you can add warm notes with the help of yellow watches, dishes or various decor items, such as a vase with flowers and textiles.

The combination of a white or gray kitchen set with yellow furniture will be very useful if you have only one yellow wall or a yellow kitchen apron.

The ideal combination with yellow wallpaper can be a matte or glossy surface of the kitchen. White gloss on the yellow background of the wall will look very interesting and unusual. The glossy kitchen for a small room is very well suited, because the gloss reflects the light well, which will help to visually make the kitchen bigger, and the yellow walls will add even more comfort and warmth.

Interesting solutions in interior design

To get the perfect interior with yellow wallpaper, it is very important to remember one thing that this color should not be much. It should be combined with lighter, lighter shades.One of the colors should dominate more, and some should complement.

When choosing a yellow color as the main color, give preference to combining it with other shades or choose a more calm light yellow color. Acid, bright, lemon colors and shades are more suitable for details, but not for the complete decoration of the walls. Although if you use wallpapers with various bright yellow details for one wall, then why not.

An unusual and interesting look will be a combination of yellow and green colors. With the help of them you can combine the walls and diversify them with pieces of furniture of bright color. Thanks to the use of such colors, the kitchen will be more comfortable and lively.

Various green plants will help to dilute the yellow walls, be they artificial or alive.

Yellow - orange kitchen design will be very useful for very bright personalities. The walls can be painted in yellow and complemented by orange or peach furniture, to place accents, you can choose a white table and chairs and silver technique. The main thing is not to overdo it with these warm colors, they must be diluted with other, light shades.

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