Bar counter for the kitchen

For a cafe, bar or restaurant, the bar counter is an integral part of the interior. But today they are more and more often found in residential premises, where they appeared due to the flight of design ideas. And indeed, the kitchen with a bar counter looks just great!

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Features and benefits

For many kitchens, the issue of roominess, clutter and lack of free space is very relevant. And this problem is eliminated with the help of design solutions aimed at improving comfort in the kitchen interior. It would seem, why do we need a bar counter in the apartment, this is not a bar or a restaurant? Yes, but the use of it in a small kitchen is very tangible: both space is saved, and space seems wider, and in general, the kitchen is visually transformed.

What is the advantage of a bar counter?

An inexpensive bar counter has a lot of positive qualities:

  • it is compact due to a variety of mini-racks, thanks to which the kitchen space is saved;
  • it is functional: if you purchased a kitchen bar counter, this is tantamount to replacing a dining or buffet table. In addition, this is an addition to the working area, and a complete replacement of the dining surface;
  • it is mobile: racks are retractable, mobile, swivel, and so on;
  • bar counters are diverse in design: they are of different shapes, different colors, they have different stylistic processing. For the kitchen in high-tech, ethnic and modern styles, the bar counter is an indispensable element. And in the kitchen-studio bar counter will be an original and incredibly stylish solution. The combination of the kitchen sector with the living sector is today very fashionable and popular in the homes of Russians. After all, this design turns out to be functionally rich and solves both the cooking issue and guest meetings.
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For those who stop at the design of their kitchen with a bar, design possibilities open up a lot. It can be ready-made furniture solutions or custom-made work. It is clear that the bar counter must fit the size (mini or high) and correspond to the basic canvas in the kitchen, then it will be in harmony with the design of the entire kitchen.But in ready-made solutions there are optimal options that can suit you in terms of quality, size and cost.

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In the houses of the Russians at the bar stand their own characteristics inherent in their unique mentality. Frequently, when the bar counter - just a compact addition to the dining table. For example, a large countertop of the bar can be extended in addition to the main surface. A great option for a family in which relatives of different generations gather at the table. For young people, there is a place at the bar counter, and older people will like the conservative tabletop more.


The bar for a European country is a breakfast bar, that is, a place where breakfast is served, and this is a real reflection of its functionality in a modern apartment. The variant, when the shape of the bar counter resembles the letter “P”, will be optimal for a close kitchen, because it saves space in this way. The bar counter in this case is an elegant extension of the working surface.


This design of the bar counter has a linear design. There are no turns and corners, which facilitates the free placement under the rack of any equipment. But more often this form of bar counters is found not in residential buildings, but in bars and restaurants.


The design of the classic kitchen bar counter also resembles the shape of professional bar counters of bars and restaurants. In the "domesticated" version, it is a tabletop with bar consoles at a height of 110-115 cm above the floor and the addition in the form of high chairs, stools or half chairs with a comfortable footrest and armrests.

If desired, and the possibilities of the kitchen space, the classic version of the bar counter is an excellent choice. A classic is always solidity and glamor that will require appropriate cutting: chrome-plated rails, hangers for glasses, a shaker, which will mix cocktails and designer stands for wine bottles. And although the bar counter is associated with alcohol, at home there will be a juice extractor for a phyto-bar, a cocktail maker, a French press, a tea pot, and a coffee machine.


You can often see a bar with a folding design, when one end is fixed on the wall, and the other rests on a support. This is convenient enough for small kitchens, but there are better solutions. This is a bar-transformer. It can be retractable when you need to increase the number of seats.The same function is performed by the sliding elements of the bar-transformer, which regulate the area of ​​the tabletop, depending on whether the family gathers at the table or a feast with the guests.

When such a rack is assembled, it takes up very little space, and if it is fully expanded, it becomes a full-fledged dining plane, no worse than a classic table.

With an island

In a fairly spacious room, especially in the kitchen-studio, the bar counter will look great in the center of the kitchen. This stand looks like an island. Often it is adjacent to both the sink and the cooking surface hidden in its structure. This solution will give guests the opportunity to observe the cooking process.

Rack in the form of an island is open type and closed. In the second case, it has a lot of various shelves and cabinets, which makes it the most functional, but the appearance is cumbersome. And the open design looks easy and does not overload the kitchen.

The classic rack-island is a two-tier design, with a lower working area and an upper, main one. The shape of the table tops can be very different, even zigzag - here everything will depend only on the flight of your imagination.

