Kitchen area of ​​10 square meters. meters with a sofa

In the kitchen of ten square meters it is quite possible to create a cozy room. In such a space, all the furniture necessary for cooking and relaxing will be perfectly located and there will be enough free space to move. In order for the kitchen to be as comfortable and attractive as possible, it must be properly framed.

Special features

Kitchen design of about 10 sq.m. with the presence of the sofa can be different. The main requirement for the planning of such a room is that it should be as comfortable and ideal as possible for the whole family to gather there.

It is worth beginning creation of an interesting interior with renovation and finishing of surfaces. The floor and walls should be decorated with quality materials that can withstand temperature changes and other features of the work in the kitchen. Ceramic tile or laminate is most often used to finish the floor. The walls are decorated with wallpaper or decorative plastic panels.

To make the room seem more spacious, use light colors. However, this is not necessary. You can try a combination of different shades, for example, darker with light. Thus, you can correct the flaws in the layout of your room. So, if your room is too narrow and elongated, then, having decorated the walls with inserts of dark colors, you can expand it visually. You can also arrange the room with bright color accents to make the room look stylish and modern.

In the kitchen is not recommended to make the surface of natural wood or stone. But it is possible to choose the wallpaper or plastic panels, stylized for them.

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How to zone a room

At registration of kitchen space, it, as a rule, prefer to divide into zones. In this case, one of the parts of the kitchen is reserved for the place for cooking, and the other - for the area for lunch.

The work area is usually located at the wall with a window. It is also necessary that you have constant access to equipment and all necessary communications. Another zone is reserved for lunch. That is where the sofa and table.

There are several ways to divide a room into several zones. The first is to use different lighting. In this case, in addition to the main headlight, you will also need to install several additional lamps.

Another fairly simple way is to use colors and textures unlike in each zone. This applies to the finishing of surfaces, and to the peculiarities of the choice of furniture. So, for example, in a common bright kitchen, the lounge area can be made darker by setting a wooden table and a sofa to it in tune.

You can also highlight the dining area by creating a low podium. There will be a sofa, chairs and a table. You can also try to divide the space with low partitions. In addition to the classic partitions, you can use the back of the sofa or the bar counter.

If you are sure that you have good taste, you can try to combine several styles in one room. But they must certainly be combined with each other. So, for example, the Art Nouveau style will not live well with vintage or Provence style.

Headset selection

When the walls and floor are already decorated, it's time to move on to the selection of the kitchen unit.In a kitchen of 10 square meters it can be placed in several ways. The most obvious of them is to place the cabinets and other details of the headset along the two walls. In this case, on the one hand there will be a working area, and on the other - a dining area. This option is best suited for rectangular or square kitchens.

Another interesting design option is the corner kitchen. This is a very practical and compact layout option. The corner in this case turns out to be occupied by a comfortable sofa, but on the contrary there is an area for cooking food.

There are several options for an angular headset. Pick one that will not take up too much space.

A room with a size of ten square meters will fit a good island set. Such furniture options are very popular today. It is a furniture that is placed in the center of the room. Thus, you can divide the kitchen into two zones: in the center you can set a place for lunch, and under the wall by the window you can place a stove, a refrigerator and everything you need for cooking.

A good island set can replace you immediately and a dining table, and a place for cooking or storage and a bar counter.

Which sofa to pick up

For a kitchen of this size, you should choose a good and comfortable sofa, where you can not only dine, but also relax between the cooking process. The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing such furniture is its parameters. It should fit organically into the free space. The standard option for such a kitchen is a sofa measuring 110 cm. A narrow sofa located against a wall or a corner will help save space.

To save space in the kitchen will allow popular today transforming sofas. Such models are complemented by folding seats or drawers in which you can store things that you do not use in everyday life. The most convenient option is a soft corner sofa, complemented by drawers and shelves.

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Design solutions

In the kitchen with an area of ​​ten square meters, you can realize a lot of your creative ideas.

  • Kitchen-living room. The most common project is a kitchen combined with a living room. For the realization of this idea the studio is best suited. In such a room in the kitchen area you can arrange everything you need for cooking, and arrange part of the room with a sofa as a place for family dinners and relaxation.
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  • With a balcony. Additional opportunities are also opened by the availability of a loggia or a balcony next to the kitchen. They can be a great continuation of your interior. On the glassed-in balcony, a minimalist seating area with a low table and a three-seater sofa will look good.

The soft corner can be placed on one side of the balcony, and opposite it can be equipped with shelves with flowers or functional pedestals for storing cutlery.

Also on the balcony you can arrange various lockers and shelves. There is no central heating, so even on a well-insulated loggia it will still be cooler than in the main room. So, the products stored there will not deteriorate as quickly as in the kitchen itself.

If there is no door between the room and the balcony, you can easily separate them with a long curtain.

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Try to avoid old-fashioned "grandmother's" curtains, and choose something more modern and interesting.

  • In classic style. Despite the fact that now in the trend of minimalism, the classic - this is something that never goes out of fashion. This applies not only clothing, but also the interior. Classic-style kitchen looks good in a country house and in the apartment.In an area of ​​ten square meters you can arrange a good kitchen set and a comfortable leather sofa. Interesting decorative details will be useful too - pictures, books and read things.
  • Country music. With the classic is also comparable to the style of country music. There are mainly used dark colors and saturated, so this design is good only in fairly large rooms. If you choose this particular style, pay attention to massive sofas with simple shapes. In this style can be performed and simple sofas, and corners.
  • Provence. Completely the opposite approach should be taken, making the room in a light French style. Provence is the style of the French provinces. Therefore, in the kitchen everything must be imbued with the appropriate spirit. A charming vintage sofa upholstered with floral patterns or a “corner” of light leather, which, taking up not too much space, will add luxury and elegance to the room, is appropriate here.

The sofa does not have to repeat the color range of the entire space. It is possible on the contrary to choose a sofa contrasting in color, and due to this, divide the room into two main zones.

  • Modern This style is characterized by an abundance of metal and glass surfaces. Tables, shelves, cabinets - all this is usually done in bright colors and with a characteristic glossy shine. Selecting a sofa in the kitchen in a modern style, it is better to opt for a monophonic version without any patterns or catchy decorative elements. A rectangular sofa with clear forms and a straight back fits perfectly. And next to it you can arrange a table with a metal or glass tabletop.

The kitchen with an area of ​​ten square meters is quite spacious. So, you can use it not only for cooking, but also for full gatherings at a delicious lunch, or a cup of tea. Choose a sofa for your kitchen for your dream, and it will become the most comfortable place in your apartment, where you really want to spend your free time.

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