Bar stools for the kitchen

Thanks to modern design, the kitchen has become not only a place for cooking, but also a great place to relax. Today, most of the kitchen facilities are designed in modern style, complementing the interior with such furniture structures as the kitchen island and bar counter.

Such furniture is easy to use and significantly saves space. In addition, the presence of the bar counter makes it possible to conditionally divide the kitchen into two zones, working and dining.

For a comfortable location at the bar they use bar stools. They not only look fashionable, but also give the kitchen an unusual originality. Bar stools for small rooms are considered a good choice, with them the kitchen turns into an elegant spacious hall. The main characteristic of these chairs is their height and small seats, so they require a minimum of space and are used only with bar counters.

Types of designs

Bar stools for the kitchen are presented in a huge range. Traditionally, a bar stool is a simple structure consisting of a support, footrests, seats and frame. Most models have height adjustment. As for the number of legs, the chair can be equipped with one or two, three or four supports.

An important element of the bar stool is the footboard. It performs the role of fixation, providing a convenient location of the legs. The footrest is attached directly to the base of the bar stool seat. The shape of the seat is different-oval, rectangular or square, there are also chairs with a flexible form. In order for bar stools to fit the overall look of the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account not only their external shape, but also the covering material. As a rule, for this purpose, genuine leather or beautiful upholstery fabric is used.

At the moment, there are six main types of bar stools:

  • Classic. Externally correspond to the style of country music. They are traditionally made of wood, characterized by a square-shaped seat.
  • Irish. These are kitchen chairs with soft cushions and comfortable armrests.
  • Stool.A characteristic feature of these chairs is the lack of backrest. Beautiful, but uncomfortable model.
  • Futuristic. Have an unusual shape and original design.
  • Folding. Comfortable option bar stools for small rooms. Thanks to a special mechanism, such furniture can be stored in folded form in a pantry.
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Bar stools for the kitchen with the ability to adjust the height. A great option for families where there are people of different ages and children.

Often for the bar counter instead of the classic furniture options they prefer the original versions of bar stools, in the form of stools. Their distinctive feature is the presence of a comfortable soft back, in addition, they are comfortable and attractive. Thanks to a special adjustment mechanism, it is possible to place this type of chairs not only with a bar counter, but also with a table. Special attention should be paid to chairs for the kitchen on wheels. This is the most versatile type of kitchen furniture with a small area. These chairs are usually made of chrome steel, they look stylish and easily slides under the rack.

If we consider the versatility and ease of use of kitchen furniture, folding bar stools are considered an indispensable option.They are easy to install and quickly fold, which is important to save space. Folding chairs are made mainly from high-quality plastic, various types of wood and metal. Due to its practicality and mobility, they can be taken with them to the country in the summer, and the double skin of the seat will harmoniously suit any interior.


The bar stool used for the kitchen should be comfortable, practical, perfectly in harmony with the interior. Therefore, during the selection, special attention is paid to the quality of the material from which the chair body is made. Often it can be metal, natural wood or plastic. In some cases, also use special glass.

Wooden bar stools are in great demand. This is due to their long service life, reliability and environmental friendliness. The special structure of wood allows you to create original models of chairs of various palettes. In addition, craftsmen produce kitchen furniture not only from wood, but from various materials of plant origin (wicker, cane, rattan).

Most modern models of bar stools are made of steel, copper,aluminum or iron. For such chairs, a distinctive feature is considered to be a long service life and durability. As for the design, metal furniture, depending on the type of production and processing, can have both a rough and elegant look. Wrought-iron chairs look beautiful in the kitchen, their velvet finish creates a special atmosphere of wealth and chic.

The most affordable and economical version of kitchen furniture are bar stools made of durable plastic. Such furniture is less practical in operation, but has a huge color palette in the design. In addition, the plastic is quickly cleaned and is characterized by low weight. Thanks to the original design ideas, plastic bar stools in appearance are not inferior to expensive models of metal or wood.


Recently, the most fashionable universal furniture in the kitchen is the bar counter. This type of furniture allows not only to zone a room, but also to create a modern kitchen studio, which also has a kitchen, a living room and a dining room. Particularly relevant bar counter for the kitchen, in which there is no room for a traditional dining table.The bar counter is always installed with special bar stools.

Choosing bar stools for the kitchen, it should be borne in mind that they may differ from each other not only in the appearance of the structure, the material of manufacture, but also in height. There are high and low models of chairs. In this case, their height must necessarily correspond to the height of the rack. Most bar stools have a regulation mechanism, the use of which allows you to set a suitable level of height from the floor to the counter top. Very often there are very high bar stools without a back; they are best not to choose, as they are not comfortable.

Before buying bar stools, you must first make measurements of the height of the bar. In that case, if it is standard 88 or 90 centimeters, then chairs are chosen, the height of the seats is 60-62 cm. These chairs are 60-66 cm suitable for the 88-91 cm stand. All measurements must be carried out correctly, and the height of the chairs It is measured from the bottom edge of the seat to the floor.

Interior design

Recently, when designing the kitchen interior, most designers prefer to choose bar furniture, consisting of a rack and chairs.This type of furniture has displaced the familiar kitchen set from fashion and is harmoniously combined with all stylistic directions in design. So, for example, classic wooden chairs will suit the connoisseurs of everything traditional; the seats in them will be decorated with inserts from leather or beautiful fabric.

The ideal option for high-tech style will be more simple and austere furniture. Stylish bar stools of this type are often made of metal, durable plastic and glass. As for the color design, the models are dominated by black, white or gray.

In order to further emphasize the beauty of bar stools, they apply modern style with characteristic openwork decorations of the back and special railings. As the upholstery choose fabrics of pastel, calm shades. The elite eco-style bar stools made from natural materials such as wood or bamboo look original in the kitchen. Seats in these models are decorated with fabrics with floral print.

The main decoration of the kitchen will rightfully be designer country-style bar stools. Rustic themes will help to fill the kitchen with unusual ornaments, and high chairs will be unusually combined with a classic wooden table.To make the kitchen brighter, it is recommended to choose the style of pop art in which neon tones predominate. Upholstery in such chairs made of leather.

When choosing bar stools for the kitchen, it is important to consider not only the style in which the kitchen is decorated, but also the harmonious combination of furniture with the overall interior. Bar stools should fully comply with the color palette in the room and be practical to use.

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