With niche

The excellent functional decision for a kitchen bar counter is a design with niches in it. The design of such a stand can be very original. For example, beautifully decorated bottles of wine can be put into open niches, and various kitchen utensils can comfortably be placed in an enclosed space.


A modular bar counter is called an ordinary table, only high. It can move from one place of kitchen to another. Such a stand will not resemble a simple table, if next to it on the wall or under the ceiling arrange a holder under the glasses, and at the bottom of the drawer fit a rack with shelves where wine bottles can be stored.

Folding design of modular racks are called transformers. They have not only the size of the table top can vary, but also the height of the rack.


The shape, size and configuration of the bar can be any, but the best looks and is considered the most practical, round and semicircular. The classic bar counter is a comfortable countertop, round or semi-circular, laminated, acrylic or wood. The table top is held by bar consoles or a modular base.The height is 110 cm, and the length per 0.5 m per person. Such parameters of a round bar table will provide its practicality and functionality.

The kitchen bar counter in the form of a round high table is beautiful, but it is suitable only for a spacious kitchen.


The bar for the kitchen in the form of a semicircle can serve as a kind of corner table that can decorate a small kitchen, or be an addition when the main surface is not large enough.



The wooden bar counter is a classic option. Its naturalness makes it durable, safe and reliable. The following types of wood are used to make it:

  • nut;
  • wenge;
  • oak;
  • beech;
  • ash;
  • pine and some other valuable species.

Due to the fact that wood is easy to process, wooden bar counters, as a rule, are decorated with hand carving, gilding and platinum.

A wooden bar counter is suitable for a vintage-style room in a rustic, art-deco, and also country. Unusual and very interesting views have kitchen racks of wood, which was specially aged, with a wormhole.The design of such original designs is able to surprise lovers of furniture in the loft style, far from the classical forms.


Glass bar counters also have their advantages:

  • they create a special, airy atmosphere in the kitchen;
  • it is aesthetics and practicality;
  • glass construction is able to harmonize with any kind of interior;
  • sufficient strength of this material eliminates the possibility of rapid wear and aging;
  • not afraid of chemical care products;
  • grease, dust and other contaminants are easily removed.

The disadvantages of this design include the fact that during the operation of the glass rack, it is necessary to protect it from impacts, and the hot set only on a special stand.

A rock

Bar counter for the kitchen of artificial stone - another great solution. To care for such a surface is enough wet sponge. The coating is uniform, not available for germs and dirt entering the material, which is very important for the hygiene of the kitchen floor. If you decide to opt for the bar counter made of artificial stone, then you will be surprised at how great their choice is.


The simplest stand is made of drywall, which is then trimmed with any decorative material, for example, natural or artificial stone or textured plaster. Therefore, the rack can choose a person, "afford" and design.

Projects and planning options for apartments and houses

Today, our industry produces a variety of bar counters for the kitchen, so it’s not difficult to choose the one that is suitable for the planning of your apartment. Unfortunately, our kitchens often have too small an area on which it can be difficult to think about the location of a particular structure. In this regard, very lucky owners of kitchens, of which there is access to the balcony. In this case, redevelopment is possible, when the wall between the kitchen and the balcony is removed, and the kitchen area is thus enlarged.

For a small space

For those who live in Khrushchev or in a small house with a small kitchen-studio, the option is suitable when the bar counter is located by the window or is made of a window sill. It will be an excellent substitute for a large dining table, out of place on a small square.An excellent solution in this case will be the wall bar counter, the difference of which is that its one side is completely adjacent to the wall. Additional shelves on the bar tube will be appropriate here. The kitchen will not be cluttered, and the lunch place will be comfortable and stylish.

For owners of spacious kitchens

But for the kitchen, where "there is where to roam," it is better to choose the shape of the bar counter, which is an island. This design is set right in the middle of the kitchen and creates a special atmosphere that cannot but attract the enthusiastic views of your guests. In this case, you can go to the tabletop anywhere, and it is very comfortable - both for the cooking process and during the celebration itself.

For 5 m2

For a kitchenette with such a footage, a bar counter, which will not be as wide as a regular kitchen table, but a little wider than the standard bar size, will be indispensable instead of a table. Such furniture can be custom-made or made independently. Such a bar in the small kitchen will be an excellent dining table.

For 6 m2

For a kitchen with an area of ​​6 m2, a bar counter with two levels will be an excellent solution.The same idea will be relevant in a small studio apartment. The design consists of two pieces of furniture connected in one: from the kitchen, it looks like an ordinary dining table, and from the living room - a bar.

