Kitchen sofas for a small kitchen

 Kitchen sofas for a small kitchen

Most of the life goes on in the kitchen. The kitchen is a unique room that is necessary not only for preparing delicious dishes and aromatic coffee, but also for meeting guests, organizing family dinners, so the question of planning and creating its interior is very important. Particular attention in the design of the kitchen deserves the choice of furniture. It should be as functional as possible, suitable for cooking and resting places.

In order to visually increase the space and fill it with coziness, comfort, it is recommended to use kitchen sofas. Strangely enough, they are especially well suited for a small kitchen. Applying various design ideas, the most important thing is to choose the right location of furniture, its style and material of manufacture.

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Recently, designers are trying to fill the kitchen not only with traditional furniture in the form of stools, tables and chairs,but also to create in it a separate space for relaxation and recreation. Therefore, the sofa assigned a special role in the interior. The presence of a huge choice of styles allows you to place in the kitchen as small folding sofas, a sofa bench, soft corners, and the classic version is a sofa-couch.

More practical options for furniture-sofas with special storage space are also in special demand. They have the appearance of a bench with boxes of small depth.

Features and benefits

By design, kitchen sofas are collapsible and stationary. For small rooms it is best to choose models of small sizes, they not only look beautiful in the kitchen, fill it with comfort, but also allow you to place more people than on a chair or stool. In addition, a small sofa in the kitchen will always serve as a great place to relax while preparing meals. Models with a folding mechanism are considered to be a good choice for a home with limited space capabilities, since at any time they easily turn into an extra bed. The main advantages of soft sofas in the kitchen include:

  • Multifunctionality. Furniture helps to place several people in the kitchen at the same time, which often solves the problem of lack of space when many people come to visit. In addition, the special design of such sofas allows you to store the necessary items and various kitchen utensils in a free cavity.
  • Convenience and comfort. Sitting on a chair or stool is not always convenient, they often get tired of the back. As for the soft sofa, thanks to its soft surface, the effect of inconvenience is not created, and the rest becomes pleasant.
  • Compactness. Almost all models of sofas for a small kitchen are characterized by increased comfort, occupy a minimum of space, are presented in a huge assortment and fit well into the interior of a room of any size.
  • Attractive appearance. Thanks to this type of furniture, the interior becomes unusual and cozy.
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The kitchen is considered a special place in the house, so its design should be original, sophisticated. It is important that the furniture in the interior of the room harmoniously fit into the general appearance of the room. At the moment, to choose a suitable option for the kitchen upholstered furniture will not be difficult,as sofas are made of various shapes and sizes. Actual models in the interior are:

  • Corner constructions
  • Sofa couch
  • Semicircular
  • Modular

Corner sofas with built-in sleeping area are well suited for small kitchens. Such models rationally limit the area, make a simple room with a simple kitchen for sleeping and family dinners. Upholstered furniture of this type is recommended to be installed in any of the free corners. This creates a spacious dining area.

Often, these sofas are additionally completed with special compartments, in which it is convenient to store not only bed linen, but also various items and accessories.

Traditional sizes of corner models range from 110 cm to 175 cm by 200 cm. In this case, their backs can have various shapes. For small kitchens it is recommended to install a flat back that is attached to the wall.

If the room is spacious, it is better to pick up higher sofas with armrests and a comfortable back in it. They look expensive and luxurious.

For a small kitchen is also a perfect sofa with a couch, it is compact and takes up little space.Thanks to modern modifications such furniture is multifunctional - it is comfortable to sit on it, and the structural elements are quickly assembled and do not interfere.

The main purpose of small-size sofas is to have a comfortable day and a comfortable night’s sleep. At the same time, the original furniture options fit compactly into the kitchen, do not overload the space.

The semicircular sofas deserve special attention, their unusual design is practical and fits well with any design style.

If you want to make a small kitchen as comfortable as possible, it is best to give preference to modular furniture. It is practical and comfortable. All elements of the design in these sofas are mobile, easy to assemble. As for the appearance, upholstered furniture is presented in various forms.

Upholstery material

In the manufacture of kitchen sofas using various types of finishing material. Basically, this is applied to genuine leather, eco-leather, cloth with the effect of anti-claw. Choosing upholstered furniture in the kitchen, first of all, you should pay attention not only to its beautiful appearance, but also to practicality, ease of maintenance.In this room there are many aggressive factors that can adversely affect the type of upholstery and the design itself. Therefore, upholstery sofa material must be of high quality.

A model of a kitchen sofa, a model to be the most sophisticated and stylish, but over time a high level of humidity, food smells, greasy splash of oil can significantly impair its appearance. In order to avoid this, you need to constantly perform special care for the furniture. Especially it concerns furniture with velor upholstery.

The most practical option for the kitchen are sofas made of eco-leather, they combine a reasonable price and excellent performance properties. Such upholstery material does not allow air through the pores, therefore it is recommended for use in summer and winter.

Caring for ecomaterials is quite simple and consists in the traditional dusting. If oily stains appear on the surface of the material, they can be quickly removed with warm water and soapy water. The only drawback of eco-leather is instability of damage with sharp objects. These defects are not subject to reconstruction.

A more expensive and practical type of finishing material is considered to be genuine leather. It is durable and resistant to wear, although on leather sofas it is not comfortable to sit in the heat, and at low temperatures the material has the property of "tanning". Therefore, for the kitchen, as an alternative will be able to approach the model, in the manufacture of which universal materials are used.

The small sofas, the upholstery of which is made of velvet or velor, look beautiful in a small kitchen. But in this case, beauty is not combined with practicality. To clean this material, you need to exert maximum effort; in addition, velvet absorbs odors, which will be the main drawback for sleeping.

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