For 12 square meters. m

In such a fairly spacious kitchen suitable design type island. In this model, there are many additional features, shelves, drawers, and sometimes sink with stove. Behind such a counter is convenient to have a bite and convenient to prepare dishes of any complexity.

How to do it yourself

If you are going to make a bar counter yourself, first of all, think about its parameters. The height of a standard bar counter is 115 cm, but it is not necessary to adhere to this size exactly, do everything for yourself so that the seats are at a comfortable height, and the tabletop is where you think it is the place. The same applies to the size of the table top in length - at home everything is done "by eye" and in terms of comfort.

Necessary materials:

  • bars of wood (50 * 100 mm);
  • edged board (25 * 100 mm);
  • plywood sheets;
  • sheet fiberboard;
  • screws and nails;
  • decorative plinth;
  • varnish on wood and stain.

Once everything is prepared, you will need an assembly diagram.


Details of the future frame are cut out of the bars and fastened with nails. The design will be strong if its joints are smooth and the bars fit tightly one to another.

Installation of guides

When the bars are fixed, install the boards (guides) on which other parts of the rack will be mounted. The height of the board should not differ. We have boards vertically, otherwise the whole structure may turn out uneven. Best of all, if you use for this building level.


To create it, plywood sheets are nailed to the base of the rack, which compacts the entire structure. At the same time, we also deal with communications (if they are provided for).

Table top

Fastening the bottom of the tabletop, made of fiberboard, is made on the frame with self-tapping screws. We cut internal partitions from plywood sheets, dividing the whole structure into sections.


For the shelves also need plywood and screws. Various small accessories will be stored on the shelves, so their number is at your discretion.


We take equal plywood sheets and sew them with an unsightly zone of the bottom of the table top and frame.After that, we install decorative baseboards on the joints of the structure, using special carving nails (they have a small head). We also decorate corners with baseboards to make the stand beautiful and aesthetic.


As a decoration of the whole structure and protection against environmental impact, we cover the whole structure with wood stain. When it is completely dry, apply varnish (in two or three layers). Before applying the next layer must pass at least two hours.


After the bar counter is made, you need to make its design. Be sure to buy high stools, without which we can not imagine the bar. In addition, you need to purchase special bar stands for glasses and glasses, all sorts of accessories such as paintings, dishes, wall plates - without all this, this “bar entourage” will not work.

Well, without the main content of any bar, of course, also not to do - without neatly arranged drinks. What else you should pay attention to: all accessories, as well as furniture fittings, should be in harmony with the color of the kitchen set.

What equipment will be equipped with a bar counter, depends on what assortment of dishes and drinks to count on and on what institution it is located. But the main element of the bar counter is the equipment in the form of a complex of frequently used positions:

  • fruit container;
  • dish rack;
  • ice bucket;
  • ice generator;
  • blender;
  • coffee machine.

In addition, you need to take care of the right lighting and if the lighting from one chandelier is not enough, you should install hanging lamps.

How much is

Bar counters in the store are in a large selection and at different prices, so that any buyer will find what suits him in all respects. The kitchen bar counter can be purchased inexpensively, it all depends on the material of manufacture and on the overall design of the structure. Of course, the natural stone in the decoration of the bar will make its cost much higher than, for example, wood trim. And the best prices are waiting for shoppers online.

Interesting ideas in the interior

For any kitchen space, such a construction as a bar counter is always an ornament. If the kitchen is bright, it is worth choosing a dark contrasting countertop of the bar counter.

Beautiful glossy tabletops of light tone in the headset are an excellent background for a stand, for example, from dark wood. To make the bar stand interesting, as a rule, they use two materials: wood and stylish artificial Corian stone. Wood is a classic of the genre, and Corian is for supporters of high-tech style cuisine and other innovative solutions.

Modern kitchen design is connected with the new style in this area: it is now accepted that the bar counter divides the kitchen space, and this decision will provide the owner with a bar-style kitchen. The bar counter that separates the living room is a convenient and functional solution for the design of the entire room.

Not less interesting idea - to arrange the space of the kitchen in the style of "Provence". The wooden tabletop always looks appropriate, but thanks to the uncomplicated nature of the whole structure, its special style, so simple and comfortable for a meal, will be emphasized.

Another interesting solution is a black and white kitchen with a bay window. The happy owner of such a beautiful and comfortable kitchen, there are more opportunities for interior decoration. The bay window can be taken at the dining table or turned into a work corner - in any case, you get a stylish picture.

No less original look and kitchen in the style of "loft", for which the best option would be chromed components of rich colors and local lighting, from which the whole design looks even more elegant.

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